FAMiLY YOGA!! morning exercise routine with Adley! and a new backyard lake update!!!!

(upbeat light rock music) – Whoa! Whoa! – [Jenny] You look so- – [Shaun] You guys are trapped forever. – Thank you. – You’re welcome. – Hi! (smooching) – Whee! – Good job, Niko, slide down the grass. – I did it, kinda getting a little dirty. (laughing) – Yoga! Yoga! – Guys, me and Adley
have the perfect plan. What’s our plan? – We’re gonna do yoga. – The best yoga people in the world. – Yeah, I’m going to do a funny yoga. – We’ve been practicing yoga. – Yeah, but I know what
we have to do in yoga. – What? – We have to connect
together with our arms. – Yeah, that’s how we do yoga. We have some pretty cool moves. – We got some cool moves. And now you do it. (upbeat music) – Whoa, that’s a good one. And then do a handstand. Whoa, that was a good yoga! (laughing) – This ones a good one. Yeah, bring me down to the ground. – That’s pretty cool. – I’m lying on your tummy. We doing a really special one. – What’s the really special one? – We have to learn. – Kay, let’s learn it. – I know how to do it and you
don’t and I have to teach you. – Kay, come teach me the special one. – I stand on your feet. – Kay. – And bring it up and then
this is the special one. – One hand. (laughing) – That’s the special one. – This is the special yoga called- – Wait! First! – What? – Let’s do a snack break. – What kind of snacks you got? – I only have these 2 and
this is my drink for yoga and then I just pulled her head. This is hard to get the candy out. – It’s a Pez dispenser. Look this is how you get the candy out. (scream) Okay I ate one, I bet I’m
going to be better at yoga now. Oh, those are your yoga candies? This is kinda crazy. – This is kinda crazy. – Because you have to
lay down on the bottom and hold me up. – You like this and then
hold me up right here and I do a handstand. (yelling) – I let you down. – That was a good one. – I let you go. – Wow, that’s a pretty good one. Ooh, your legs are crossed. You got any ideas? – Daddy, lets do the
one where you flip me. – Like from my knees over my my head? – Yeah. – Watch this one, we
invented this one last week and its really cool. – One, two, three Pshoo! Whooo. Do ya have any more yoga tricks? – I have this many tricks
by myself I have to do. – All by yourself? – I need a big place like right here. – Okay lets see it. – Whoo! (Clapping) Whoa! She’s still going. Whoo! That was really good. Holy cow. (Clapping) I can do better though, ready? – I can do better- – Challenge! – Yeah, I have to come back. – Jump! Backwards! Backwards! Spin! Yes! – I bet I won. – I’m pretty sure I won, guys Who won the crazy trick off yoga? Was that yoga or gymnastics? – Gymnastics. – Yeah. – Adley won. – What! (Adley giggles) Someone said Adley won. – The vlog. – You guys think Adley won? Where are we going? It’s
your favorite place. – To the lagoon. – The lagoon! And why are we going to the lagoon? – To see Peppa Pig – No! Because the lagoon is all Halloween. – No! (screaming) We can also bring stinky socks. – Ewww, stinky socks. I don’t want to bring stinky socks! – We bring the stinky vlog. – Stinky vlog. (sniffing camera) You guys stink. You gotta grab the stinky vlog. Let’s go. – Because I’m the stinky girl. (laughing) Do you guys love going to the lagoon? Pass it! (laughing) – That was a good throw. We are getting some lunch
while Niko takes a nap. – [Adley] My lunch is not ready. – [Shaun] What do you getting for lunch? Hey. – Here’s your quesadilla, girl. – Doo doo doo, getting it all dirty. – [Shaun] That looks delicious. – Niko, Niko Hi hi buddy. – (Shaun) You look like a monster, Niko. A milk monster! – Hi! – Hi! Adley is a little bit crazy today, I think she’s had a lot of sugar. How much sugar did you have today? – This many. – [Shaun] Five many, that’s a lot. – Did you show how Koopa’s doing? – [Shaun] He’s doing good,
he’s used to the cone. – Last night was a little rough sleeping with the cone. – It was. I carried him out to the
yard at like 3 a.m. and set him down on the grass, Let him go to the bathroom then carried him back up to the bed. – Then he tries to get under
the covers with his conehead. – [Shaun] And he can’t. Yeah, it’s kinda funny. – [Jenny] Did we ever
show him his bad paw. – [Shaun] It looks a lot better now but it was looking rough for a while. – [Jenny] It still looks so sore. – [Shaun] All right kiddos
should we go have some fun? – [Adley] He has this on
’cause he can’t lick this. – [Shaun] Yeah that’s a good idea. – You have food in your hair. (Adley screams) – [Shaun] Hands in! Lagoon on 3. 1.2.3 Lagoon! – Woohoo! – (Shaun) Hey, how did you get back there. – [Jenny] Oh no! Hey, you! (Shaun screaming) – Your hand? – Yeah – Let’s see how spooky it is. – [Adley] Pumpkins! – [Jenny] Are they real or fake? – (Adley) They Fake. – They’re fake, good call Adley. – [Shaun] Fake Pumpkins. Baby, Adley, Shaunduras,
