EnVy CS:GO – HyperX Boot Camp

Hey We are in London In the HyperX office and we are doing a boot camp with out EnVy CS team We are now in the HyperX in the new boot camp room which is quite nice and we are here since its the very beginning of our team It’s very exciting it’s important for us to be here right now because It’s the beginning of the team and and we have to set the basics for all the rest of the year Yeah I don’t think a lot of teams actually boot camp nowadays and especially not during the first days of the creation of the team and I think it can be really beneficial all the guys are coming from different teams and they have never played together so we need to give something this week it’s definitely the start of what we want to do it;s about getting to know each other first I think it’s really important that we all get the feel on who we are playing with and yeah it’s been very smooth basically we have a very nice hotel we have all the facilities so We try to stay healthy so we wake up we take breakfast we go to the gym and then we come to the practice room around maybe 11 or something and then we start to speak about the game we chill we try to bring the topics of the day the maps and whatever and then we start playing around 1 or 2pm till 7pm and then we just enjoy the night having dinner and just trying to be together build something we are not only building the team inside of game like we are trying to do some stuff outside of the game and try to be friends and yeah I think it’s good and it’s important It’s very very important for us because we need to feel the chemistry and being on the internet is not enough and if we do that right we will build something amazing I think It’s really cool for HyperX to let us boot camp in their office it’s perfect all the facilities around there are all perfect and they are super kind with us so we are super happy to be there it’s amazing I mean they help us so much to feel comfortable and and it’s really nice to feel surrounded like this then we can just focus on the game and it’s just very nice it’s a very nice bootcamp we are a new team but I think we improved a lot so I am very happy I have to say HyperX has provided a really really really good place to play I think we are all really happy with where we are playing right now

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