‘Dr. Ish Digs Deep Into the Families’ Sneak Peek | Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition | WE tv

The holidays are
a very interesting time of year, because it’s simultaneously
the happiest time and can also be the most
depressing time of the year. Divorces, depression,
and suicide all increase during the holidays. My first boyfriend,
he stabbed me. So I had to go home
and tell my father. You really want to
do this? I think you really
have to do this. ♪♪ My dad was very vocal
and at times very physical. I was very nervous
to share my story. He wouldn’t take care of me
took care of myself. It was an ongoing battle
between me and the streets and tryin’ to see
who was smarter. Can our special guests
join us? Holy (bleep) (bleep) Amber:
It’s okay. It’s okay. Why the (bleep)
did you do this? Shh! Get the (bleep)
out of here. That’s the limit. -Ma!
-I didn’t come here for this. (bleep) outta here. Don’t wanna hear about that
(bleep) Don’t do things like that.
(bleep) That’s not right. I’m done.

15 thoughts on “‘Dr. Ish Digs Deep Into the Families’ Sneak Peek | Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition | WE tv

  1. Judge Toller?? Why walk out ?? If that should have been her. Someone has Jimmy opening up πŸ‘πŸ‘ let"s hope it"s positive tears . Dont let his #DiplomaticStatus πŸ˜’ fool YALL✌✌

  2. YESSSS I am Ready o yeah! Wow! Mama Jones just walk out the room tho yep the look on everybody face tho is like WOW! somebody is about to beark tho yes!

  3. They all had messed up childhoods, and became broken abult. Marriage Boot Camp Season 10 Episode 7 – 'Scrooged and !bused https://youtu.be/GH4CVtb7zUc

  4. What going on almost all these people are in some kind of drugs it should not been marriage boot camp it should of have a different name half if the cast are pill popper or some other kinded of drugs,Guys what name should of it been called instead of (marriage boots camp)

  5. Can someone please get that lady therapist to share the pills she is on?

    Like…… You just cannot convince me that lady is sober, in ANY way possible! Lol

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