100 thoughts on “Former Willis police officers sentenced after lying about use of force in man’s arrest

  1. Amen accountability they're not used to that you heard him talking to little Game Plan before they got started there is no bigger gang I've been in their clubhouses that's all it is a clubhouse with gang members

  2. This ninety nine percent of arrests, kill these motherfucking pussyfaces criminals with a gun and badge the cowards are all like this,murdering lying coward assholes

  3. My question is do they lose their qualified immunity now that they are no longer police or does it still apply because they were on the job when it happened? Did he sue? That would send a clear message to the rest of the department.

  4. start looking around on youtube and look at all the cops that are criminals. Noting but lawsuits and crazy police corruption videos.. These are just the ones that got into trouble.. Amazing how many cops are assholes

  5. Police are government hired thugs.. bullies in uniform.. they are out there to put people of color in jail.. being that prisons are part of a stocks n bonds system that make money of having inmates.. corrupt policies put in place by corrupt government officials

  6. Cops ALWAYS lie in some fashion on their official arrest reports. They're taught how to (mis) characterize the story in such a way that is meant to exonerate themselves and indicate as many chargeable offences as possible to be leveraged in a plea bargaining negotiation.

  7. These aren't cops, they're Blu Klux Klan who finally figured out a way to swap their robes for uniforms and badges. They get to terrorize much, much more effectively now. All with the tacit support of the government. Just shows how stupid cops are that it took them this long to figure out they could be much better terrorists if they wore the facade of the righteous.

  8. In the last few years police have been on shooting rampages shooting babies and young children under 10 , Now they target young mothers . Its time to change laws at a federal level making prosecutor charge police . New laws at a federal level making it a federal crime for police to investigate there own . Police must be arrested and let the Courts and juries deal with it. No more cover ups by police departments .

  9. Texas rangers what a joke, Their investigations into police never come to anything. Hell they were first formed to catch runaway slaves just like cops so what would you really expect right.

  10. Check out the smirk on that cops mugshot
    He must of thought at the time that this wasn’t going anywhere , errrrrrmm WRONG enjoy jail bitch ! 😂🤣😂🤣

  11. So wats new with these bipolar kops dese days anyway. Kops are going to be dishonest police officers like always..
    Well buddies,. there's a new sheriff in town,. and his name is Reggie Hammon 🤪

  12. Well at least 2 more thugs off the street. So many thousands and thousands more to go. I cannot wait till the day comes that we all stand up at once and say enough! All it will take 😉

  13. The only exceptional aspect of this case is that they actually faced criminal charges.

    Interesting that they were only charges with lying on government documents, not for their drive by Taser shooting of their innocent victim nor, for misuse of that weapon, of assault and of false arrest.

    Their days of terrorising innocent members of the community are over, and as convicted felons they will not be allowed weapons when released.

    Without their police status, weapons and powers to misuse, these cowardly scum will be ever so respectful when out in public…

  14. Good to see lying corrupt pieces of shit pigs 🐷 🐷 get jail time for a change, hope they got a nice welcome from the inmates.

  15. Wow I'm surprised here they investigated themselves and they found that there was criminal wrongdoing amazing !!!!!! They got a year me and you would have got like 5 6 7 maybe……

  16. God, I wish officers would just stand down. Read a magazine and take a report. Let them kill each other off. Collect your check and let the 'hood rot.

  17. Wait! What?! I thought cops couldn’t commit crimes due to their ‘sovereign’ status. They can only make ‘mistakes’. They then investigate themselves for said ‘mistakes’, find no evidence of wrongdoing and continue violating citizens’ rights. Corruption?! Crime?! Aren’t those harsh words to describe public servants, charged with protecting citizens, who did nothing more than commit conspiracy to violate a citizen’s Constitutional rights?! Thank God for FOIA! Thank God for citizens with cameras! Create citizen review boards everywhere! RECORD EVERYTHING!!

  18. Now they've lost their qualified immunity, sue for false arrest, violation of civil rights and excessive force, keep adding.

  19. My question is did the man or his lawyer ask the court to revoke the two cops police certificate. As long as they have the certificate after release from jail they can go to another county and become a police man again. This is what America don't do! To get these lying murdering cops off the street for good. You must get police certificate revoke.

  20. Let’s hope every day is worse than hell for these worthless cowards. I want convicts to use them as prag dress-up dolls.

  21. Charging with a crime he did not even commit; sounds familiar Fc…ing dirty cops they do that to all the time about 90 % of the people they approach

  22. Cops are usually safety measures. Crimes are usually related to robbery. Home intruders. Party associated. Or military related. Or embezzlement of property etc.

  23. Now they have plenty of time to answer this question, "Was It Worth It". Always telling people to walkway and not interrupt, the man was leaving the investigation wasn't even video taping like he should.

  24. If the d.a and judge dont take out the trash.we the people will use the 2nd amendment.people are sick and tired of the just us system.

  25. I guess by looking at YouTube cop videos……..they are all scubags, and killers, liars, ………yeap. The cops and puppeteers say that these videos are just isolated incidents. But I never see any incidents of cops being good….hummmmm.

  26. Nowadays it's hard to tell the cops from the criminals from thebecause the cops has a special gang unit of their own they're nothing but a gang 💯

  27. And wtf is Anonomous while this crap with corrupt pigs happens daily? They're supposed to be the big shot white hats with all 5he know how to fight those on the digital level

  28. I had to laugh! They violated their oath to protect….The supreme court says they have no constitutional obligation to protect anything.

  29. I have a question…….Can anyone tell me another profession, other than police officer… that when one officer is KNOWINGLY doing wrong… weather it is enforcing a BULLSHIT/MADE-UP law …or is KNOWINGLY committing police brutality ……….no other officer steps in to prevent it..Think about it….Would a doctor sit by ,a nurse ,construction worker ,dentist ,baker,,,etc etc..Police are the ONLY profession where they just stand by and watch…or help break the law…What does that tell you about their mentality….SCARY….

  30. 2020 this shit still going on….this shit will forever go on because these mother fuckaz are stupid and theres no fix or remedy or cure for (stupid)

  31. So Adam can't read? I'm positive that the term for the 2 convicted liars used on the document was "Defendants", why did Adam choose to NOT read that properly???

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