Fire Force (ED) – “veil“ (FULL VER.) – 炎炎ノ消防隊┃Cover by Shayne Orok

100 thoughts on “Fire Force (ED) – “veil“ (FULL VER.) – 炎炎ノ消防隊┃Cover by Shayne Orok

  1. One of my favourite ending songs in a long time! Sorry for the inactivity this week, life got a little busy and full versions always seem to take longer than expected but it’ll be a lot more consistent next week. What shows are you guys liking so far? 🙂

    Oh and this is off topic but I’m planning on doing another talking vid for next month, what do you guys wanna see? Q&A? An anime recommendation vid? If you have any ideas let me know ^^

  2. Do you have a separate Chanel for American covers? I love your voice but I wish I could relate to the music more since idk Japanese, I found your Michael Jackson cover and fell in love with your voice but I see you only have the one anime cover playlist ): sadness

  3. i love this cover! your singing style reminds of balloon's himself but softer~ i'm glad that balloon is getting the attention that he deserves!! i'll continue to support you! 💕

  4. 待ってましたーᐠ( ᐛ )ᐟᐠ( ᐖ )ᐟ(ง ˙˘˙ )ว

  5. I was looking for the song in spotify and stumbled upon your cover. I'm very impressed, your voice fits so muchhhh

  6. Damn i like your cover it sounds better than the original!
    Keep up dude!
    Could you do a cover for kimetsu no yaiba op?

  7. Omg I was looking for the original song on Spotify and I came across your cover and it sounds exactly the same! Amazing!

  8. I can't lie my hype for fire foece overall was bursting anf I jus found your channel you have an amazing voice and your covers and have got me hooked!!! Ur an amazing person and I'll be here to stay foe more!!

  9. Could you please consider doing a cover for ""D-techno Life" from Bleach? That song has same vibes as this one.

  10. excuse me sir, I want to make this cover to bgm in my video. i like u'r cover very much.
    of course I will give credit to my video

  11. I found this on Spotify and was a bit confused at first, cause I thought someone was reposting the ED under a fan account. I had NO IDEA this was a cover, it's as good, if not better than the original.

  12. I just found you minutes ago and when I heard your voice in your cover of Omae wa mo shindeiru not even 3 seconds, I'm already subscribed. Your voice is reaaaalllly AMAZING!

  13. damnnn i love this. i was adding the song on spotify and saw yours. didnt regret coming to your channel. my fav ed in a while. 🙂 THANKSSSSSS.

  14. You be looking like a lowkey young JonTron but with the Justin Bieber haircut from 2008 😂. Very nice vocals though.

  15. Omg I’m so glad I found u! I love listening to cover songs and I can’t believe I didn’t find u sooner ಥ_ಥ I’ve been going through all of ur covers and u nail every song!!! LIKE WHY R U SO GOOD?!!!

  16. The first version I heard was your cover so I thought yours was the original one because it sounds so good 😂💕

  17. honestly better than the original. Keep up the good work. Found this after listening to Star Marker a LOT lately. I Love you dude

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