ELD Driver Training

Hi welcome to the KeepTruckin system
training for drivers my name is Breanna and I’m going to be your account manager
today walking you through this presentation as well as the slide slide
deck as well as this phone screen share but I’ll also be using to walk through
the KeepTruckin app alive with live examples so what I want to also preface
with is if you are familiar with the heat truckin app feel free to fast
forward this video to only the items that pertain to you otherwise you can
follow along and I hope you find this helpful and enjoying ok so the first
thing I want to go over is if you would like to see a full video of the basic
overview of our system you can go to our YouTube channel and view the KeepTruckin electronic logbook app video so before
you drive what I want to go over is how to download the KeepTruckin app if
you’re using an Android device make sure that you go to the Google Play Store to
download the app otherwise if you’re using an Apple device like an iPhone or
iPad you can download the KeepTruckin app on the Apple App Store so I’m going
to go to my Google Play Store on my phone since I’m using an Android phone
I’m going to go ahead and search for the KeepTruckin app and look at that it’s
already found I must have already searched for it
it’ll look like this with a KT symbol and then I will click install what you
want to make sure is well while it’s installing what you want to make sure
you’re using an iPhone or an own or a tablet that has Bluetooth capability
that way it will be able to connect to the eld in your vehicle and you’ll be
able to use the electronic logbook make sure you have enough storage on your
phone as well or tablet in order for the key truck and app to have room to load
on your phone great it’s downloaded I’m going to go
ahead and click open and KeepTruckin is going to pop up and
it’s going to ask me to sign up or log in here I went and installed it I want
to also make sure I’m updating my app as much as I can so if you have automatic
updates on your phone make sure you set that up you can also view if we have
updates if you look in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and we’ll
say update you just tap update otherwise it’s not a very you know important issue
to focus on should be fine so I’m going to go ahead and log in since I already
know my login credentials if you don’t know your login credentials ask your
fleet manager if they set an account up for you or if they haven’t you can go
ahead and click sign up and that’ll allow you to enter in all the pertinent
information and connect to your company but I will first just go ahead and show
you I’m going to log in and here it’s asking for my credentials I know my user
name is demo2 you can follow along with me if you’d like using your own login
credentials otherwise just watch mine then once that’s done you click Submit
this is a warning window that is telling me to make sure I’m not logged in with
any other devices so if you know you’re logged in with any other devices make
sure you log out before logging into another device I’m going to go ahead and
continue anyway just for the sake of this demo yes so you should see this
screen welcome back or recurrent we’re
preparing your logs and now I’m on my main log screen the next step would be
to make sure the ELB is now installed in your vehicle so once you’re logged in
and you have this main log screen you’ll need to make sure that before you
connect to a vehicle you’ll need to make sure that the eld is actually plugged in
with power so following these instructions make sure you locate the
Diagnostics or in your vehicle these are some
typical places that will trucks have their diagnostic ports and you’ll be
using the cables provided in the boxes the île these came in to plug into your
vehicle typically the cables we send are these
types where there are six pins nine 10 or obd2 for lighter medium duty vehicles
if you have an old newer Mac truck or Volvo truck those will also require
different cables and those are separate instructions you can find on our website
in the support center so once you take those cables out of the box and the alb
you’ll plug the six pin or nine pin or obd2 into the diagnostic port and you’ll
plug the other end of the cable into the eld itself so this 15 pin connector is
going to plug directly into the eld and you’ll make sure that to screw these
knobs to make sure they’re nice and tight once you plug those in you should
immediately see lights flashing on the eld
if you don’t see those there’s something wrong and you need to make sure you
plugged it in correctly what you should see is after about a minute or so the
left side indicator light will turn green this indicates a successful GPS
connection if it doesn’t happen make sure you move the ELB on the dashboard
of your vehicle to where it’s exposed more to the sky or if you’re in a
warehouse maybe come out of the warehouse and make sure you’re outside
with your vehicle lastly choose a spot on the dash to where you want to mount
the eld so it has that green GPS light you can also use the velcro the velcro
stickers that are on the bottom of the eld or the peel off stickers to mount on
the dash securely so it won’t move around while you drive we also provide
the alcohol swabs in the Box themselves for you to clean the mounting area all
