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  1. Anyone ever notice how insubordinate most characters in AC5 are? Especially the background dudes: Almost everyone is perpetually on the verge of mutiny.

  2. Funny you mention Nagase's Jealousy at 26:10 because whenever I played that part, after Nastasya would reply "Me? I'm mystery woman number one."

    Nagase would immediately say "Edge, Engaging" hahaha

  3. Or how about you'd never call someone their real name on secure communicaitons channels. There's a reason call signs are used, its to protect people's identity from hostile forces.

  4. Another sin. How can 3 F-5s and 1 F-4 intercept an SR-71 Blackbird? Shouldn't the Blackbird be able to easily outrun those 4 fighters? The Blackbird can also fly at high altitudes that F-5 and F-4 couldn't reach.

  5. Wait…..in the strangreal universe planes are not country specific……..osea uses mig 31 foxhounds and that is CANNON……also literally the third or second mission you run into yuktobanians flying F35s.

  6. 22:10
    I always assumed the briefing was given by some sort of automated program. The voice sounds just robotic enough.

    Also, the last four missions in the game are ALL feels. Defending Yuke ships and attacking Oseans with "journey home" playing in the background, the Kestrel sinking, the new allied forces singing together…. God, it's so good.

  7. Awesome stuff, this was really entertaining video! I love Ace Combat series, played it from the first game all the way to Assault Horizon.

  8. 10:17 Because Charlie 11 is a motherfucking badass, that's why.

    Terrorits: "(deadpan) Oh fuck, that's an anti-tank rifle… OH FUCK!! THAT'S AN ANTI-TANK RIFLE!!"

  9. 21:37 Okay even when I first played this game this line bugged me. Is it capable of intercepting handwritten letters? Smoke signals? Hand signals? Sign Langauge?!

  10. Belka's war never ended and never will. They create proxy wars on a global scale trying to render all other forms of goverment unstable to instill there view of a world with no boarders, a world completely under there control.

  11. You forgot the incredibly stupid wingmen that you're stuck with for most of the game.
    The stupid wingmen that clip through the ground and don't use bombs when they're in attackers with bombs.

  12. Should add a sin for the fact you're quickly labeled a spy despite carrying the Osean military kicking and screaming to victory. I mean, after everything you've done, outside of getting blamed for an attack on a community college, you've been seen as 'The Savior' for the entire military. Then you get ambushed on the way back home one day and somehow that makes you a spy. What, the fu-…

  13. 8:50 I'm a bit confused here. Help me out. Why is there even a trial right now?

    Thunderhead was there WITH them, assisting them in the mission. HE KNOWS where they were at all times. Surely he could could vouch for them, and even give data to show the proof.

    Also, the mission they were on was successful! That means they had to be there to do it. And all of this happened while they were on mission. How could they bomb civilians and simultaneously shoot down the transports and jammers?

    And finally, no one, not a SINGLE prosecutor had a double take on their explanation? No investigation? No one thought "Wow, 8492. That's a very specific number to call a squadron by. Like 'not the kind you'd just make up on the spot' kind of specific. We should look into that"?

  14. Just one little thing that i notice, When Anderson says the his Fleet have captured a Freighter smuggling Aircrafts from Yuktobania to South Belka which can be a clandestine cargo ship from the Gründer industries supplying their war efforts, but how a Freighter can transport entire airplanes in containers,( and don't tell me they separate the aircrafts in pieces for transportation, those things are very complex to be assembled in a short amount of time (specially for a event like a war),Also he says it got a plenty of aircrafts to choose but we are limited to pilot the Carrier-based Aircrafts, just like saying than we can fly with our older airplanes but Kestrel won't launch them, IMO will be much more easier if they just add the freighter as part of the plot making as a proof to linking the Gründer to the coup d'e etat that caused by the "Gray Men". (Sploiter alerm).

