Do Communities Want Kids Trained to Treat Gunshot Wounds?

We have teachers that invite us into schools, we have communities full of families that invite us into those community groups. We also teach scene safety, so we teach the young folk and the older folk how to make sure you’re as safe as possible in that situation, how to deal with the emotions of the situation, and to take care of yourself afterward. And Doctor Cook, I do want to say I do agree with you. Ideally, at least another adult would be there to assist the victim so that the child wouldn’t have to do that. So, I think this would only be applicable when there is no other adult there, when there is no other option, and hopefully when the situation is safe for the child because you did bring up a very good point, we do want to keep the child safe as well. Yeah, I think safety is a real big part of it. When you see, if there’s school shootings now, the first thing that happens is they bring in counselors immediately because there is so much trauma, some that is seen and visible and a whole lot that takes a long time, just like grief, to unroll. So as a pastor, we have first aid and CPR classes and Mr. Rogers, in a very sterile situation, that’s one decision. But when safety is a factor, sometimes it’s a split second decision, and safety is a real factor that I don’t want us to dismiss. We asked our social media followers if they think we should teach our kids how to treat gunshot wounds in this type of scenario. 48,000 people took the poll, the results are in. 88% say yes. (audience clapping) We should teach kids how to treat gunshot wounds. 12% say no, we shouldn’t. The real question is, what are we gonna do? How do we make it stop? How do we make it stop. How do we not need these programs, basically. And I am so sorry because I know where both of you are, this is a reality and the reason there is controversy and the need for this program is because there are these ongoing shootings, as there are elsewhere throughout the country. 300 around the country, it’s sad. We really appreciate both of you, your hard work, your dedication (audience clapping) and your causes so Amika, Doctor Cook, thank you very much.

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