Dryland Exercises For Swimmers: Arrow freestyle swimming technique

This video is a follow up to the arrow freestyle
video we did last time, where I swam a smooth 100 meters in 1:05. If you haven’t seen that video I recommend
watching that one first. I made this video because some people don’t
have a way of practicing the exercises we outlined on the video in the swimming pool. This is also for people who lack coordination,
strength or mobility and are more comfortable working on those things outside the water. Just keep in mind that the best way to practice
a new technique will always be to actually swim. Before we go to the routine I just want to
announce that we have opened the spots for our San Diego swimming camp in February of
2020. To find out more, go to the link in the description. You can think of this routine as a buffet
of exercises. You can pick and choose which exercises to
do. Warm up To warm up the shoulders grab the broom stick
at shoulder width and do 10 ups and downs, then grab it wider and go back further when
your arms are up. Go all the way back if you can and do 10 of
these. Then rotate to one side 10 times and then
10 to the other. Then do 10 to 20 good mornings, bending the
knees just a little and keeping your back straight. Then do 10 overhead squats. These are great for overall warm up and mobility
check. Then without the broomstick or pvc do this
movement. Touch your toes and then bend your knees into
a deep squat, then put one hand on the floor and reach to the sky with the other. Then change hands and do it again 6 times. Then we will do a similar movement but this
time with a lounge instead of a squat. This is great to warm up your joints, back
muscles, hip flexors and a lot of secondary muscles too. Muscle memory Let’s build some muscle memory with the
following exercises that resemble the arrow freestyle movements. 1- Swiss ball one kick per stroke
If you want to practice the movement of a stroke with the kick without the distraction
of being in the water, here is an exercise you can do. Remember to have a high elbow while you do
this. You will work on your horizontal balance as
well as your coordination which is very important. Do 6 strokes each alternating sides every
time for a total of 12 repetitions. Rest 20 to 30 seconds between each set. Do 3 sets of these. 2- One kick per stroke hollow rock This exercise is very similar and can work
if you don’t have a Swiss ball. Always try to keep your lower back on the
floor. This will help you do small kicks, because
the floor will prevent you from going further. Do 20 total repetitions of this exercise,
so 10 with each side. Do 2 sets of this. 3- Back up one kick per stroke If found this exercise to be the most similar
thing you can do to an arrow stroke but on dry-land. It helps with your coordination, your horizontal
balance, rotational balance and core strength. Keep only your abdomen on the floor by doing
a superman position. Now do a kick and a half a stroke while you
rotate to the opposite side. Alternate to the other side with the other
arm and leg. Try to do a quick short kick. If possible try to keep your head looking
down. Do this exercise for 4 sets of 6 repetitions. 4- Bench If you have trouble doing a high elbow pull,
try doing this exercise carefully, as this is not a very natural movement and may be
dangerous for some people. If you don’t want to risk it, you can alternatively
do the next exercise. They will both help you create muscle memory
and build strength on those essential muscles needed to pull hard. Muscles like the pec minor and lats. Do this exercise for 3 sets of 3 reps. 4.5 Swiss ball high elbow If you are using the Swiss ball, try to push
a little down as well as back so that it creates more friction with the floor and becomes more
of a challenge. Core Now that we have created some muscle memory
for our arrow freestyle movements, let’s build strength and endurance for the most
important muscles of swimming: the core. 5- Swiss ball kicks
Now this seems to be a leg exercise, and you do work the legs a little bit, but the real
challenge is on the core. Try to keep yourself horizontal and do small
quick kicks. Do this for 30 seconds 3 times. 6- Swiss ball lift one hand
This exercise looks easier than it is. but it requires a fair amount of balance and
core strength. To do it properly try to keep your hips still. Lift one arm at a time keeping your balance. Do this 4 sets of 20 repetitions total. 7- Hollow rock progression
The goal is to hold this hollow rock position for a minute. But if you can’t try doing this progression. First do a sit up hold position for 30 seconds. The next phase would be to do it with your
legs extended. Then if that becomes too easy do a full hollow
rock. And if that becomes easy do a rocking hollow
rock, always trying to keep your lower back on the floor. 8- Supermans
This is a straight forward exercise. It works on your lower back muscles and glutes. You can do it with you arms on superman position
