Elon Musk SHOCKS the Air Force With His Candid Prediction About The Future

Drones…. (Silence) let’s go back to failure for a
minute and I can never tell if Elon Musk is just completely oblivious to the way
that people receive some of the things he says or if he just truly doesn’t care
at all in this video he’s given a talk with a guy in the Air Force
and he says something that just shocks the guy in the whole audience is shocked
too and we’re gonna watch this and I want to hear your take at the end of it
I want to know do you think he just didn’t realize how that would be
received when he said that or do you think he just truly doesn’t care and
I’ll give you my take at the end too so let’s watch what went down here at this
Air Force talk it’s it’s the the fighter jet era has passed that is it’s just
yeah fighter jet has passed okay those drugs
let’s go back to failure for a minute and and and the mind says that so the guy
tries to keep it together but when the audience kind of erupts he has to make
that smirk on his face just acknowledge how strange of a comment it is so
basically Elon Musk is just saying all their jobs and what they’ve been
training for doing basically their whole life is gone and everything shifting to
drones so do you think Elon Musk that the look on his face after he got that
response it’s all so ambiguous I can’t tell if Elan is surprised and doesn’t
understand why people were laughing and why this guy makes is making this face
or if he’s just like yeah that’s what’s gonna happen I don’t care like he just
truly doesn’t care listen he Elon Musk if I could hang out with one person it
would definitely be him I think he’s incredibly interesting
he runs two of the most important companies on the planet and he’s making
69 jokes on Twitter like he’s not a stress he has to be under a day to day
basis is insane and he still keeps an incredible sense of humor about him and
I can’t tell if he thinks that what he’s doing is so important it argue that is
just Tesla alone is a huge movement for what’s going on you know in the world
and also SpaceX is too I don’t know if he just thinks he’s at such another
level that he thinks using any tact in filtering what he has to say from the
perspectives and the knowledge that he has working in these companies if he
just thinks that so far supersedes the importance to couch statements and worry
about how it’s gonna affect people’s little feelings that could be one thing
or maybe he just doesn’t understand how he said some things in the past that are
just very strange that have indicated to me that it doesn’t necessarily always
understand how they sleep so what do you think in the comments below let me know
do you think that he is oblivious to the way the things are see like when he said
that do you think he was not expecting the audience to have that kind of
surprised reaction or do you think he just doesn’t care at all he did an
interview about a year back where he’s acting kind of odd and agitated and I
analyzed what he’s saying it’s gonna give a little more clarity on this whole
kind of debate between does he realize what he’s doing if you want to watch
that video you can click here and I’ll walk you through that now

100 thoughts on “Elon Musk SHOCKS the Air Force With His Candid Prediction About The Future

  1. I think he doesn't care cause what he thinks in his mind is the truth. Self driving car? Hey he made it happen. Just a matter of time. There are already drone strikes used in military.

  2. nah you dont get it, he has the typical obliviousness of the average aspy techguy, that is all.
    People in silicon valley and germany are the same and they are average joes.

  3. Its not that he doesnt care or that hes 100% precalculating his cold bluntness, just a little 'tism.

    Jokes aside: he was a really smart kid who probably didnt have many friends cause he was sheltered so his understanding of social interaction is formed extraordinarily. Thus his prepared social media like tweets is always smashing but his on demand social interaction leaves a bit to be desired and in its place is the raw information hes compiled on said subject pours out. But im not joking hes prolly on the spectrum.

  4. Its not strange just because you dont comprehend it. Its just not public knowledge jet engines are cheap but ancient tech that you could say, is already perhaps only still relevant because of that.

    Its moving to almost a century since they met their first mass production. A lot of the legit sightings for odd craft, probably aren't aliens. They probably aren't cheap either.

  5. Because the human default is to assume an insult, react then maybe logically analysis the statement.
    As social beings we're wired for group acceptance.

  6. I allows noticed how smart and logical people tend to lack social awareness, Elon Musk is not an exception.

  7. I would say, it is just matter of calculation. So that's why he knows he is right. Machine with man insight it is simply to limited by our fragileness. So it is obvious that a next step would be machines without that limit..

  8. Imho, Elon is at such a high level and plain of thought that it makes me think he has ascended to the level of the Great Old Ones! 😀

  9. Elon doesn't care about impressing this guy or audience, he cares about the Truth

    Such a bad video, dislike from me

  10. Thing about Musk is during that talk, he's designing improvements to the starship or hes thinking up a new design. Hes in several places at once.

  11. Elon is more concerned about telling the truth than he is about saying what people want to hear or what he thinks will be most commonly accepted.

    I admire his direct, unadulterated approach.

  12. He is simply stating a fact in his mind, the mimic in his face suggest to me that he is thinking and processing the content, he is pulling together the full picture. Elon always says what is up in his mind, and like myself tends to get nervous in a crowd, it then becomes more difficult to filter it up as you are pressured to talk. Surely Baron you can make a video about that. That is why he has no rhythm in his talking too, his lymbic system is always full on and he has difficulties expressing himself while he is thinking.

