Electric shocks and iron rods: Kashmiri man describes alleged abuse at hands of Indian army

-I was sleeping at home when, around 12:45 a.m. someone came and asked for me. I came out and saw it was the village caretaker. He said, “The soldiers are calling you.” As soon as they saw me, they started beating me. They didn’t question me — just started beating. For around 20 minutes, they beat me continuously. After that, they asked if I was a stone pelter. They beat me so much that I fainted. When I was unconscious, they gave me electric shocks. They brought us back to consciousness with that. When I regained consciousness, they beat me again. They said, “Unless you give the name of one stone pelter, we won’t let you live.” Every time we fainted, they would give us shocks. They had sticks, iron rods, and guns with which they beat us. “Hospital record.” “Physical torture by Army. Trauma to hand, forehead. Multiple abrasions back of leg. Nail avulsion. Vomiting x3 episodes.” -Why are they unleashing these atrocities on us? What crime have we committed? What is our sin? They say they are here for the security of the Kashmiri people, but instead they are spreading terror, and then they call us terrorists. Why are they doing this? What crime have we committed? They don’t have any evidence. Why are they torturing us?

35 thoughts on “Electric shocks and iron rods: Kashmiri man describes alleged abuse at hands of Indian army

  1. If they were that evil, he wouldn't be alive, unlike Islam which is a hatred filled death cult
    gazwa e hind
    Kaafirs hatred
    Jewish hatred
    Raping children calling it marriage
    It is a barbaric religion

  2. No surprise. This is the true color of RSS which Modi belongs to. RSS during Hitler time was a big fan of Hitler's atrocities against Jews. (I dont know Netanyahu ever read the books of RSS ideologue)

  3. If it is true that he was tortured then why he is not complained to human rights commision against the jammu and kashmir government.

  4. RSS is true terrorist , I wonder who long so called liberals and human rights will raise Kashmir voice. This is a question mark for all of us and so called human world leaders.

  5. Thanks WP for showing the mirror to world's largest majoritarian gang .Now I expect many sadistic Indians to relish these images as a vulture feasts on dead.

  6. This isn't going to help GOI to create consensus among Kashmiris living in India. The soldiers need to restraint. This is only creating reputational issues to India. Pakistan is irrelevant in the world, but we are strong and respected because of democracy and open society. People should have voice to express to whatever they want to say but just because they say nonsense doesn't mean GOI or people of India have to accept it in fact GOI should have platform to bring them and let them dissent and allow other supporters to counter them..

  7. So sorry we Indian ..do not like such behaviour by armed forces….fascist Modi..boycott in the state election in Haryana and Delhi

  8. Where is the location ? South Kashmir ? That’s very specific! Why can’t you show the face of the person talking ? Is he a coward or paid actor ? Things like these account for propaganda.. don’t get me wrong I personally feel that India should lift Curfew it’s been too long.. stupid videos like this without data and evidence is loss for you only.

  9. In Mobile's picture gallery there is a option of 'DETAILS' of each picture in which you can found DATE and TIME when that specific picture was clicked…so use it next time for proving your video is genuine

  10. Time to drive the Islamic terrorists out from our lands. And there’s nothing the WaPo, the US or Pakistan can do about it. 🖕

  11. Pakistan illegally occupies a part of the state. It's obligatory on the part of the international community to force Pakistan to vacate the land.

  12. Look Washington Post wake up. China a strong ally of Israelis is busy liquidating Muslims and no one speaks. India is a great secular democracy of 1.4 billion people and you condemn her falsely. India is also more powerful militarily than a strongly Jewish supported China but yet India a great civilization does not behave like the Communist Chinese. Yes we have to liberate our territory POK.

  13. It is hard to understand the agenda from The ancient times irrelevant thoughts they think they are superitist and best high quality products on earth They are inhuman spreading hate in the world. They can't Hide the truth.

  14. People are bribed, forces threaten to tell lies. why on earth Armz would call him . is he that famous? this is BS. LIE WHEN IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA IS DICTAT NOW FROM THE ISI

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