and Jenny McBride. You tall enough? – [Jenny] You gotta be below, so yes. – Lets go in here. – I’m treby. – [Shaun] He’s so excited. – [Egyptian] Can you guys
dance like Egyptians for me? (upbeat music) Great job! – [Jenny] Thank You. (upbeat music continues) – Woman in red Cape] Do you know what your favorite animal is? – Giraffes. – (Shaun) What? – Giraffes. – Grass? – No, giraffes. – Oh, giraffes! (Shaun laughs) – Pirates’ favorite letter? – R. – R’ you go. – [Shaun] Good job! Oh what’s that? – [Pirate] These are Dolphins. – [Shaun] Wow. – Thank you. – You’re very welcome. – [Flower Woman] Can you guys
say hola to Abuela and Abuelo? – Hola! – [Shaun] Hola! – (Woman in black) Circus animal? – Elephant. – Elephant! – [Jenny] Say thank you! – [Shaun] He’s climbin’ up! – [Jenny] Circus tricks! (Shaun laughing) (Baby talk) – Yay, Niko! Those were awesome tricks. – Fake. – Not real. – [Jenny] Adley, are we going to see something spooky over here? – Yeah, maybe – We just walked through a pumpkin tunnel which means something spooky
is gonna happen,right? – Do we even know what’s over here or are we just kinda walking? – I think there’s a corn maze over here. – How’s there corn in the
middle of an amusement park? I don’t get it. – Hay bales. It’s a hay maze. – Hey, maze. – [Redhead} Awesome
there you go. Have fun. – [Woman in blue Dress]
Can you give me a higher karate kick than she did? – Boom, that was perfect.
Can you do higher? Go hiya! – Whoooaaaa! – There we go, that was so cool. Pick whatever one you want.
Want the other one? Yeah? Okay, have fun you guys. – Thank you! – [Spider Woman] Welcome
to Spider Adventure! All my pet spiders. If you had a pet spider what
color would you want it to be? – Hmmmm, black. – Black? Awesome! – Is that a finger? Adley, look! – Have fun, you guys! (Jenny laughing) – Shaun’s acting like
he’s a kid, it’s okay. Aaaah! You’re so creepy! – Hey babe, I hope this
video gets one billion views. (evil laugh) (more evil laughs) – [Jenny] Your daddy is not funny, huh? – He is! (Jenny laughs) – Hey Adley, be my fan. Thanks. (bell ding) – I’m loving these corny jokes. – Corny jokes for
Thanksgiving, I mean Halloween, corny jokes! – Hello That’s mine. (Niko cries) – [Shaun] No, its not. Hey, you pulled my finger off! Give me my finger back. It’s back, thank you. – [Scarecrow] Are you
excited for Halloween? – [Adley] Yeah. – What’s your favorite
part about Halloween? Do you like dressing up
or do you like candy? – What’s your favorite part _ [Adley] Candy – Dressing up. Candy? – [Shaun] Let’s go, Niko. – [Scarecrow] Have a great day, guys! – [Jenny] Thank you! – [Shaun] Thank you! – Whoo! Whoo! – (Jenny) They’re all excited. – (Shaun) It’s a maze, Niko. Nope, wrong way. (laughing) It’s tricking him. No wrong way, we’re still in the maze. (Niko screams) Are you driving the train? Adley, these are airplanes you can fly! – [Adley] Please get it! Look what I got. – [Shuan] It looks like a dinosaur. – Yeah. – [Shaun] Oh that one, okay? He is loving this. – He’s loving it. – Whoa! I want to be the reindeer. – [Jenny] Okay. – [Shaun] Hi! – Hi! – Hello! – (Shaun) You guys look crazy. – Hello – (Shaun) Hi little reindeer! – Hi! – [Jenny] That’s scary. – [Shaun] What the… that’s real. – [Jenny] I’m like that statue is moving. – [Shaun] That was way scary, holy cow. – Hiya! – You guys are trapped forever! Hey I’ll free you. – Thank you! – [Shaun] You’re welcome. (smooch) – All right my favorite
part were the statue birds that came to life. – Oh my gosh. – [Shaun] You freaked out. – I really thought they were
fake and then they moved. – That was definitely the best part. (Niko screams) – [Shaun] What are you doing. You’re getting wet, buddy. You’re getting wet. – It’s cold. – It’s cold? (laughing) Whoa, don’t pinch your fingers Geez, my kids are crazy. What are you doing? – [Jenny] You’re getting all wet! – [Shaun] You’re getting wet! – Got it to stop! – [Shaun] How’d you do that? – [Jenny] I got one too! – [Shaun] Kay, let them go! – Never. – Let’s get out of here, nobody get wet. We outta here, lagoon, peace! (random voices in the background0 – She has the cutest walk. – All right what you having, Adley. – [Shaun] Same thing as always? (punch) – Yes [Shaun] Get this menu out of here, we know what we want! – I want that. – [Jenny] Deal, that’s a good choice. – [Shaun] What is it? – She wants the chicken
fingers with spaghetti. – [Shaun] What do you want? – [Adley] I want these
