FEDAYIN, le combat de Georges Abdallah

« Iconic personality of the anti-zionist struggle, Georges Abdallah’s liberation would constitute, no doubt, an event in Lebanon. He would not only be celebrated as a hero at his return to his country, but also by various movements engaged in the revolutionary struggle. » The regime that plunders you, leaves an Akkar activist in the French prisons for 35 years ! Freedom ! Georges Abdallah ! Freedom ! Georges Abdallah ! Georges Abdallah is a revolutionary communist that has given 35 years of his life for Palestine. He even embodies the image of the unrepentant revolutionary prisoner. He also embodies the legacy
of the progressive secular left of the Palestinian revolution. For right or left governments in France, he is : Arab terrorist. For 35 years, Georges Abdallah has been in prison in France, since the israeli invasion of Beirut. Because he’s an Arab communist ? Because he is pro-Palestinian ? Why don’t we liberate him ? It is in our culture that if Palestine is not free, we cannot be free. Georges is an honest man. Georges is a resistance fighter. Georges gives us strength, even though he is in prison. He inspires courage. We believe that the French will be forced to release Georges one day. Because keeping him in prison will became more costly for the French over time than to free him. It is not only about the freedom of a prisoner. It is this: Georges raises in this country, the question of the liberation of Palestine, the fight against all plans for aggression by the imperialist forces in this area. The Palestinian question has a specific nature, a very fundamental one. And the Palestinian left brought the war to Europe and to the imperialist centers. The fact that Georges has been held in jail for 35 years is part of a systematic effort of wiping out the memory of all that has been gained by the struggle. Supporting Georges is important. You can address the problem in many ways, but you need to
commit. This is a just fight. That is also why we are supportive of his struggle. He is from our struggles, we are from his fighting.

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