FGCU 360 Magazine: Medieval Combat Club

HOLLY: So, my freshman year here I lived in
North Lake, and it was by one of the fields that’s over there. I walked
outside to go to the waterfront and I see these people just hitting each other
with foam swords and I’m like, “What the heck is this? This looks really cool!” RYAN: Originally, it was just a couple of my
friends and I, and then just from literally just fighting in North Lake and
South Village, we had at most, I think we had 40 people at our practice before,
and it just allows us to show people that LARP and other kinds of battle
games aren’t just for nerds, that anyone can try it. RYAN: Easiest example of what we’re
doing is, is that it’s paintball, but with weapons. So we have swords, axes, flails, bows and
arrows, glades, shields and we use them to do team-based battles. So 100 versus 100
capture the flag or free-for-all team deathmatch, anything you could probably
do, any kind of paintball or call of duty, we just do with swords. HOLLY: We are a medieval based club who focuses on fighting with foam weapons, honestly. HOLLY: I feel like it has certainly given me my
place. When I first started here, I kind of didn’t have very many friends and you
know, when you first start [college] you’re in all these gen-ed classes and you kind of
just, are getting tossed around and you don’t have this group of friends that
you can just be around or go hang out with whenever. This club basically gave
me my main group of friends. RYAN: We’ve all become really good friends from the club and then progressed it from honestly just going to events with each other, and
it’s become a lot of team building and trust we’ve had just from hanging out
with each other so much. HOLLY: We like to build up our skills, build up our strategies, and have fun. We like to have fun.

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