  15. Sometimes I like to imagine the player characters of this series hanging out in a bar somewhere and sharing war stories. Here's an example:

    Blaze: So we were assigned to perform a ceremonial flight over November City's stadium, and they told us our planes would be fully armed. At the time, I thought nothing of it; I told myself, "Well, there IS war going on, so it's better to have weapons and not need them than to need them and not have them." Looking back now, that should've been where the alarms in my head started blaring. It's almost like they knew we would be attacked… in fact, I'm STILL not convinced that isn't the case.

    Cipher: I know how that feels. When I saw the Bm-335 in the mission briefing that awful day, I should've known that the Belkans were planning to drop nukes; since then, I thank God every day that we weren't vaporized in the blast.

    Mobius 1: So what happened next?

    Blaze: A squadron of Yuktobanian fighters attacked us. We tried calling for backup, but someone deployed an ECM and told the base that our request was just a drill, so the four of us were left to fight alone. During the fight, Chopper's plane was critically damaged and he couldn't eject. He asked if there was a place he could drop his plane without causing any collateral damage, and I was about to tell him to drop in the river, but Edge told him to drop in the center of the stadium. If only I had spoken up just a second sooner, then maybe, just maybe, Chopper would still be alive. Damn it, Nagase! Why did you tell him to drop in the stadium? sigh

    Phoenix: So what happened next?

    Blaze: After seeing Chopper crash… I'm not sure how to explain it, really. It was like my anger awakened a demon within me or something. I'm sure the same thing happened to Edge and Archer, because, next thing we knew, our flying abilities drastically improved… I'm not entirely sure how that worked for Edge exactly – what did she think would happen when she told Chopper to drop in the stadium? – but I digress. I don't really remember what happened after that; everything from that point is a blurred mess of radio chatter, radar lock sirens, explosions, rage, and sadness.

    What do you think?

  16. Ace combat 5 had the glitchiest radar.

    I've been screwed over by it. The radar bubbles randomly shifting when I turn. Its messed up four horsemen and the intel mission multiple times

  17. Another sin

    Why do they call the M61 Vulcan Gatling gun / GSH cannon machine guns when they aren't machine guns!.

    Whenchester is military lingo for no missiles, only gun left

  18. +1 sin- There's no "Back of the coin" song to listen to, so you will have to answer "NO" during the mission and suffer to worst mission in the game- "The four horsemen"

  19. Well it makes sense that Estovakia didnt step in, given that it was going through a civil war at the time. Dont have one for Emmeria though

  20. I agree with your point on the White Bird part 2, their mission to destroy the Arkbird relied on the captive Osean astronaut messing up the controls before he escape. Did the intelligence in the OFS Andromeda expect the Osean astronaut to mess up the controls?

    I also think that there should be a mission escorting Sea Gobling to Oured. Razgriz is President Harling's personal squadron since they take orders directly from him.

  21. How does this not reflect the people who made the videos opinion when you're the one who wrote the script? Dumb lol also you dont need to copy cinema sins, the video games community is much less toxic than the movie industry so no need for any of this at all really lol

