Waddup, humans? Kurumi here! And welcome to the Mobile Legends Boot Camp! In this video, we are going to talk about
the burst-mage hero, Eudora. Eudora has a good set of area-of-effect, stun,
and burst skills. Our Lightning Sorceress, Eudora, is a mage
hero. I consider Eudora as a burst mage not just
for team fights but for solo killing as well, since her skills can swiftly kill an enemy
with just 1 combo. Not only that, she can also stun an enemy
for more than a second to prolong the target’s agony. Now, let me share some tips and tricks on
how to use Eudora based on my experience. We will also teach you some combos and techniques
on the latter part of this boot camp. But before that, let me explain her skills
one by one for further understanding. Eudora’s passive, Superconductor, lets Eudora’s skills inflict the target with the Superconductor debuff. Upon dealing damage to enemies with Eudora’s
skills, they become inflicted with the Superconductor
debuff. While the enemy has this debuff,
your skills will either deal more damage, or it will have additional effects when casted
to an enemy with Superconductor debuff. The effects depend which skill you will use
while the debuff is in effect. We will tackle on that later on each skills. Eudora’s first skill, Forked Lightning, lets Eudora cast a forked lightning to deal damage to enemies within the fan-shaped area in front of her. Enemies hit by the forked lightning will receive
a certain amount of Magic Damage. When the enemy has the Superconductor debuff
when you used this skill, the damage of this skill will be calculated
with a Magic Defense Reduction, depending on the level of this skill. We will further discuss that later on the
Tips and Tricks section. Eudora’s second skill, Electric Arrow,
lets Eudora strike an enemy with a bolt of lightning. Enemy hit will receive certain amount of Magic
Damage, and will stun the target for a short period. When this skill is used on an enemy under
the Superconductor debuff, then the duration of the stun will be longer. Eudora’s ultimate skill, Thunderstruck,
lets Eudora summon a great storm of lightning. Enemies hit by this skill will receive a massive
amount of Magic Damage. The damage varies on the area-of-effect. The Main target will receive greater damage
than the enemies beside him. When the targets have the Superconductor debuff,
they will receive 15% more damage from this skill. There are so many items that you can buy for
Eudora. You can focus on items that grants Magic Power,
Magic Penetration, and extra Magic Damage on your skill. You can focus on the “Death” build if you
want burst-damage dealing with your skills. You can also focus on Eudoroam” build if you
prefer to be roaming support with your stun, but still deals burst damage that will definitely
erase the target’s existence. But let’s focus on the Kurumi Way further. As for starting item, you might want to consider
Arcane Boots. Arcane Boots grants her additional magic penetration
and movement speed. Magic penetration will make you deal more
damage with your skills. Buying magic items such as Lightning Truncheon,
will help you deal more burst damage. This item gives you magic power, mana, and
cool down reduction. Its unique passive will deal magic damage
to your target, and two other enemies when you use a skill. This unique passive has a short cooldown. You can consider buying Holy Crystal. This item grants a huge amount of Magic Power. Its unique passive increases your Magic Attack
by a percentage. The percentage scales with your level. You also might want to consider Divine Glaive. This item grants magic power. Its unique effect grants a certain percentage
of magic penetration on your skills. In addition, its unique passive grants extra
magic penetration when your HP is above a certain amount. You might want to consider Fleeting Time. This item grants you additional magic power
and cool down reduction. Its unique passive grants your ultimate skill
cool down to be instantly reduced by a certain percentage after an elimination or an assist. Lastly, you can consider Blood Wings. This grants you Magic Power and Health Points. Its unique passive adds health points,
for every points of magic power added to your hero. The additional health points can help you
survive in team fights. the item build for Eudora really depends on the enemy’s line-up. So make sure you read each items’ description so you can adapt in-game. One of the best spells to be used on Eudora is Flameshot. Using this spell will knockback enemies hit,
reduce their movement speed, and will deal certain amount of Magic Damage. This will be helpful specially when enemies
