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Narrator: And now a first look
at the new season, “Marriage Boot Camp:
Family Edition.” Renee: We got some big attitudes
in this house. Four desperate families check in
to “Marriage Boot Camp”… They have no idea
what I’ve been through. It’s Amber’s world, and we’re
all just along for the ride. …looking to repair
their broken bonds. This is why we don’t talk,
because you won’t listen. My mom was never home,
ever. Relationship experts
Dr. Ish and Dr. V are their only hope. They need you to step up and
they need to hear your voice. They teach you guys
that penetrating stare
in medical school? Shut up, Matt. Just shut up.
-[Laughs] Narrator: Pushed
to their limits… I am suffering right now. [Crying] Why the (bleep)
did you do this? …through the tears… [Crying]
I just love him. Nobody took care of me,
I took care of myself. How we connect through
the same disappointment and same hurt. Narrator: …and the laughter. Rest and rosé! [Laughter] Vodka now. [Laughter] Narrator: They will learn
how to love… I need her to take
responsibility for some (bleep) If anyone can fix this,
you can. She just needs to know that
I’m not here to hurt her son. Take all this anger
that you’re sharing with your sisters, put it on the man
who caused it. Narrator: In the end, they must
make the ultimate choice — leave Boot Camp
as a family or leave family behind. I don’t want you to be
my puppet. I want you
to be my father. I feel completely betrayed. I tried to give you
a family. I don’t want
that family. That’s the end of it. You caused me
so much grief. Narrator:
Four reality-star families with relationships
beyond repair… She’s an attention whore,
it’s in her being there. They have no idea
what I’ve been through. …make a last-ditch effort
to mend or end their ties forever. If anyone can fix this,
you can. Relationship experts
Dr. Ish and Dr. V trade couples for kin. Is it time to cut yourself off
from your family forever? Amber: Your lying triggers me
to go crazy. Brandi: I want you to be
my father. Chrissy: It’s me against
the both of you. Renee: Oh, it’s
the mentally unstable sisters. Narrator: They must fight
to save their family butt. I feel completely betrayed. This is “Marriage Boot Camp:
Family Edition.” ♪♪ ♪♪ Dr. Ish: In a few minutes,
they’ll be here. Wait till they find out what
we’ve got in store for them. It’s time to take
the gloves off, and show them some things
they’ve never seen before. ♪♪ Jenn:
We went the wrong way. I asked you
to put your phone on. Oh, that’s good.
We’re lost. Put your phone on. I don’t have a phone
with me. You don’t have a phone
with you? Lana,
put your phone on. Hi. I’m Renee Graziano. I am the star
of “Mob Wives.” And these two
are my sisters. Jenn: We’re here at Boot Camp
to fix some things between us, and hopefully, we don’t
kill each other in the process. Lana, you’re a little too
(bleep) quiet. I can only imagine what — Lana: I’m thinking
about the issues, Renee. Miscommunication,
not getting along, resentments —
they’re all there and they all need
to be worked on. Renee: I am here to really mend
my relationship with both of my sisters. It’s 100% fixable if we can get rid
of those past feelings. All right.
Okay. “Sisterh8,”
interesting. “Honk and I will cut you,”
very cute. Tonya: It’s not gonna be
an easy process, but I think —
-I think — I think Matthew’s gonna have a hard time
with some things. Actually, I think
you’re gonna have a hard time with things because you
like things a certain way, and I think
this whole experience is gonna take you
out of your comfort zone. I’m Amber Portwood, and I’m
one of the original members of “Teen Mom.” I’m here at “Marriage Boot Camp”
with my mom and Matt. I really want, as well,
to get help on our communication because I’m really just trying
to fix our relationship with each other.
-Think we’ll be fine, just long as we’re all open
and honest with one another. When Matt came into the picture, we seen a lot of red flags, and he’s kinda keeping her
isolated from us. I expect him
to get of our lives. Matt: This is gonna be
a long two weeks. Amber: No, it’s not. [Chuckles] ♪♪ Wonder who this is. -Is that Renee Graziano?