  22. 2:15 I think it's a sin how lax OADF is on their PHYSICAL FITNESS standards compared to that of other real-life superpowers, particularly the USAF(when this game came out, you couldn't be that fat and still wear the uniform).
    2:30 In the context, it could be the risk involved in a very uncertain mission condition.
    2:41 Thunderhead doesn't get to make that call when it comes to the standard ROE of military.
    3:33 Why did Chopper even bother to join the OADF with that kind of pacifist attitude? He goes on later to complain about war, when I've known people in real life who sign up for the military EXACTLY for the purpose to go to war.
    3:39 I think in the context, she was speculating about a computer that does it as opposed to an actual UAV pilot. Bad wording, I think.
    3:44 He does. He was using the phone in Genette's room before a conversation.
    3:54 Not to mention this occurred in the Yuke canyon later on, as if that was the right place to have an elaborate briefing.
    4:17 They were tipped off early by Belkan subversion.
    4:57 Because burst missiles, given the nature of defense spending, are probably NOT CHEAP.
    5:08 Why would Genette pick that picture for the paper? Was he asked by Blaze to maintain faceless anonymity? If so, what do we think could be possible causes for requesting such anonymity?
    5:45 I think she cares more about the specs and design rather than its wartime application, not leaving much for the kind of critical thinking Chopper has a better knack for.
    6:31 What are weapons and troops if you don't use them?
    8:43 The question Chopper ask is relatively clean and polite in comparison to what an archetypal military man would ask you in real life about someone of the opposite sex. It could have been a lot worse.
    8:57 I always wondered why that was Perrault's voice. I'm surprised you didn't comment on that, SlyCooper. Why would Perrault be present in a court-martial(unless he was subpoenaed) when he should be busy leading the Sand Island base?
    9:37 A gas canister would be at best a small thing to see from the air. Plumes of gas wouldn't necessarily tell you where you would actually need to drop the neutralizer.
    9:51 Add a sin for police officers having to ask that question, WHO ARE SUPPOSED TO KNOW THE LAW, and another sin that police officers, when addressing a criminal emergency, do have some exceptions to the law they can exercise in the performance of their duties.
    11:26 Chopper said his timer unit "needed a nice kick". How do you kick something in the smaller cockpit of a fighter jet? Also, kicking it would likely cause more damage to it than just "tapping" it.
    14:27 You might want to subtract that sin because I can speak from personal experience the "horny level" of MOST military people. That's normal behavior, and not characteristically creepy.
    14:52 You could have added or subtracted another sin for PROPHETIC foreshadowing, but Chopper couldn't have known what would have happened in the future anyway.
    15:46 Apparently there's chain-of-command issues that would render military order completely nonexistent, or the howitzer commander would get his peepee smacked if he disobeyed the orders of a superior in favor of an inferior.
    16:38 Because if you recall, she's the one in command of the squadron after Bartlett. She chooses to fly number two for Blaze, which is a sin because it was in defiance of a lawful order.
    17:12 Because Appelrouth was closer to the sound than where the POV was.
    17:23 Chopper COULD HAVE performed an emergency landing on a highway stretch outside of November City, given how it was demonstrated with Mother Goose One. That way, firefighters could be dispatched to break him out of the cockpit. His FLAPS and his LANDING GEAR wasn't established as something that was too damaged to be used.
    18:09 I would add a sin that in real combat, you don't have time to think about losses until you're out of the battle. Chopper fell and died, but the enemy was still there and it would be a terrible time at best to grieve, never mind retaliate in anger. Not to mention that anger is a double-edged sword that can trip you up. This has always been the Japanese flavor of the power of emotions, but the truly powerful are the ones who can actually CONTROL their emotions.
    19:03 Grimm could have been thinking about other possible alternatives that MIGHT have saved Chopper's life AND the lives of all civilians included, like the one I suggested. You might want to subtract this sin.
    19:11 You might want to consider BVRAAM technology, which is actually from real life. Given Belka, theirs could be impressive to the extent that they would just "appear" out of nowhere. You must subtract a sin for this.
    19:21 Remember that Pops was a Belkan from the old aristocratic persuasion(based on his ACZ assault record). He would be pretty high up when it comes to knowing subject matter, particularly Belkan things. A big somebody as opposed to a little nobody, which the latter was what he was pretending. Another sin you're going to have to subtract.
