Do Color Combat Water Balloons Really Work? | Fab or Fail | Brooklyn and Bailey

(energetic pop music) (water dripping) ♫ One, two, three, four ♫ (drum solo music) – [Both] Hey guys. – It’s Brooklyn and Bailey, and today we are going to be
doing another Fab or Fail, because there have been a ton
of requests for another one. So we are going to be
doing a summer Fab or Fail, and we’re gonna be testing out the Color Combat Battle Balloons. – It has water color in
the top of the nozzle, and it fills up like
40 balloons at a time, and then when you throw it at people. – [Both] It like explodes with color. – [Bailey] So there’s red,
blue, and green colors. – So that’s why we’re wearing white shirts and then the color is supposed
to wash out of your clothing. So, we’re basically testing three different things for this product, whether or not it can fill up
40 balloons at the same time, whether or not the color actually works, and whether or not the color
washes out of our clothes. So, we’ll see if it’s a Fab or a Fail, but before we go do that, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and give this video a huge thumbs up. Now, let’s go check out if
this product is Fab or Fail. (upbeat guitar music) – Okay, so I’ve taken it outta the box and they have three
sets of these balloons. They have green, blue, and red, I’m using the green right now. And it just has this little
plastic thing on the nozzle, it says remove before use,
so I’m gonna pull that off. And then you twist on the hose, and then you have to put these
balloons inside the water. So I have two buckets that
are half-way full of water and I just gonna rest the
balloons on the water, and then I’m gonna turn the water on and start filling up the balloons. (water sputtering and splashing) (shouts out) So we wanted to see if it
was a bend in our hose bib right here, in our backyard, to see if that was what was wrong with it. So we’re gonna try it
on the different hose and see if it works the same. (upbeat guitar music) (water splashing and spraying) So it seemed it was a problem
with the hose in the backyard. So these balloons filled up
better and the dye got in them. So now we’re just gonna
continue fillin’ them up. (upbeat pop music)
(water splashing and spraying) (energetic percussion music) (dramatic drum beating) (upbeat guitar music) (water splashing and smashing) (screaming and laughing) – [Voiceover] Okay, I almost freaked. – And now it’s time to wash our clothes. You can see they’re covered
in dye and color, blue, pink. So, I’m going to put them in the washer. (lively pop music)
(washing machine beeps) Now it’s time to see if it works. I think this was my shirt,
looks like it’s clean. It was like an exercise fabric, so that might have been
easier to wash out. So let’s get one that wasn’t like that. I think this one wasn’t like that. Yeah, this is not, this is
like a normal cotton tee. It’s completely clean. – We had so much fun filming that video. So one of the things we
didn’t like about the product was that the dye wasn’t super-dark, and when we did fill it up, some of the balloons didn’t fill up. – Yeah, there were some faulty
ones that you had, like four, couple that didn’t work. – But, overall it was a. – [Both] Fab! – And we’re giving it an
eight because overall, it was a complete success. The stuff washed out of
our shirts as you can see they’re like completely new. – The only thing that
stained was the lipstick we used for war paint, so. – So no sign of dye at all. – [Brooklyn] No. – The fill up was great. Everything about it went awesome which is why it’s given an eight. Call me below if you want to see more Fab or Fails from us. Also, if you want to
subscribe to our channel, take the red button right here. And if you want to see
more of our Fab or Fails, click this right here. Now, we’ll see you all next week. Bye guys. – Bye.

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