right so it’s connected it’s got one green light and should have one red
on the right that means the VL do you have power to it so the next thing we
want to do is we want to go back to our app and we want to make sure that we see
our app right here and notice on my top right hand corner it says current
vehicle no vehicle what I’ll need to do is I’ll tap on that to connect to my
vehicle’s ELB after you tap on a list of your company’s vehicles will appear so
make sure you select the one that you are in right now I’m in my 2014
Peterbilt so I’m going to select V 3088 because that’s my truck number and make
sure once if it’s your first time using the eld and the electronic logbook that
you allow KeepTruckin the access to your phone’s location I’m going to go
ahead and just allow permissions in my Android device and your iPhone or iPad
it could be also in the settings as well and location I’m also going to allow
camera and storage in case I want to take pictures in the app and send to my
fleet manager I’ll go over that later in the video I’m going to go back to my
home screen and go back to the Keeptruckin app great so I have a lot of
permissions and look at that I’m connected to the eld so the green LD
symbol and current vehicle is my vehicle 3088 that happened all through bluetooth
and i want to show you how that happens so I’m going to first disconnect again
by selecting a vehicle and pressing leave vehicle so I sever the Bluetooth
connection and now I want to walk you through again how that was done so I
follow step 1 I go to my vehicle select my vehicle and notice that there’s two
blue arrows that are flashing it’s trying to connect to my ELB via
bluetooth once it’s connected it will show that
green symbol again here’s that same window we were talking about and now
here’s that green symbol for the current vehicle that we were talking about as
well and that’s what we see here the last step to also ensure is on your eld
you want to make sure that other side light turns green as well so you have
two green lights the left side like I said before was for the GPS and the
right side will be the mobile device connection so the Bluetooth connection
if those are both green you’re ready to drive and it will be automatically
recorded to the key to the eld so you’re ready to drive now you’re going to start
your day what you’ll see next is once I start moving the vehicle over five miles
per hour the eld screen will kick me into motion and it will begin recording
drive time let me show that to you now so here’s my app I’ve been on duty for
quite some time today but now I’m going to start driving after I’ve been in
sleeper for a while all I do is I leave my app I don’t even have to touch it I
just got to make sure that I’m connected with my eld all I do is I start driving
I click my depress the gas pedal and as soon as three consecutive seconds come
by right here I’m in motion and I have two hours and 33 minutes left to drive
before I’ve come into a violation notice this Dot up here that says in motion and
this Duty status down here that says I’m driving with a green circle and this
lock symbol this lock symbol will not allow me to click out of a screen
because I cannot change my duty status long driving another unique feature is
on this screen is you can select night mode this little moon down here and that
will just darken the screen so it’s not super bright at nighttime
let’s leave it on that so now let’s say I arrive at my location I’m here at the
destination I’m ready to unload so I let off on the gas I’m coming up to the port
after three or so seconds so the vehicle being stationary the screen will change
to stationary and now that lock symbol goes away I’m able to now change my duty
status so I click into here where it says driving and I select one of the
three duty statuses either off-duty sleeper berth or on-duty now let’s say I
go back and I don’t change my duty status I’m still on a stationary screen
because I’m still in my truck let’s say I instead and not a stoplight or I’m in
heavy traffic if this remains stationary for more than five minutes a pop-up
window will appear asking if you’re still driving this window right here
what says do you want to continue driving or change your duty status after
five minutes that will pop up and this the driver selects continue driving and
nothing will happen it will just continue the driving mode if you change
your duty status you can change it back to one of the three off-duty sleeper
berths you’re on duty but if you do nothing the eld will take a minute for
you to answer and if you don’t choose anything it’ll automatically put you two
on duty so I’m going to go ahead and change my duty status I’m here at the
port I’m going to go ahead and go in and say I’m on duty and safe so now you can see all my log graphs
that I went from sleeper berths to jump down here to driving and then on duty
and let me open that up for you so you see that more clearly so I’m going to
select Friday and here you can see my log graph it looks like I just went
straight to on duty but if you scroll down you can see all the line items for
all the duty status changes and you can see I went from seven hours of being in
the sleeper to then driving for 56 seconds to then now I’m on duty so now