try approaching you. You can also consider Sprint. This grants you additional movement speed
which decays over time. This reduces your time controlled and make
you immune from slowing effects for a short period. This is really helpful to chase enemies or
escape death. In my opinion, the best emblem set to be used
is the Custom Mage Emblem set. Custom Mage Emblem could provide extra stats
according to your needs as a magic damager. Set Agility to its Max level because it can
give you additional Movement Speed. Higher Movement Speed means higher chance
to chase enemies or escape death. Setting Observation to max level will provide
additional magic penetration on your skills. Higher magic penetration deals more magic
damage to enemies. That means, your skills will be more explosive. Get Magic Worship to deal more magic damage
to the enemies. When dealing damage that is more than a certain
percentage of target’s max hp, for 3 times in 5 seconds, the target will
receive a burning effect. This burning effect burns the target for 3
times. This effect has a cool down of 12 seconds. Set first skill to max level first. Prioritizing this makes the base damage of
this skill higher. That means, the enemy will be receiving more
damage. Prioritize second skill less since first skill
is what you need for damage dealing. Always upgrade your ultimate skill when available
for upgrading. Eudora doesn’t have any mobility skills. So for the Kurumi way, we recommend that you
stay behind the team fight, and better pick your spells well since this
can help you survive in team fights. Your skills have a decent range. So with that, you can still cast your skills
even without going inside team fights. Eudora’s passive skill is what you need to
boost your skills’ damage. The lightning indicator above the enemy’s
head shows that the debuff is in effect. Enemies inflicted with the Superconductor
debuff will boost the effects of your next skill. Each of your skills have different effects
when casting skills to enemies with the debuff. If you cast your first skill on targets with
the Superconductor debuff, it will grant additional debuff effect of
Magic Defense reduction along with its damage. If you cast your second skill on a target
with the Superconductor debuff, the stun duration will last longer. Lastly, if you cast your ultimate skill on
enemies with the Superconductor debuff, it will deal more burst damage just enough
to bury their dead bodies in no time. Eudora’s first skill is what you need for
burst damage. The damage of this skill is not something you should underestimate. This skill in the late game could almost tear
off half of the enemy’s health points. You might be confused of this skill’s description
that says it reduces Magic Defense of the target. Well, yes it does reduce the Magic Defense,
but that is only applicable to your first skill’s damage. We will show you what we mean by that. Take a look on the scenario on the left. We will use our second skill then our ultimate skill. Take note of its damage. Now, on the right, let’s use first skill first
then our ultimate skill. As you can see, the damage is just the same
compared with our scenario on the left. That only means that the Magic Defense reduction
is only applicable for the 1st skill’s instance. The one on the left is the damage without
the Superconductor debuff. Now the on the right is the damage with the
Superconductor debuff. As you can see, the Magic Defense reduction
is really only applied to our 1st skill’s damage. Eudora’s second skill is what you need to
stun your target. This is really helpful specially when ganking
other lanes. Depending on your goal at the spur of moment,
you may use your 2nd skill first to stun the enemy, and give them the Superconductor debuff to deal more devastating effects with your other
skills. Or, you can use your other skills or spell
like Flameshot first to give the debuff, then use your 2nd skill for a longer stun
duration. Again, this depends on your goal at the moment
if it’s either you need more damage, or you need longer stun duration. So better practice your play-making decisions
during matches. Eudora’s ultimate skill is what you need to
destroy enemies’ lives. With the super-duper-extreme-burst damage
it deals, 1 hit would definitely make the enemy go back
to his mother’s womb immediately, wishing he was never been born. But in serious a note, this skill is the real
deal. Just make sure to use this skill when the
target has the Superconductor debuff. This is to ensure that your ultimate skill
will deal burst damage to its full potential. Here we go again with our experiments. We will test some scenarios against Eudora’s
