Free Weight Workouts : Free Weight Lateral Extensions

Working lats with the stability ball is a
good way to create core challenge so make sure that you’ve mastered the movement in
a fixated position with a bar and being able to sit on a chair or a bench but before you
begin the movement I want you to think about depressing the shoulders, retracting in the
shoulder blades, the scapula. Scapula retraction, neutral shoulders, we are going to come up
with our weight above the knees, ball is out and you have got the ball right in between
your hands. Already my muscles are starting to shake. I come in slightly but I don’t want
to come in so much that I am bringing myself out of neutral and my wrists are moving. Boom,
right there the lats are turned on, they’re on fire and release. Try not to let momentum
take over. It is a small movement. It doesn’t take much to hit these muscles because they
are anchored, they are stabilizing the whole time. Contract and release. Contract and release.
It is similar to what you may have seen with the ab wheel but with this one we are primarily
focusing on the back where with the ab wheel or torso track your entire body moves forward
to extension and then back in. 10 to 15 reps, work your way up to 3 sets to fatigue.

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