  13. Elon is oblivious to nothing for one, I think the ones laughing and the host are oblivious …..to exactly how much smarter he is than 97 percent of the world.

  14. Drones won't replace manned fighter jets. As long as an electronic jammer aircraft is in the air (EA-18G), drones would easily be jammed and disabled

  15. He cares. How could not telling the truth as he sees it ever actually benefit another person?
    I'm sure there's more behind his decision making like putting his answers in a perspective that the receiver can best understand ect.
    How would a reaction from Elon have helped?

  16. I think it was a will of ego. If you look at the conversation each one was looking towards the audience just to break rapport and change tactics and change directions to have an edge.

  17. Elon is a gaslighter in that, he has the ulimate belief in what he says, and knows it will light the match. AND he just doesnt care. Well, I think he cares a little only because he gets a slight kick out of the effect of his poignant truth.

  18. I think he cares, but doesn't realize that people are still naive enough to think they are not going to lose their jobs…sorry but A.I. is here already.

  19. Elon has clarity of vision and just like landing rockets, electric cars and online banking, he's right. So laugh it up fly-bois, fighter jets ARE the past. Everyone knows this. 🤓👍

  20. AirForce man was making the face to show disapproval to the audience for laughing, not at Musk. You may disagree, but then you'll realize that neither of us can prove the other wrong. This means that we can't really know what truly happened here– yet you say you know with such conviction. If there's a true lesson to be given on confidence and persuasion, it's how you managed to build a channel off making shit up and saying it like you're SUPER SURE. Congrats.

  21. It wasnt about what Elon said, it was about the guy following up what he said with the word failure because failure doesnt equate with Elon. You had it totally wrong.

  22. You missed the joke. Air force was very critical about Elon smoking pot at Joe Rogan show. The part which was the triggering was drugs and it was more of a joke on his own behalf… That is my take.

  23. He IS on the autism spectrum, like for real, I reckon he us sort of oblivious but also doesn't really care anyway

  24. This is already states in the official US doctrine. Its public so yor can dowload it. Nothing controversial att all.

    He probably makes that face bacause its old news. Also, who do your think fly, maintain and service the drones?

  25. what a socially inept commentary buddy looked at the crowd cause they laughed about him saying lets talk about failure

  26. It’s not that he’s just so smart, he’s just ahead of the curve & sees what others can’t. Elon has the data so see the future.

  27. Elon is among the most important creators on the planet. Elon does – not have time to coach language to make others feel comfortable. Elon is dead on accurate that fighters are ridiculous in this day, when drones can do every a fighter can do at 1/10the the cost.

  28. He is eccentric. But, he is a futuristic thinker. He can envision the meshing of current, emerging, and future technologies. So, he doesn't care what people think. He wouldn't be where he is today if he did.

  29. Some people can’t handle the truth lol. You can’t be oversensitive about people’s insecurities. They need to find out sooner or later. They should already know drones will take over. It would be stupid to have a fighter jet pilot fight against a high tech weaponized drone and risk his own life 🤦‍♂️

  30. I mean everyone knows that and thinks about it… But having THE BALLS to say it IN FRONT of a airforce commander is a totally different thing

  31. It’s not that he is a genius ahead of time…it’s just that we, normal people, can not comprehend beyond the “now”. In other word, we are dumb as shit to understand what he is thinking.

  32. Love Elon Musk! He's a genius, and he doesn't care what people think of his comments. That's why he's successful.

  33. His mars placement is in uranus, these people are inventors and live in their mind, ideas, are very original and unusual. He is so much in his own world that he doesn't even bother about trying to fit in the outside world

  34. But, do you think he's wrong? Drones offer a lower downside with the same upside of a fighter jet. Not today but in 10 years time, Tesla fighter drones. For sure.

  35. Well it was many years ago they said that the last manned x-plane had already been flying (true or not?) so I don't even see his statement as controversial and it should definitely not come as a surprise to anyone unless you slept in a cave the last twenty years or so.

  36. I think he’s working at a higher level and doesn’t care if we don’t get it. And he’s probably right!

  37. He meant what he said and doesn't care about their reaction. He is a genius in my view. Definitely on another level.

  38. He speaks as if he has as Asperger’s,. He speaks his truth whether you like it on not. He’s impervious that facts might cause emotions.

  39. He said the truth. He said the truth to a room full of adults. What's the big deal? Why would you beat around the bush when talking about a topic as big as the military?

  40. im still waiting for the day when elon musk creates ‘Musk industries’ and admits to the general public during an interview and says; “I am IronMan”

  41. I don't get why this is controversial. He said the truth everyone and their mother knows drones and remote piloting planes are the future. Not even the future, it's happening right now. That's why he looked surprised that anyone would be surprised.

  42. He doesn’t care. He is telling the truth. People just don’t want to accept it. You can ignore the truth but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring the truth. The only thing that was missing from his statement was “du-uh!”