ones. The string ones. – A baba, chicken fettuccine Alfredo, and chicken strips with sauce. Try not to hit my fingers. Baah! Don’t hit my fingers! Careful. – Okay you go first Remember, you got to get three in a row. Nope not on mine. – No, you’re opposed to draw on mine. – No, we draw on our own square, – No. – Yes. – No. – I’m not going to take sides on this one. – Somebody teach her this game. – Grandma Joe – Grandma taught you this game? Grandma, we going to have to talk about some tic tac toe strats. – I keep Xing you. – We both won (Laughing) – Is that your bread stick? Delicious? Delicious. Hey stop fighting zombies
with plants, let’s eat. Get a big bite for the vlog so they know you eat
healthy food sometimes. Good job. See she eats real food. – And she leaned over. – [Shaun] Hey. – I dare you to eat this. – [Shaun] I dare you
to eat it, take a bite. – Sour. You gotta eat it now ’cause I ate it. – Okay, switch. That’s way more sour than I thought. You try it, mom. – No, I’m good – [Shaun] Take one bite, its
way more sour than I thought. – I don’t need to make
that face, it’s okay. – [Shaun] You have to. Say please then she can’t resist. – Please it tastes like oranges. – [Shaun] Yes, good job Adley. – Now Nico has to do it. – [Shaun] Kay. – Eeeewwwww! – [Shaun] Yeah, right? – It tastes so gross. – [Shaun] Hey, Niko, everyone did it. This is family initiation. – [Adley] Now Niko’s turn! It tastes like oranges. – [Shaun] What do you think? (crickets chirping) – [Shaun] This is looking cool! This is good looking. Here Niko. – [Adley] Hey there’s grass
right here so we can run. Wheeee! – [Jenny] Okay. – [Shaun] Good job, Niko
slide down the grass. – Waaaah! – I’ll slide down! Wheee! – [Shaun] The black rocks
are so good looking. – Everything is flat. It looks like they getting
ready for real grass. – [Shaun] Yeah, pretty
soon that will be grass right through all here in here, over here. Grass, grass, grass, grass. And then look at the river. – We can even go in the river, see? I can go under. – [Shaun] Hello – Hello? I’m in it. I’m coming to you guys, kinda getting a little dirty. (laughing) – [Shaun] can you climb all the way out? – Yeah – [Shaun] You made it all the way out! – Somethings stuck on my, right here. – [Shaun] (laughing) I’m jumping on Adley? Stomp stomp! – [Adley] I have a shell. – [Shaun] You’re a turtle! Hi, little turtle boy. Don’t get dirty. – Adley, this is where we going to play some volleyball. – Yeah and I can play
sand castle right here. – [Shaun] No this is going to be grass and then sand down here. I dare you to jump. – Okay. I’ll jump. (spring boinging) – Niko just crawled on the rocks. – [Shaun] (Laughing) Zoom in, Brandon, he’s crawling the tracks. – And I can build sand castles. – [Shaun] Whoa, that is sandy sand. Wow. – Watch this – [Shaun] Wheeea! Okay. – It’s sand raining! – Whoa whoa whoa whoa! Its coming along guys, and I love it. What? Adley our boat lift is installed! – What happened to our ground? – [Shaun] I know, they
had to redo our ground. The first people who did our
ground did not do a good job and then they did it again, and it was still a really bad job,
it was really awkward so now we’re having someone else do it. Whoo! Hey you okay? – Yeah – [Shaun] Hey no playing on that. Look how careful he’s being, good job. This is what it looks like under the dock. Someday when this dock’s
here and we’re like I wonder what’s underneath it? This is what it looks like. – Ooh, its really cold. – Let me feel – [Jenny] You’re gonna soak Your- – Oh that feels good though. I’m not really ready for winter. I want another spring to start. I just want to play at the lake. Next summer is going to be amazing, babe. – It’s going to be so fun. – Aah, ooh! – [Shaun] Does that feel good? – Guess what, there’s a
bug here in our house. Come see, right there! – [Shaun] I’m gonna catch him. – [Adley] Yeah dad brought him in. – [Shaun] Thats the bug. – [Adley] Dad – [Shaun] What? – Look we can tower with these boxes and we could stand on it. – [Shaun] Kay, you hold
the vlog and film it. I think I got him. I got him! He’s in there. – [Adley] He’s in there,
he’s there, he’s there. – [Shaun] Holy cow we got him. – Lets take him outside – [Shaun] Hi little buggy. That’s a crazy bug. – [Adley] He has a pokey nose. – [Shaun] Okay, lets go let him free. Careful, kay, here he goes. – [Adley] Whoa! – [Shaun] He’s out, shut the door! We freed him That was pretty cool. – Yeah that was pretty cool. – [Shaun] Kay, do you wanna end the vlog? – Yeah thanks for watching, bye. (Laughing) (Adley singing) – I go back to my home I dare not go for if I do, my mother will say Have you ever seen a pumpkin driving a microwave oven on the bay? – Driving a microwave. (laughing) That was a great song.

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