-Yes! I got really excited
when I saw Renee because Amber and I
are huge “Mob Wives” fans. -Oh, my God!
-How you doing? Good, Amber.
How are you? You look beautiful, baby! How are you, honey? I’m good, sweetie. (Bleep) the teen mom. Hi.
I’m Matt. I’m a huge fan. I’m — I’m Renee.
Oh, thank you. I didn’t come here
to have fans. I woulda (bleep) went
to Madison Square Garden if I wanted fans. Oh, yeah. We got some big attitudes
in this house. -Yeah.
-That’s okay, though. ♪♪ Guy: This is
a last-ditch effort. Brandi: All right. ♪♪ Just, uh, you know,
we’re gonna have to really… -Not kill each other?
-Yep. Hi. I’m Brandi Glanville from “The Real Housewives
of Beverly Hills.” My dad and I have always had a
really contentious relationship. You know, there’s always
s– two sides to every story. Yeah, absolutely.
There’s different perspectives. The reason we’re here
at “Family Boot Camp” is because I want my dad
to understand me and understand
that I’m not going to change and accept and respect me
for who I am today. Renee: Oh, here comes
another family. ♪♪ Hey. How are you, babe? I’m good.
How are you? Brandi: Amber — I’m not trying
to (bleep) with crazy, and she is crazy. Hi, Brandi. I’m Renee. Renee, nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you. When I saw Brandi,
I was thinking to myself, “Oh, God. We got one of these from ‘The Real House
of Beverly” — Hills.
Hills, not hillbillies. Okay, I can’t stand
out in the heat much longer. ♪♪ Stay to the right,
stay to the right.
How ’bout I just drop
you two off, and you guys work on
y’all (bleep) [ Laughs ] (Bleep)
Follow. And then I come back
a week later. And — Oh, no, oh, no.
You — Oh, no. You’re the main issue.
Don’t even try. My name is Jim Jones,
and I’m a rapper. We’ve been engaged
for 150 years. You’ve, uh, probably followed it
from “Love and Hip Hop” to Chrissy and Mr. Jones and Jim and Chrissy
“Vow or Never.” And here we are
at “Family Boot Camp.” The things that we want to fix
is the dynamic between me, Chrissy,
and my mother. Hopefully, we can find
some way to deal with these two when they start
getting into it and figure out how much of it
do I play a part in and how I can fix that. Oh (bleep)
Okay. The truth
is coming out now. ♪♪ Renee:
All right, here we go. ♪♪ Oh, ho!
[Laughs] -Ahh!
-Heeello! [Both speaking indistinctly] Mwah! [Laughs]
Mwah! Seeing Chrissy and Mama Jones,
I was like, “Yes!” I knew the Joneses
from back in the day. I love Chrissy.
She’s a girlfriend. Where is, uh… He’s in there, uh,
baking. -Well…
-Okay. [Laughter] It’s always a smoke break. You ever heard of a functional
marijuana smoker? You ever heard of that term? No, no. It’s called a functional
drug addict. Come — Come back here. Oh. “I love my mommy.” “If you think I’m a bitch, you should meet
my mother-in-law.” Oh (bleep)
Mnh-mnh-mnh. Honey, did you see
the license plate? Amber: No. “16 4life.”
Go (bleep) yourself. -“Adulting is hard.”
-“Fame whore.” Which is odd. I’ve never done
another show except for mine, which — that doesn’t make you
a fame whore anyway, so I don’t know
where that came from. If the bumper sticker fits,
wear it. All right, let’s just —
let’s get it moving. ♪♪ Chrissy: This is gonna be fun. [Speaks indistinctly] ♪♪ Ah! Huh, whoa! Careful, guys.