    19:30 You're sure Perrault wasn't referring to their EMP tech? That would be the one thing that would fry out electronics.
    19:41 Hamilton tipped him off about Pops being a potential enemy, so he needed a weapon to arrest with or defend against. Edit: Also, it's an abuse of due process of law that no warrant was issued for Pops' arrest, and habeas corpus would need to be observed too. Perrault would be in legal hot water and would be doing time in prison just for that alone.
    19:48 I'd figured you'd add a couple of sins for terrible pistol handling, and the fact that a 9mm pistol "recoiled" like a magnum based on this outrageous muzzle rise.
    19:59 Pops probably got a head start the instant the lights shut off, and I don't expect a "big-boned" man like Perrault to be agile enough for an accurate hipfire shot.
    20:09 Stolen valor is a sore subject(I suppose) regarding Osean troops and veterans. But in this context, it was probably a covert agent party to Belka.
    20:19 From all the other sins you highlighted, I'm surprised you weren't comforted that he would be just as incompetent as an enemy. Also, he asked a dopey question about the loyalty of Wardog, as if he's actually going to get the right kind of answer from someone who doesn't even have the authority to say one way or the other. He's just a terribad ABM who shouldn't even be one, let alone an officer, and let more alone an airman in the OADF.
    20:28 I'm sorry, man, but that's a unisex name. Those do exist. Subtract that one, please.
    20:43 It was established they were flying around a volcanic island, but that wouldn't interfere with heat-seeking technology, and a trainer jet is going to emit some heat. Also without countermeasures, a trainer jet wouldn't be able to fool a missile as easily. Having said this, the F-15S/MTD should have such missiles in their standard loadout. Edit: Or they could have used their guns, which require no guidance at all, and a trainer jet isn't going to outmaneuver a veteran ace in a vectored-thrust, canarded F-15.
    21:12 Well, truth is the first casualty in war…
    21:31 His preferred frame the F-14, is a two-seater. He wouldn't be the only pilot, and it could be a guy or gal of any race for all we know.
    21:52 If it's "official" that Wardog were traitors, the Kestrel could have easily gotten rid of them as such, but they chose this alternative. Also, if the Andromeda was a state-of-the-art SIGINT ship, don't you think that Belka would have arranged for its conversion or destruction so that it wouldn't be used against them(because that's how Razgriz was able to get the drop on Belka every time from that point on)?
    22:03 You'd think that alone would have been the beginning of an investigation regarding Belka's involvement in the war, just like how the Soviets aided the Vietnamese and the U.S. aided the Afghans.
    22:27 Let's stop and think of the insurance policy to keep a certain Osean president from escaping by swimming and/or the possibility that Osea would dispatch its own frogmen for a rescue op. It would be a substantial fleet of gunboats.
    22:45 A mission failure doesn't necessarily mean you just pack it up and call it a day. You just mentioned that sin earlier about Yuktobania on White Bird I.
    23:03 Election victories would be memorable moments, unless you think winning the presidential office is an everyday thing.
    24:02 Or a nerdy intellectual who thinks he's smart(maybe he actually is). It's no less cringeworthy in a Poindexter sort of way.
    24:52 Yet the Arkbird had a PLETHORA of redundant systems that allowed it to continue operating, to the extent that it could have accomplished its plan A in spite of what the astronaut did.
    26:00 If we can get a "Call of Duty/Battlefield" spinoff of Ace Combat 5…
    26:54 He was a veteran of the Belkan War.
    27:59 Probably a "royal we" in the context.
    29:35 No, because it kept on flying, which is stupid because if Hamilton did get shot down with a good chute, he would have been able to get back up in Oured Bay with the Belkan aggressors. That would have been his last hurrah.
    29:49 Your spirit stays in the Hadean realm and doesn't come back into the world. Grimm is ignorant of NT Scripture.
    30:04 So I'm to believe that Blaze and Edge wouldn't be like Yellow 13 and Yellow 4 at their favorite Osean pub on their victory night, like how Mission:Impossible movies tend to have as an ending?
    30:23 It's part of the chassis, duh!
    30:31 I think it's because Pops is the de facto custodian of the closed base, which shouldn't last too long because it would be a colossal waste of real estate otherwise. Also, it's unusual that a base would just close the moment the war ended. You'd THINK the unit there would still be continuing their original mission and ease in who or whatever is gaining it.

