Fruit Ninja Frenzy Force – Meet Durian Grey (aka ‘Rinjin’)

Durian Grey is a dark art wielding super villain
with a long-standing vendetta against the Fruit Ninjas, oath-bound to eternally serve
his old master, the Deep Fried Samurai,
or DFS for short. Upon blasting into Peelville
through a sinister-looking space/time portal,
his main goals are to search
for the hidden lair and end the Fruit Ninja
lineage once and for all. [maniacal laugh] I will end this pesky
Fruit Ninja lineage once and for all! So far, his expertise
lies in pesky bombs… Here’s something I bet
you can’t slice! [boom] …creating fruit golems
and chumplings who wreak havoc
and wonton destruction. One day, this megalomaniacal
ex-pat will find a way to turn his fruity alchemy
into true power. “Fruit Ninja Frenzy Force” ♪♪

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