There’s, like, a step down. Brandi: I don’t know if there
was enough space in this house for all the personalities
and the egos. What the (bleep)
did I sign up for? But I’m here for him. And I’m here —
And for us. I’m here for you. I’m Brandi.
Nice to meet you, Brandi. Pleasure.
Nice to meet you. I don’t have
a model chick. She’s always on some
(bleep) tabloid or some (bleep)
“Entertainment Tonight” type of bull(bleep) I really did thought
that was Brandi’s sugar daddy, her daddy.
Her real daddy. What? This is gonna be
more than interesting. -Yeah.
-I mean, we’re so New York. Mm-hmm.
Do you know what I mean? So that’s — that’s
automatically a conflict. [Both laugh] And, you know,
I don’t hold my mouth. So… We’re gonna see
how this go down. Chrissy and me is the one
with the real big issue. Oh, really?
‘Cause me and her is the one
always bickering and getting at it. She’s a Miss Know-It-All,
and I can’t — just can’t accept that.
Oh, I get that. I’m very excited
because I want to move on and actually try to get
what’s going on between me and Chrissy
settled and done with. You know, and my son,
he don’t wanna feel like he’s choosin’. I —
You ain’t gotta choose, buddy. Your mother’s gonna always
speak her mind, and she’s here forever. That’s how I am
with Amber, too. Matt is Amber’s fiancé.
Oh (bleep) So that right now —
right now —
Oh, we got it going on, then. Me and you are almost, like,
in the same type of thing. Yeah. [Chuckles]
I guess, probably. Yeah.
Yeah. Right off the bat,
me and Mama connects. I just hope it work out
for you and hope it work out
for me. Ah, same for you, too. Yeah. So, Renee,
you’ve done this before, when you did marriage.
Amber: Let me —
Let me start on this. Did you find it
a good experience or…? It was one of the
best experiences I’ve ever had with doctors.
I guess I felt like I was — I was d–
Vindicated. Yeah. I’m really happy
that we came here, but I’m even happier to be going home
without you. Renee: I left Joe
at the altar, and I became a new
and better version of Renee. And I hope that we can fix
our family. I-I came here
with this ass(bleep) I have the worst picker
in the world when it comes to men. Yeah, I get it. He’s done this,
he’s done that. I — Brandi: Amber wants to make
everything about herself. She’s very self-centered. I found out a lot of (bleep)
about him. He had extra kids
I didn’t know about. Extra kids? [Laughs] I thought that
Amber’s boyfriend…
Mm-hmm. …was her mom’s
husband. Uh, me too.
I thought that, too. Yeah, he was doing drugs
behind my back. He was, uh —
I relapsed
a couple months ago. I am eight months clean, and I don’t like being here
with someone who’s relapsed. I-I got money missing. I don’t know what —
what’s going on. It’s just a buncha
bull(bleep) you know? I believe he’s
a pathological liar. [Scoffs] That’s funny?
How is that funny? I just find it interesting
that everybody else seems to have problems
but you. I tell the (bleep) truth! You know, I mean,
there’s more to the story. You’re giving headlines without
actually giving the story. Tonya: I do not think Matt’s
an honest guy. I think he likes to blame Amber
for everything, and I just wish
that Matt’s out of the picture. When you hear the whole story,
there’s a lot more to it than what’s
on the surface.
Blah. What is going with you? You’re trying to, like,
act like everything that I’m saying
is bull(bleep) when… I haven’t said that at all.
…everything that I’m saying
is real (bleep) The way Amber and Matt
started up, it was like too soon. Like, our cushions weren’t
even warm on the sofa yet from sitting down. It’s his turn
to prove to me that he’s ready
to be in a real relationship with a real (bleep) woman. Amber’s going on
and on, and I can’t take it. I hope the doctors
come soon. Listen, I’m telling you
the truth. Are you ready for this? The question is,
are they ready for it? Narrator: The all-new season of “Marriage Boot Camp:
Family Edition” premieres Friday, March 9th
at 9:00 on WE tv.

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