or on a streamline. While you go up hold it for 2 seconds and
then go back down. Do this exercise for 4 rounds of 20 reps. You can also do it with weights for an extra
challenge. Strength
Now we will do key strength exercises that will help you pull water faster and more effectively. 9 – Eccentric pull ups
This variation of pull ups is very useful to create more strength in the biceps, lats
and shoulders among other secondary muscles. Essentially all of the muscles you use to
pull water with your arms. To do eccentric pull ups just go down as slowly
as you can keeping a tight core. Do 4 sets of 8 reps of these. 10 – Hand stand
This is an excellent exercise for your shoulders. Hold this position for 15 seconds tree times. If this becomes easy you can start doing handstand
push ups. What I personally do is handstand walk because
is more fun and you work on your balance but I cannot recommend it here since it is risky
and it requires a lot of practice with help to get it right. Or if it is too hard you can do this. 11- Incline rows
This exercise if it is done right, has a lot of potential to build your lats. Make sure your back is straight and that it
doesn’t move while you do the exercise. Now do the rows slowly with a weight that
is just what you can handle for 8 reps. Do 3 sets with each arm. 12- Incline twisted push up
Another important group of muscles are the pecs. To work the lower pecs which you will use
on the last part of the pull, do this. It’s just like push ups but inclined on
a bench and with a twist to get maximum results. Do these until failure twice. 13- Dips
The dips are great for the same group of muscles as the previous exercise but you will also
work on the triceps. This is also great for the last part of the
pull. I’ll leave a link on the description on
an excellent video about dips from athlean x. Do 3 rounds of 5 to 10 dips. 14- External rotation shoulder rotator cuff
side Now because we swimmers tend to develop more
our front upper body muscles compared to our back scapular muscles, we also need to do
what is often thought of pre-hab exercises. Do this movement with a stretch band or with
a dumbbell on a bench. Do 2 round of 20 reps. Mobility
Is defined as “the ability of a joint to move actively through a range of motion”
and it is essential to do the arrow technique. 15 – Internal rotation stretch on side As we saw on our previous video you can improve
the internal rotation mobility of the shoulder with this stretch or you can also do this
on the floor. Be careful and do it slowly. It’s better to do it daily than to force
it one day. Hold it for 20 to 30 seconds slowly pushing
down if you can. Do each arm twice. 15.5 – With towel
Alternatively you can also do this stretch to improve the mobility of your shoulder. Grab a towel with both hands behind you. Then with the arm that is above pull the towel
up stretching the opposite shoulder carefully. 16 -Pec minor stretch
This stretch is one of my favorites. I always get tight on this muscle and my shoulder
and the side of my neck start hurting. This usually fixes it. First put your elbow on a 90 degree bent and
then put it on the wall slightly above your shoulder. Then move your body forward. Just make sure that your back is straight
and that you don’t have an anterior pelvic tilt like this. Hold this position for 30 seconds twice with
each arm. 17 – Pvc stretch bench
To stretch the pec further grab a pvc pipe or a broomstick and lay on a bench. Then grabbing it wider than should width apart
let your arms drop down overhead like this. Hold that stretch for 30 seconds. Or if you don’t have a pvc pipe you can
do this stretch on a bench or a wall. 18 – Holding elbow stretch
To stretch the shoulder and the lats do this stretch. Hold your elbow with your other hand for 30
seconds with each arm. 18.5 Internal rotation both hands
Another way you can improve your shoulders’ mobility is by doing this. Put both of your hands behind you and try
to bring your elbows together. If that is too easy you can go to a squat
position and use your knees to help you. 19- PVC pipe praying stretch
If you want to stretch the lats and triceps further you can hold again a pvc pipe and
put the elbows on a bench while you let your head and torso drop. 20- Hip flexor stretch
To finish stretching do this hip flexor stretch. This is always a good stretch if you tend
to sit down for long hours every day and it helps you to keep your legs up with you are
swimming freestyle. If you want to download a PDF with all the
buffet of exercises with pictures you can do so through the link in the description. A lot of you have asked important questions
on the arrow freestyle video. So I will do a Q&A video about that next. While we are working hard to bring you another
detailed explanation of another way of swimming freestyle. This video was sponsored by our best selling
swim cap the freestyle swim cap! You can get yours here. swim fast!

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