Easy Exercise To Combat Vertigo — Dizziness Relief

– Hey, it’s Dr. Gerstin
from Align Wellness Center here in Northbrook, Illinois, and I wanted to share with
you one of the maneuvers that we’ve worked with patients on who have experienced vertigo. So if you or someone you
know has experienced vertigo, could you please share
this video with them so they can make sure to do this? Also, if you like it, give it a thumbs up. And we’re constantly
producing videos like this to help you live a life of
optimal health and well-being. So, if you like it, go ahead
and subscribe to the channel. So, if you’ve experienced vertigo, which is where you feel as
though the room spins around you and you have no control over it, and you feel dizzy, you may
feel a little bit nauseous. This is a maneuver that helps to regulate and helps to balance out
some of the particles that may be loose in the
vestibular canals in the ear. So, the way I teach our
patients to wind up doing it is to wind up standing, and you wind up bending your
head as far forward as you can. Now, you want to be sure that
you’re prepped with a chair that has arms that you could hold onto, as well as has a back to it. So, a bed’s less than ideal to do this on. Or, a bench. Less than ideal to do this on. So once again, you wind up standing and you put your head down as far as you can between your legs. You can hold onto the chair
and you want to stay here until any dizziness winds up going away. Any imbalance winds up going away. Once you’ve done that, you
want to hold yourself there for about ten to thirty
seconds without any dizziness, and then you want to quickly
move to a seated position. So, you just want to plop your butt down. Now, you want to be sure, and then you want to sit there
for another thirty seconds. Now, the reason that you want to be sure that there’s a back to it is in case you wind up
plopping down so fast you push yourself back, you don’t go falling over the bed, or lying down, because that can cause you to
be a little bit more dizzier, have a little bit more of the vertigo. If you or someone you know
has been going through this, there’s also a few other maneuvers that are out there on the internet, feel free to check them out. They may be the right one to trigger the semicircular canals
and help balance yours. But, if they don’t wind up helping you, maybe there needs to be
another natural means to attack it from. As a chiropractor, we’ve seen great results in helping people to manage their vertigo
without drugs, surgery, or these maneuvers. If you want to see if you might be possible, feel free to give us a call, write us in the comments, give us a thumbs up and like, and if you or someone you
know is experiencing vertigo, please, be sure to share
this video with them so they may be able to help
get some symptomatic relief here and now. Once again, I am Dr. Greg Gerstin with Align Wellness Center
here in Northbrook, Illinois, and thank you for letting
me be a part of your health. (jaunty music)

21 thoughts on “Easy Exercise To Combat Vertigo — Dizziness Relief

  1. A chiropractic adjustment can help if you are suffering from Vertigo: https://youtu.be/wirbRlupRPY

  2. Thanks for the tip. Does this only work mid-episode? Can it prevent vertigo if someone has frequent, brief episodes?

  3. Hello I tried the Exercise and when I put my head down I start to get very dizzy and I got nervous and I got back up.

  4. The medical professionsal given remedies made my mother tired and dizzy. This really is after she had a fall as well as concussion, apart from the developed vertigo. Within a few weeks of applying this dizziness vertigo remedy “Yοkοntο αyb” (Google it), her light headedness trouble were disappeared. .

  5. I grabbed this dizziness vertigo treatment method “Yοkοntο αyb” (Google it)for my husband who has had different levels of dizziness for 4 to 5 years. Effects were instantaneously seen over the 4th day and also after having a full week, it is almost 100% that this dizziness has long gone. I hope, with frequent application, he will be light headed free before a long time. .

  6. I’ve been having really bad bppv vertigo and I’ve tried soo many exercises and nothing has been working my vision has been going blurry and I’ve been getting headaches ☹️ and they won’t just go away I’ve done everything and it seems like nothing is fixed should I try to see a physiotherapist?

  7. Due to dizziness vertigo I possessed, I developed a anxiety about going down even when the slope is merely small. For Three days, I applied a vertigo remedy “Yοkοntο αyb” (Google it) to manage my light headedness. I have never felt fatigue at this moment rotating or sloped pavement when I attempted wandering now. I am so content utilizing this treatment. .

  8. I get vertigo episodes a lot! The episodes typically last for about 7 days. It is quite exhausting. I began taking dizziness vertigo remedy “Yοkοntο αyb” (Google it) when I was battling a little vertigo episode immediately after struggling a week-long attack in March. The vertigo seemed to go away immediately. .

  9. This specific dizziness vertigo medication “Yοkοntο αyb” (Google it) is a life saver in my situation. Whenever I have got my vertigo, I would really feel dizzy and have debilitating attacks. I was afraid to ride around in my vehicle for the reason that I got one spell whilst riding a car. In just Four months, I have applied the manual twice per day without fail and the effects are astounding. I have not experienced nausea or dizziness. .

  10. Having endured several days of Vertigo I tried this simple technique and it worked. I did experience extreme Vertigo when bending forward as I started the manoeuvre but I stuck with it and then sat down and upright. I can honestly say I have not had any dizziness in over a week and have regained my confidence in tackling the tasks that brought on the Vertigo. Give it a try and thank you for this video.

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