if we go back you can see that you can also change your duty status while
you’re not driving obviously and you can change it to one of the three off duty
sleeper or on duty notice you cannot change your duty status to driving
manually and that is due to the eld automatically recording drive time once
your LD enabled and once you’re connected to the eld
your locations will automatically populate based on what the eld is gps is
noting cancel because i don’t want to save it you can also add notes in your
duty status change so if I go back and maybe I forgot to add the note that this
is my post trip or pre trip I can write that in there and we have automatic Duty
set we have automatic note inputs that you can probably choose from and then I
click Save oh then I select on duty yet select a duty status and then I click
Save and if I go back into my log it’s kind of hard to see on the line graph
and I scroll all the way down notice that the note was added great let’s say I forgot to add a duty status
earlier today what I can do is I can insert a past duty status so let’s say
on my log I took a lunch in between my sleepers this isn’t your typical drivers
log but we’ll go with it so what I’ll do is instead of editing that whole sleeper
time I’ll simply click this button down here that says insert past duty status here all these options give me things to
do on my log I’ll go ahead and click insert past duty status with the
scissors okay it shows me these flags notice they’re
red right now because they’re overlapping drive time so now they’re
black and now I’m not overlapping drive time right here that’s where the drive
time knows earlier for me today notice you can’t insert a past duty status to
where it overlaps on drive time because you can’t tamper with drive time on an
electronic LD log so I took a lunch I naps took a lunch and napped again I’m
going to slide these sliders to where I want to put a half-hour lunch what I
suggest is these are typically sensitive they go minute by minute what I suggest
is clicking on these start and end times and editing them to where you can do it
more precisely rather than having to struggle and slide the flags I’ll click
done for start and end time I’ll choose 12 because that’s when I took my lunch
and now you can see their exact and I’ll select off-duty my location should be
populating there let’s say I was in a different city earlier in the day I can
either auto populate it or I can manually edit the city and say I was
in San Jose earlier and I had lunch great if I click Save now it’s added in
between my sleepers and you can notice on the log or the line graph changed same as what it says I went over here
you can select the duty status the location and a notes as well as start
and start and end times some other special duty statuses we allow drivers
to do are called personal conveyance these Duty statuses are categorized
drive times that don’t contribute to line three
so for personal conveyance that is considered off-duty driving and I can
show you on my phone’s app so go back to the main log screen and let’s say I want
to go back to my home at the end of the day because I own my own truck and I’m
allowed to do that or let’s say that I want to go out to a restaurant
in between my my shifts or my cycles and I need to use my my truck in order to
get me there but it’s considered not on duty time however the eld will record
every time the trucks move so in order to get around that will allow drivers to
use what we call personal conveyance so off duty driving and that is shown here
so if you go to your duty status and you select off-duty you can then check this
box that says enable personal conveyance when you check that box and you click
Save all drive time will be considered personal conveyance after that I notice
this green banner here that signals that you did enable personal conveyance
there’s a second duty status that we consider special driving and that’s
called yard move yard move is also similar in that it’s
not recorded on line threes it’s recorded as line four on duty driving
and that’s usually used when drivers want to go to a loading dock or have to
move their truck around the port where they’re not actually on a highway
recording drive time instead of the little movements needed around a yard or
a loading port they can categorize this as on-duty driving and to do that it’s
the same as personal conveyance and I’m going to go ahead and disable to show
you that yes and I’ll select my duty status and I’ll click on duty and enable
yard move the same box and I’ll click Save and notice the same green banner
but it says yard move enabled so when I start driving under these special Duty
statuses notice that it will show the driving screen but the driving screen
will look a little different and let me show you how that looks like so I have
yard moves enabled I’m going to go ahead and start driving now so I have my gas
pedal depressed it’s in motion and I’m in the driving lock screen I can’t click
out of it and it says yard move there’s no countdown clock because there’s no
limit to line 3 Drive it only limit to line 3 driving but not for yard move or
personal conveyance and it’s recorded it’s on duty time but notice we do
represent it with a little green circle so it denotes that it was an on-duty
