fitandhappy Boot Camp for Women

fitandhappy boot camps are for women of
all shapes and sizes, all fitness levels. It’s fun. It’s relaxed. We do work hard. You
get pushed to be the best you can be but you don’t get shouted at. Our boot camps
are designed to be flexible. You book a certain amount of sessions per term and
use them up when it suits you. An essential part of all fitandhappy boot
camps is that we give individual feedback We keep our groups small so that we can make sure that technique is spot-on and posture is good. There are always options. High impact, low impact. If you want to push harder you can. If
you’re just starting out you might take it a little bit slower. It’s a really
supportive group of women. I’m just always in awe of how welcoming they are. The part I like most about the boot camp
is the social aspect and just getting together outside with other people.
There’s always lots of laughs. You kind of forget how hard you’re working. I’ve never done another boot camp or anything or even really any exercise before. It’s
given me a lot more confidence in terms of like believing that I can do certain
things and it’s allowed me to push myself. I was really worried in the
beginning that I wasn’t going to be fit enough and but I was amazed that
actually it was it was fine. The hidden benefit that I hadn’t really anticipated was mentally how it feels so much brighter after doing boot camp regularly. Especially in the winter. When you get here you almost feel so amazing afterwards. I used to be fit many years ago and then being a Mum and just life takes over and studying and all these other things so I kind of lost
what I would call reasonable fitness. The exercises they looked
quite easy but when you start doing them they’re actually really quite tough. I
feel I’ve really progressed in this year. Definitely come on quite a bit. We’ve done a few things all together
like the Vogrie 5k Park Run. It’s just a nice camaraderie. I think it’s
good for your self-esteem. I didn’t think I was the type of person who would do a boot camp and so it came as a real surprise. I enjoy it so much. I get so
much more out of it than just the physical fitness aspect of it. It’s the triple dose of being outside, getting fit and having a laugh. The combination is kind of unbeatable. If you’ve been thinking about it and umming and arghing but feel a bit shy just take the plunge. Just do it. It’s great fun.

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