Defence Team News – August 5, 2019

CBRN defence training
recently took place at Defence Research
and Development Canada in Suffield, Alberta. or those who might not know,
CBRN stands for chemical, biological, radiological,
and nuclear. The training will result
in increased interoperability with 12 NATO allies
and partners, and was part of the annual
Exercise PRECISE RESPONSE. We spoke with Exercise Director,
LCdr Éric Dumas, to learn more. PRECISE RESPONSE
is Canada’s contribution in assisting the development of our NATO allies and partner’s
CBRN defence capabilities. This is the 16th iteration,
we started in 2004 and it’s been taking place here
at CFB Suffield ever since. The exercises here
involve 12 NATO countries, of course,
our allies and partners, and we also had the
participation as a participant, not an inspector role, but the Organization for the
Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. We’re fortunate enough
to have the support of the defence scientists here at Defence Research and
Development Canada Suffield, who put numerous hours, who put challenging
scenarios in place. Especially in this phase now,
is divided into task force work, where the nations
contribute capabilities, and the task force,
with those capabilities, try to achieve a mission
down in the exercise area. The most valuable experience
that I take back from this exercise
is the will for nations that don’t necessarily operate
in the same fashion, to work together, and to make sure that
at the end of the day, everything has to work. PRECISE RESPONSE is truly
an amazing leveraging tool, for not only
the Canadian Forces, the Department
of National Defence, but for the Canadian government, with our NATO allies
and partners. ♪ ♪

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