status but it contained driving and I will show up in your logs as well as
your fleet managers dashboard I’ll go ahead and stop and it should go back to stationary as
soon as it sense that stopped and I’ll go ahead and change my duty status back
to regular on duty time without checking that box great notice and the slide deck
here that whenever I use a special duty status it’s hard to see but this bottom
line right here it’s a dotted line so even though it’s an on duty duty status
it’s not a solid line because it was a driving event and that’s an indicator
for you as well as your fleet manager to see exactly what Duty statuses were used
and if for what reason you can have notes as well the other feature I’d like
to show everyone is the clock section this is a useful tool for drivers and
fleet managers on the dashboard to see how much time the drivers have used
throughout their day and how much lift is in their cycle times today as well as
the following days so if I click on this icon that says clocks it’ll stay at the
top my cycle rule that I’m on I’m on 70 our eighth day for USA it’s live updated
so it takes into account all my Duty statuses throughout the day and I have 7
hours and 48 minutes left till I need to take a 30 minute break here it shows I
only have 2 hours and 20 minutes left till I need to stop driving for the day
this shift clock shows me how much hour how many hours I have left till my
14-hour window is done for the day and this cycle clock is how many hours I
have left in my cycle for the week here are some recap pages this may not be
updated because I think I’ve worked more than 36 minutes today
but I guess I might not have this gives a lot of useful information how many
hours I have available today I’ve worked an hour and 58 minutes today and I have
68 left in my cycle for tomorrow so that’s another useful menu next what I
want to show is how to create a Dvir a vehicle inspection report I’ll go ahead
and click into my Wednesday’s log because notice there’s no Dvir for this
day my Thursday and Friday logs show defects that means I’ve done my deep my
vehicle inspection report and I’ve reported to defects for both days but I
want to show you how to first create one so I’ll go to Wednesday’s just for an
example what I’ll do is it shows me those sections up here it says log form
sign and Dvir and I’ll go ahead and select Dvir at the
top right and then click this plus button at the bottom to create one I’ll
fill out the required fields location odometers and then I’ll tap on vehicles
and these should all be automatically populated if you’re connected to the eld
mine should be right now but I’ll go ahead and just manually input it for now
but it should be automatic and then I’ll go around and do my pre trip if I notice
any defects with my vehicle or my trailer I have my trailers here I can go
ahead and click the list that says add remove defects I can then scroll through
the lists that we have here pre-loaded pretty extensive and if I find the ones
that do have B defects I can click the checkbox and I can put codes in and
comments then I can click done and once those are
all finished it’ll default if there’s no defects found I can click sign and I
read through this I say whether my defects need to be corrected or not
corrected and I click sign DVR it already saves my signature once I first
sign my app and I click done then save and there it is my DV IRS input on my
Wednesday March 15th log it shows when I signed that time might be wrong but it
should show when you sign a lot of the Dvir
any defects as well as if I’d signed it or not I can edit it and I can also
delete it I’ll go ahead and show you now the sign section of the log so we have
logs form sign and DV IRS I’ll go and sign my complete log because let’s say
I’m done for the day it’s already preloaded my signature and I’ve already
signed my log I just click sign it’s saved right here sign log save to finish
great so those are the basics of getting started with the log book pretty simple
and straightforward some other useful tools I want to show you is when you can
find errors in your logs I don’t have any in my log right now I might but it
doesn’t look like I do it will be a clear notification with an exclamation
mark at the top right hand corner of each log and if you click in onto the
log it’ll show the red mark where it’s wrong here notice this driver has a
30-minute break required that wasn’t met so it will show you the section where
that started to be a violation as well as whether you had four
manner errors let’s say you forgot to put in the distance or you forgot to put
in the shipping documents the eld should automatically populate the distance
section but for documents you’ll need to make sure you input that at least once
to make sure that that’s automatically being filled for every day until you
change it notice on my log if I go to Friday and I go to forum I have none in
my shipping documents because I technically don’t have shipping
documents so it will automatically populate that every time I open my app
unless I change it excuse the add another useful tool is I’m going to go
back out when your fleet manager looks at your logs coming in on a daily basis
and they notice that you may have a 30-minute break violation or a driving
violation or a sleeper berth violation they’ll be able to edit your log and
