Effective Unstructured Training

“I am 18 years old and currently weigh
around 73 to 75 kilos,” for the Americans about 165, 160, 165, “I have no injuries,” What? I’m very disappointed in you at your age, “and
compete in long-distance track events at a national level but gave it up a few
years ago I have been training for six years now,” so since twelve, “my trainings
led me to become an SFG 1, triple bodyweight deadlift, 10-minute Leppard
crawl, and rack squat 2 by 32 kilos for 10 reps.”
Those, that’s for 165 that’s a nice series of lifts.
“I have been getting into bouldering; short and powerful climbs,” another
climbing question, “for around a year now and I’d like to improve on this. I’m
beginning to get a little tired of what I’ve been currently been doing and
wondering if you had any recommendations. My training as of late has been
unstructured, doing what I feel like mainly carries, weighted crawls, prowler and the
big 6 kettlebell moves.” Well see I think what you’re doing is just fine. I like
the idea of an unstructured workouts with lots of carries, weighted
crawls, prowlers and big 6 kettles. In fact, frankly I don’t know what better
thing you could do and that is, Jordan, that is that is some powerful stuff.
Having said that though, if you’re gonna get in a sport like bouldering, at a sport
level, you’re gonna have to train as the boulders do which I’m guessing is a
lot of bouldering. But I would just say that when you said here you get a little
tired of what you’re doing now, I just have to say well that’s because you’re doing
the right stuff. You’re doing just fine okay. thank you very much for the

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