Force 2 | Official Trailer | John Abraham, Sonakshi Sinha and Tahir Raj Bhasin

‘Do you know how many undercover
RAW agents…’ ‘…are there all over the world?’ ‘Imagine what will happen to your country…
without RAW’ ‘In two days I will have my revenge on RAW…’ ‘…in a way which India will never forget.’ My wife died 5 years ago. Since then I’ve lost my mind. You’re not a RAW officer. And you’re not trained for such missions. Those who were trained for this,
are they still alive? You will go there with KK,
who’s the eastern Europe in-charge. You were expecting a male officer?
– Yes. So you think girls are not capable. All I know that KK can be
the name of a man. Diligence. Homework.
Preparation. That’s the RAW’s method. You follow your methods,
and I will follow mine. Don’t let a single agent survive. How do they know where we are? Take my advice, sir. Stop looking for me. Marry Ms. Kaur…
and settle down in some hilly region. Now you take my advice. Sell your home,
and get used to… …living in a room without windows. Gut-feel. Aggression. Common sense. That’s the Mumbai Police’s method.

100 thoughts on “Force 2 | Official Trailer | John Abraham, Sonakshi Sinha and Tahir Raj Bhasin

  1. Bechare indians jab tak 2jets shot abhinandan humiliatedly arrest nai huwa tha is sab ko sach mante the but….then they faces PAK Air force and the dream of bollywoo over lolzzzzzz

  2. Sona u killed no one even alia bhatt cannot do this role she only knows how to be ugly by doing make-up

  3. Hahaha Yaar Indian Agency Raw Army sirf Movies m jalwaye dekhaty hain …
    Real m to Indain army ko kahna nae milta

  4. Bidyut k jese villain lena Accha lagta..thriller or dangerous hoti jada..Yeh villain kamjor sa dikhta hai😭😭😭

  5. Today I have watched a third class movie 😭… Lagta hai Indian director Hollywood movies nahi dekhte ….
    Kuch b banate h chutye..

  6. کلبھوشن بھی را کا انجنٹ ہی تھا اس کا حال بھول گئے انڈیا والوں ISI BEST OF THE WORLD 🌍

  7. India top secret meetings ki information nikal leyty hain isi waly BC ya India just movies ma he hero banty hain real ma to ak kuty sy zayada okaaat ni RAW ki fucked

  8. Fritzel some damn cloeik. It is strizling coeick. It is damn clause. It is drane stractic flow claim flostreen. It is flace cos.tranglosen fla blaim froshen. It is quite pretty circumstances bleezing bro. Font it well Sam. Droub.

  9. YEI 3no shuka in big boss me be ee 😁
    Shuka vs john sir vidyut da bro bnne ja kush be story. Aggar continues ho to. Force ke badd force3

  10. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    you’ve inspired me so much in an hour!
    1:19 💖💝
    👇 👇💛

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