send that edit to you and these are called blog edit suggestions and you’ll
see those as a little banner at the top right when you open your app and it will
say who’s created it and when what you’ll do is you’ll select that log at
its suggestion and it will bring into this page where it shows edited log and
current log and you’ll be able to toggle between the two to see where the change
was made based on your original log and you can either accept the edit or reject
it another useful tool is notifications you can go on to your log settings and
set notifications to where you can be alerted in your phone when you are
approaching a violation so if I navigate there and show you on my app I’ll go to
settings notifications and here I can choose one to receive push notifications
so those are also my settings in my phone I have to set up two in the app I
can choose that never have them 15 minutes before 3045
there are some choices you have there to alert you while you’re driving or while
you’re on your shift to say hey you’re approaching a 14-hour shift violation in
45 minutes and I’ll help you avoid those violations hopefully in the future I can
save that and make sure I get those on my phone again exactly what I went over
another important tool that every driver should know is called the d-o-t
inspection mode feature so I’m going to go back to my logs menu and here where
it says DoD inspection mode I’m going to select that and it’s going to bring me
to this screen that says the OSI inspection mode begin inspection I can
begin the inspection and when I do click that notice on my logs it shows my
current day as if it was a normal paper log so it shows the line graph all the
necessary form and manner my recap clocks my duty status changes each one
for the time it was duration location as well as notes and down here my odometer
readings for every driving event I had and if I scroll down more it’ll also
include my Dvir reports if I have them and my signatures are included and the
driver and the officer what they’ll do is the driver will hand this to the
officer and the officer can scroll through on the drivers phone and look
through each day’s log Thursdays Wednesdays up to 14 days in the past
that’s what that’s the amount of logs that we keep on the drivers mobile app drivers can also send logs to officers
or if they require that they can just send them and they can either by fax or
email the logs to whoever is requesting the logs and notice that there’s also some legal
text down here that explains how our LD and our logbook are completely compliant
it just helps with the drivers if they’re getting any friction from
officers to have them read these paragraphs and actually reference the
exact FMCSA ruling another note is that they are not required to hardcopy print
out the logs if an enforcement official requires that a lot of officers may not
be trained yet on the LD mandate itself so we just want to make sure we protect
some of our drivers and allow them to have the ability to send their logs and
be compliant so going off of G ot inspection mode screen the drivers not
only need to be able to produce their logs in a way that officers can see and
read those logs but they’ll also need to contain in their vehicle what came in
the LD box itself and there are three things that came in the box and that’s
the getting started booklet you probably had this in the box and it was a how
many pages are they 39 page booklet that has a cover of this on the front this is
a getting started LD manual that they’ll need to keep in their BA and their in
their truck at all times the second one is a do t reference card this is a
two-sided laminated card that is used for d-o-t inspection modes if an officer
requires this card this is what they’ll also hand them it’s an instruction sheet
of how the data is transferred between the eld the mobile app and the
information that is contained there and the last one is the eld malfunction
manual this is also included in the box so that each eld comes in this is this
that uld malfunctions there’s instructions for the drivers on how to
go about their day doing that so the lights are not on what to do if it’s
still malfunctioning it instructs them to keep a paper log back up for the day
so make sure the drivers have all three of these things in the trucks at
all times this is also what I just went over and last what you do if you need
help there’s a very helpful tool in the KeepTruckin app if I go back to the
menu and I go to the help & support page here you can find if you’re on the road
and you need help you can find all the articles we have on our support page by
searching for the specific issue you’re questioning about or you can go directly
an email support in the app to keepTruckin support team or call us
directly and we can get someone on the phone with you to help you solve your
problem and where we really pride ourselves on the support of our product
and we hope that you enjoy it as well so that’s all I have if you have questions
please email your account manager that is helping you or you can email or call
our support team we’re here to help we want to make sure this is a very smooth
transition for you all and I enjoy your time thank you sir thank you very much

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