extreme-burst combo and skills. As you may have noticed, Eudora’s ultimate
skill takes time before it punishes the enemy. So we will show you heroes that could fearlessly
dodge Eudora’s ultimate skill. First, let’s have Lancelot. Lancelot’s second skill makes him invulnerable
for a short period. With the long wait for the lightning to struck
upon Lancelot, he can still do some clutch plays and dodge
your ultimate skill. Next up, we also have Hayabusa. Let’s see if he can dodge Eudora’s ultimate
skill. As you can see, Hayabusa is also untargettable
while his ultimate skill is ongoing. Next up, we have Ling. Ling’s ultimate skill also makes him untargettable
while it is ongoing. So in short, heroes with skills that makes them untargettable could easily counter Eudora’s ultimate skill, just as long as they use it at the right timing. Next, we have Zhask. We all know that Zhask’s ultimate skill makes
him ride inside his Nightmaric Spawn. Let’s see if it will damage Zhask. As you can see, Zhask and his spawn didn’t receive any damage. So try to avoid using your ultimate skill
when the enemy Zhask haven’t used his ultimate yet. Last but not the least, we have Nana. We all know that Nana’s passive makes her
a cutie-little creature that is untargettable. As you can see, even with our omega-level
destructive combo, Nana could just easily smile and run away. So if even you are against Nana, just make
sure to chase her even after you’ve released your combo. Because you’ll never know if she has her passive
on cool down or not. In terms of her combo, we recommend this combo
to achieve her skills’ damage full potential. Let’s tackle first on the combo during the early game without her ultimate skill. First, use your 2nd skill to stun the target. This will also inflict the Superconductor debuff on them. Then, use your first skill. Because of the Superconductor, the enemy will be inflicted with the Magic Defense Reduction debuff, making your first skill deal more damage. Then, if you have Flameshot, use it to further deal damage to the target. This will ensure that the target will either recall back to base, or dig his own grave by still staying in the lane. Next up, let’s have her combo when she has her ultimate skill. First, use your 2nd skill to stun the target. This will also inflict the Superconductor debuff on
them. Then, use your first skill. Because of the Superconductor, the enemy will be inflicted with the Magic Defense Reduction debuff, making your first skill deal more damage. Then, use your ultimate skill. This will further make the body of your target
turn to dust in no time. Then, if you have Flameshot, use it to ensure
the enemy’s agonizing pain will end swiftly. Then if the enemy is still alive with whatever
reason, you have can deal basic attacks and wait for
your skills to cool down, or better run for your life. Additional Tip:
I know some humans would ask about Eudora’s Mana Problems. Well, guess what. You are a free human to buy mana items such
as Demon Shoes. This is to ensure that your mana doesn’t deplete
easily. Just like on this scenario, because of Mana
Problems, all we can do is just bid farewell to the
enemy and go back as sad as possible. The tips I mentioned are just some of the
ways you can use Eudora. This video just guides you on how to use Eudora,
the Kurumi way. We would like to thank our Wakandian brother,
Rackatan, for being our lab rat for this boot camp. You can search for him in-game and tell him
how much you appreciate him, willing to sacrifice his pride and honor to
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  1. I use the Death build. 😀 And to aid with my mana problems, I build Elegant Gem first. It helps a lot! It's a sub item necessary to build Clock of Destiny (the purple circle if you're not familiar with it). After that, I proceed to building Arcane Boots, then Clock of Destiny. Then proceed to building others. UwU Eudora is my first love in MLBB~ ♡

  2. Hey Kurumi, this is a very helpful video. But we humans are greedy and we want more. Plz make a boot camp on Bane ( the cheapest fighter)

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  4. Well eudora is one of those hero's who deal MASSIVE dmg. Im not really much of a mage user soo😂. but the combo on eudora pretty noice .problem on my is part i usally solo lane XD.

    (Just hope that the enemy does not have Purify spell A BUNDLE of Magic damage 😅)

  5. I think the second skill is more powerful than first one as it stuns and becomes a easy target. But I love kurumi and he's too expert to be doubted.

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