1. Awesome videos. Any chance you could make a falsetto exercise video doing what this video does, except going in reverse…from low to high? I think that would help a lot with flipping from modal to falsetto. Thanks much Jacob!

  2. Wow! I only knew your one video of "quick vocal warm ups" and then I discovered all these super helpful exercises! Now I am a very happy subscriber! Hurry with that Apple app, I'll definitely get it!

  3. Is it normal for my voice to break at the lower part of the phrase? When I do this exercise I can only do the whole thing in falsetto when it starts to get higher in pitch. But at the starting pitch when it gets lower its breaks from falsetto to head voice.

  4. Please tell me what you saying in the beginning and how can I practice the way you end the note, the vibration ? Please help

  5. My falsettos are really weak especially when in a lower pitch of falsetto.. I'm male.
    but when i go high its pretty audible… the problem is some songs require a strong lower pitch falsetto.. and it's just inaudible compared to my chest voice.
    What can I do?
    Am I either approaching falsetto in the wrong way? or I just really lack exercise?

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