Exercises For Toning Arms: Bridal Bootcamp 1

Hi, my name is Sarah O’Neil and I’m a personal
trainer and nutritionist. Welcome to my series, Bridal Boot Camp, on My Wedding Scrapbook.
Over the next eight weeks I’m going to be showing you everything you need to know to
get the body you want for your wedding day. [music]
I’m going to show you ten different exercises for toning the arms and shoulders. I’m going
to start with a warm up, so really light hand weight for this just to turn and warm up the
arms. Getting the waist moving, relaxing your shoulders and thinking about reaching and
stretching through the knuckles but without locking out your elbows. See and just warm
up for about 30 to 60 seconds in this way. For the next exercises I want you to select
a weight between three and five kilos. You’re going to perform about 12 to 20 repetitions
of those exercises for about 30 to 40 seconds. The next exercise we’re going to do is tricep
overhead extensions. So pick up your heavier weights, take your arms above your head and
you’re just going to dip the weights between your shoulder blades keeping your elbows pointing
towards the ceiling and your arms really close to your ears. Next up is bicep curls, they’re
going to tone the front of the arms. Keep your elbows tucked in and pointing down. Make
sure you extend to full length so hands come all the way down to the thighs to get the
full length of the muscle. Next exercise is fly’s. This is to tone your shoulders. Start
with your hands in the middle, weights together and then you’re just going to extend your
elbows out to the side. Imagine you’re pouring two jugs into a basin. So we tip down slightly
at the top of the move and I just want you to mash up those two moves. The two curls
into one fly. So we’re going fronts of the arms and we’re going tops of the shoulders.
Focusing on the back of the arms again we’re going to tricep dip. So hands just wider than
shoulders, the weight in the heel of your hands, lower yourself down towards the floor,
bending your elbows backwards and then squeeze and press through the heels of your hands
to return to starting position. Now lets tone the back of the shoulders. So knee up, tip
your waist forward and then squeeze your elbows towards the top back of your shoulders. Back
of the arms is such a focal point for brides. I’m going to show you another exercise for
triceps. Come into all fours, keeping the weight even between the four points and lift
your elbow in line with the top of your back and just extend from the elbow into a kick
back. You’ll put on some exercises an elbow to hand plank. This is a really tough exercise
so if you need to start going on the top of your knees that’s absolutely fine. Moving
in elbows down from shoulders and then hands. And finally let’s just check that you finish
off those triceps. Hands under shoulders, come onto the tops of your knees, squeeze
those tricep muscles and then lower your chest down to the floor and press through the heel
of your hands to lift back up to starting position. That’s all for this week. If you
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ideas to accompany your workout routine, healthy lunchbox and snack ideas. See you then.

3 thoughts on “Exercises For Toning Arms: Bridal Bootcamp 1

  1. Amazing workout! I love the idea that all of these can be done in your home so there are no excuses. I can pop movie in for kids and do these during it or even after the kids r in bed. Doing these everyday and switching up the times I do them keeps exercising from getting boring! Thanks so much! Muah X

  2. Hi there, i was sonde ring if u could do the whole sets of exercises so we can do it with you at the same time, that would be very helpful, thanks xx

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