DESTROZANDO JUGADORES! :D | Tippmann M4 RIS Basic Training | Gameplay Review |

Hello! Llenn here, I’m literally here. Today, as you can see, the camera is not with me, but it is carried by my friend and battle buddy Helmer. Aka Skeleton (Like He-Man LOL) In addition, today is testing its new replica the Tippmann M4 RIS Basic Training AEG an entry level gun for newbies that by the way, has been the most sold this year here in Colombia. bought by new players and also by more experienced players. and today skeleton will test her in her first game! S: from here we can shoot them, right? what we could notice quickly, is why this replica has been so purchased. and its relationship, accuracy / distance, is really amazing! S: i hit you? S: I hit you? Player: Yeah I want to tell you that today’s game mode is a team death match without respawn. I mean, one life, you get shot and you are eliminated, very classic. S: cover me, cover me! i move! S: are they eliminated? S: is here! dead players do not talk D:

9 thoughts on “DESTROZANDO JUGADORES! :D | Tippmann M4 RIS Basic Training | Gameplay Review |

  1. Que mira llevaba en la réplica ? Saludos desde bogotá !, espero encontrarnos de nuevo en algún evento nacional 👍🏼

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