  23. Sin 108 explanation.

    It was explained in the game that then island had a lot of interference on their systems, which you can see by the radar. Judging from Ashley's (heh heh) response, it's probably messing up their ability to lock on if they try to get in range, so all they could do is follow Wardog.

  24. I figured out Four Horsemen. So your wingmen will call of the attack of the Radars ONLY if you get to the Radar too early. If you time it right and approach it slowly without getting too close before the countdown, you will never run into the sudden halts from your wingmen. I tested this a lot lately and have done this missions several times in a row without having that happen once.

  25. 3:37 I mean, in Ace Combat's world it's a legit question. The drones could be either controlled from a remote location, or driven by an AI.

  26. a sin for not putting a sin at the 4 first mission you have no choice of plane.
    a sin for doing mission 5 and 6 in the F-5E Tiger II.
    a sin for saying cinema sins in a video game.
    a sin for doing Bana city and Apito airport back to back (and the others too).
    a sin for not shooting the TV.
    a sin for not liking four horsemen.
    a sin for being detected by the picket submarines.
    a sin for not putting a sin at the prisoner camp mission for the rescue chopper spawning on AA defenses.
    a sin for not getting hit at all
    a sin for not saying that the Andromeda seems to be the only thing in the whole osea capable of doing its job
    a sin for not cleaning up the map at multiple occasion
    off course its all light hearted
    good stuff

  27. For the Winchester part. Winchester is a military term for saying they're out of ammo in a vehicle. In all, that should have not be a sin.

  28. 14:22 was amazing… or the one in AC4 at the D-Day mission, the stoned HQ. I just love voices which aren't 0815.

  29. It's funny to me that the literal thieves murderers and scumbags of the 444 squadron still act more like actual soldiers than EVERYONE in this fucking game. GOD.

  30. You know what I like a lot about 4 and 7 in comparison to 5 and 0? You're not constantly referred to as a "Demon". The closet you get to that in 4 is that they call you the "Grim Reaper", but other than that, it's "Ribbon". 7, you're "Three Stripes" and at times, similar to Mihay, a "predator". To me, that's far more intimidating than constantly be referred to as a "Demon". It just sounds like its trying too hard. And I feel like in real life, you would be identified and called far more often by whats on your patch, rather than compared to something supernatural.

  31. On sin 3. Who is to say the dead rookies wouldn’t go on to be the most important pilots? It’s because they survived they became so important not the other way around

  32. 25:03 Another sin here.

    Also, Nagase foreshadowing the creation of the Arsenal Birds in Ace Combat 7. They were built by Osea during a time of peace, after the Circum-Pacific War had ended. How ironic that Erusea (or possibly Belka, as they like to stir shit up) would somehow get their hands on the passwords to the state-of-the-art "Birds of Peace" and wreak total havoc on the western Usean continent. I bet Nagase would've been either crying or furious to hear about that news.

    Anyways, foreshadowing.

  33. 16:04 i would remove 4 sins after they make some sense on how not to trust the division hq after all that has happened on their war plan decisions. This 2nd tank battalion leader has some courage too!

  34. Was kinda hoping a sin would be taken off, but the reason why Hamilton being a Major was an issue is because Nagase's crush/idol on Bartlett. Bartlett never made it to Major, its even a kind of tongue in cheek reference in Ace Combat 7 (you get Bartlett's emblem seen as an unlock at the rank of Major in MP)

  35. Everything great about Ace Combat: The Unsung War.

    Whoa, is that Steve Blum playing Bartlett? We're being bossed around by Spike Spiegel. +1 win

    Nagase? As in Reiko Nagase? Nice tie in to the Ridge Racer games, she wants to be an astronaut and here her sister is a fighter pilot. +1 win

    We've seen Nagase before but she gets the starring role in this game. +1 win

    Remember the awesome trailer? Blurry playing near the end? It appears in game. +1 win

    Third mission and Edge shows her waifu chops by being fiercely protective of Blaze. That is, you. +1 win

    Chopper would be great at Gaming Sins. +1 win

    Four Horsemen mission is actually rather cool. You're under Nagase's command and occasionally one of them will mess up and need another run. +1 win

    The last 2-3 minutes of Journey Home. Anyone think the demons actually did take them over? +1 win

    Bartlett, Snow and the Major? This had to be deliberate. +1 win

    Nice touch for Andersen to play that music over the airwaves to demoralize the warmongers. +1 win

    Okay so, check it out. Take the final mission in a Raptor with XLAAs. You can crush the first part in ten seconds. This should not happen as the game bugs out if you do but man do you feel powerful.

    Wins: 11

    Verdict: Remaster

  36. "Samizdat" – Selfpublishing in Russian, same with "Upor" – Emphasis or point blank. They've just used random Russian words. Except of Oka Nieba, it's really a Sky Eye.

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