  43. Just says how he thinks. He thinks drones will more important and cost effective warfare. Which is kinda true, training humans takes time and costs money, having still larger chance in flight incidents. Still doesnt mean humans will be out of job just doing different role.

  44. They laughed at the army officer face because when he said let’s talk about failure just after Elon’s comments it was like comic timing implying the air forced have failed . Nothing to do with Elon’s comment .

  45. I did not get the laugh actually, because what Elon Musk said was just completely obvious. Like why don't everybody else already know this? I think if you are a geek, a lot of what Elon Musk says makes total sense. I would have said much the same stuff myself. I am not half has smart as Elon Musk, but I am a guy with interest in science and technology and Elon Musk's behavior mostly makes total sense to me.

    To me he just acts like an honest geek with humor. Maybe it is also a cultural difference. Americans have a tendency to wrap up everything and sugar coat it. Elon Musk is not from the US and may feel different about it. I certainly do. I have had problems repeatedly with Americans thinking I was being rude, when really I was just speaking matter of factly.

  46. Is it surprising that some would balk at hearing it? People have always been resistant to change. Some countries were still trying to fight with cavalry when the tanks rolled out in WWII.

    Swift: "That when a great man is born into the world you can tell it by this invariable rule; all the fools are in league against him"

  47. He is just logic! He tells it like it is, so if you don't get it I cannot help you! He tells the audience it is time to realize how the future will be, which means prepare for your destiny.

  48. I think he was just oblivious to the fact that he's suggesting everyone's job's will be taken away by drones. He's right of course, but he didn't think of the social consequences of saying that. I think with social skills, elon is very weak. He didn't think that far ahead. His brains has stacked too many points in logic.

  49. Well What happens when a jet fly's into a dimensional the ivisible port hole. Which then puts the pilot lessons n a hyperloop. Back the n time continuously round and round. Until space time decides to let him out. Effectively it vanishes. But the pilot experiences over and over. Born back to the beginning and back. To that point. A drone from the future then would be sent in to bring him back. Nieghther able to see the other until a moment of singularity. Which by that time will be artificially controlled.

  50. He has ASD as do I. It’s just obvious logic, cold & clear. NTs will get there eventually. Guns & bombs have had their day. It’s nano tech & DNA weapons. Such a direct & unprecedented targeting capability. Human response will just hinder.

  51. Shocks them and helps them with his satellites. Meh.

    Military -> Puppet -> Musk -> Cult of personality-> Netizens -> Buy more shit.

    Automated everything. Cars. Robots. Soldiers. Airplanes.

    Humans can just die.

  52. I think it's all calculated. He has to care because it's his business to care. He's also a business man. If you keep people's expectations low by seeming aloof and keep them wondering about you (George W. Bush is an expert in this), and make extreme statements (Donald Trump is an expert in this), they stay interested in you and therefore your business, whether or not they agree with you.

  53. This cut doesn’t provide enough of the prelude, but Elon doesn’t waste time with small talk, or make statements to achieve an effect. He delivers his mind with few filters other than fact, accuracy and logical wisdom. He’s always within context of the interview or situation, and certainly does not try to win points with personality.

    This whole interview was fantastic, and is really worth listening to with so many gems.

  54. He said the fighter jet era has passed – it's drones
    That's true. Why spend hundreds of millions on super advanced fighter tech and Pilots as well as risk the latters lives if you can just arm a Drone for a couple hundred thousands to a couple millions? More and more governments will come to the realization until fighter jets are utterly obsolete, a waste of money and unnecessary risk of lives.

  55. The crowd reaction to failure is kinda stupid, he is working on alot of new technology all at once, of course there's going to be failure.
    Dont see them landing rocket boosters on tiny barges at sea, while fixing power grid problems around the world while running a car company while launching global internet while playing with flame throwers. Quite a large space for failure there or possibly a super villain.

  56. i think both of them have no idea whats actually question was about..hahaha..
    but for me it feels like they are gonna talk about eluns dreams failure

  57. well. he basically made starlink, and knows now you can control jet planes with ultra low latency using starlink sattelites. this means 10ms latency to any drone strike anywhere from US, and <1 ms latency to any drone strike if you are on a "control outpost" close to the strike zone (like, within 1000km, which means the same sattelite can control the drone and connect you)

  58. ……….when we run into moments where someone's comments allow us to get a glimpse beyond the horizon it's priceless…….

  59. Since they still need to sell “fighter jets” obviously they can’t take him seriously or sales maybe negatively impacted. (Weapons deals are lucrative) and you want the buyer to “think” everything is top of line….

  60. Elon Musk is highly intelligent. It's not him being awkward or weird it's just him on another level of thinking than most people. I doesn't bothers him at all if people are laughing at him.

  61. He wants to provoke out of typical asd but could also be just honest opinion that he realizes to be perceived not as he intended thus have to think really hard why that is. I do it all the time but have learned by trial and error

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