Fencing & Stage Combat Techniques : Choreograph a Stage Fight

So we have the pieces–we’re going to put
them together and make a quick bit of choreography. So beginning with a beat. So let’s take that
back for a second. He attacks my three, I’ve parried three, I attack his two, he parries
two, three, two. So once again we started in an on guard, he beat, I protect my three,
attack his two, protect my three, attack his two. Moving on, let’s add to that. Beat. Parry,
attack, parry, attack, now I’m going to go to my three attack. So that was I attack his
three, I protect with a parry five, and I bind down to the ground. So start from the
beginning. Beat, parry, attack, parry, attack, attack, parry, bind. Once I bind him, I’ve
cleared the way for a slash.
So, come into a lunge, I made a nice, clear slash. Remember your elbow always comes in
to make a nice draw cut, and your opponent’s taking a step back to protect himself, but
mostly to sell the shot. I’ll recover into a one parry, and bind over his head, my way
is clear so I’m going to come in for my kill on a lunge. My opponent sells my lunge with
a very satisfying death. So those are the pieces. Once you have the tools you can put
together your choreography in whatever form you like. Just make sure that you add little
bits at a time, work slowly first, keep all your safeties in mind, and speed is added
later. The very last thing you do is add the acting, the drama, and the special effects
that will help make your fight look really rewarding, feel really rewarding once you’ve
done all the work beforehand. Let’s put it together one more time a little bit faster.
One more time, a little bit better. Sorry. And that is a choreographed fight. You are
going to be all right? I think I’ll be. Little bit of a flesh wound.

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