Cyberpunk 2077 Combat with Rockerboys – Wishlist

Greetings Earthlings! Welcome to the MadQueen show! I am your host the MadQueen. On today’s menu, we have a new Cyberpunk
2077 wishlist video for you, and today we’re going to talk about combat with the Rockerboys. The idea for this video and the complete credit
for thinking about this way of using Rockerboy abilities in combat is to Triscuit Treefrog,
they gave me the base idea for this video and I must confess that I loved it when I
read about it and I would love to see it implemented in the game, although most probably this belongs
to the category of “crazy ideas that are too crazy to be in a video game” but, as
I always say, dreaming is free. The thing is that you always ask how non-combat
classes are going to manage combat, and the first and foremost thing that you should keep
in mind is that in this universe, everybody knows how to use a weapon. Obviously, if you’re a solo or a cop you’re
going to be better at it, you practice every day of your life, but everybody needs some
protection in this dog-eat-dog future, so a Media with a 20mm cannon is not something
that would shock me if I saw it in the game. Obviously, if you’re not a killer with a
gun for a few eurobucks you can always hire a solo to protect you, or even an Arasaka
Security Officer if you’re up to it, depending on what you do for a living. If you do for a living more low-life illegal
stuff, a solo is your best option, and obviously the level of the solo will be relative to
the level of your pocket, but if you’re an idol, a Rockerboy or a well-known media
or Braindance celebrity, hiring the services of a very attractive Arasaka security office
is a popular trend in the Cyberpunk universe. But let’s say that you’re a Rockerboy,
you are not popular enough or have not enough money on your name to hire someone to protect
you, and you need to wipe your own ass in combat, there are several alternatives to
what you can do in the game to survive. First, we always will have the stealthy way. If they don’t detect you they’re not going
to try to kill you, but even though it’s been mentioned in the past that Cyberpunk
2077 is going to have a stealth mode, there are certain places where you’re going to
need the stealth of a cyber-chameleon to be able to get through high tech security, there’s
always high tech countermeasures for that, like digital fabric that hides your body temperature
to a heat scanner, but it’s going to be tough, and we expect it that way. To be tough. But the worse thing about trying a stealthy
non-lethal approach is that enemies usually don’t want to collaborate. But you can be a Rockerboy and love guns. Improving your accuracy with guns is a very
obvious skill in every skill tree of every RPG where guns are involved, not to mention
that you can have cyberware to improve your aim, and literally say “where I put the
eye I put the bullet” that is a Spanish saying and probably makes no sense at all
in English. But the thing is that you can be a Rockerboy
and love guns, but if you’re a Rockerboy there is one thing you love above all, and
that is music. And you’re supposed to have some talent
on it, otherways you’ll end up in a boostergang like the DJ’s or something like that, that
are some sort of Rockerboy wannabees. If you like music a lot, you’re passionate
about music and then you’re passionate about sound, meaning you know everything about sound. Not only about sound in a melodic way, that’s
obvious, but most Rockerboys produce their music themselves, so it’s not only about
the melody or the lyrics, it’s also about the sound, and sound frequencies. So a Rockerboy can play with sounds the same
way a Techie can play with… whatever you put in front of them, actually, they always
like to get their hands dirty. But Rockerboys know sounds better than anyone,
and also know how to manipulate sounds to create an effect on people. So, now imagine you can use that in combat. I wouldn’t call this lore friendly, is not
lore unfriendly either but I can’t recall seeing it mentioned anywhere, Rockerboys are
expected to handle combat like anyone else in the pen and paper game, in fact the most
famous Rockerboy of the lore, Johnny Silverhand, could handle himself pretty well in a fist
fight and knew also pretty well how to use a gun, and I could see no cyberware listed
in the Chromebooks or anywhere else that could do this, but, again, this is just an idea
I liked, even if it’s not in the lore. So, again: not in the lore, but fantastic
anyway. So, you’re a Rockerboy, and you have your
tools with you all the time. Maybe you’re walking down the street and
you encounter a demonstration and you want to record it to make some mixes and use it
in a song you’re composing about the strength of the low-life and street scum and how they’re
going to fight the megacorps until the end. You may even do it live, you sing your lyrics
while in the background you hear the slogan of this demonstration, then you play with
the sound a little and you have your song recorded and produced. But what other types of sounds can you create? At the scientific development point we are
nowadays, at this moment, it’s already known that if a sound wave of a very specific frequency
hits metal it can excite the electrons of such metal and raise its temperature, it’s
called “sonic welding”. And not only metal, Sonochemistry was also
a very popular field in chemistry in the 80s, that, to explain it shortly, is a process
in which sound waves are used to break down complex molecules. So, imagine that we could have cyberware to
do this. Obviously, it would be complex to use, you
should need a great deal of knowledge in sound and obviously I know is pretty fantastical,
we’re talking about Science Fiction, even though sonochemistry is a real branch of chemistry,
but we’re talking about a dystopia, and we just created a band in this cyber future:
the Sonochemical Brothers R: That’s a terrible joke
But it’s my only line! Now imagine a piece of cyberware that could
do something similar. Maybe a Rockerboy could melt components of
a high tech surveillance equipment to go unnoticed. Or even heat the cyberarm of an enemy, it
could have multiple applications and it should be closely watched to avoid it becoming too
OP but, what do you think of this idea, I don’t think is totally absurd. Not totally. Leave a comment, what would you think of having
a piece of equipment like this? Well, folks, thanks for watching, don’t
forget to take a look at our Cyberpunk 2077 character class playlist to know more about
the character classes and the Cyberpunk 2077 universe in general. See you in next videos and stay being amazing.

36 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Combat with Rockerboys – Wishlist

  1. I always thought idols/rockers since they tend to have some insane fans would get them to commit certain illegal acts or use them for protection lol. But without the fans yeah cyber wear for enchantments for hand to hand combat or maybe the guitar is an actual axe….batman beyond had a Soundwave using villan. Also mythical tales like the piper with his flute.

  2. Love the concept. Would love to see music used as a full fledged weapon system. Using it on humans to screw up equilibrium and such. So many fun concepts. Great video and stream today!

  3. as someone who plans on playing a rockerboy I definitely hope to see something musically implemented (think some kind of beatmaker mechanic) but Im not expecting it i do expect to buy guitars etc

  4. Would a character like El Mariachi count as a rockerboy? A guitar case full of guns comes in handy at times.

  5. Yo solo quiero subirme encima de un camion, con guitarra en mano y cantar Satsugai delante de una turba furiosa ALV

  6. Sonochemical Brothers sounds great! "The Brothers Are Going To Work It Out"
    😆 "Wipe your own ass in combat", I imagine that would turn into a nasty business rather quickly 🤗

    When I imagine rockergirls, is it my impression that it is much about inspiration, creating unity, fashion and statements, like Media, but for a different audience. A boostergang with a rockergirl might get more reputation, for good or bad. The gang might also "boost" and support their fledgling rockergirl because they too want to enjoy the reflection of fame, glamour, activism, style and whatnot the rockergirl presents.

    In game-terms perhaps something that boosts cohesiveness in the group, or perhaps a pool of fans/groupies to draw upon in fight or for practical purposes (a sofa to sleep on when in need, information/"skills", someone that can evacuate the rockergirl when she needs to escape without drawing attention from various authorities…). Some misdirection, like diminishing, or boosting, the reputation of the group, like lowering the response from authorities, or manage the behaviour of enemy groups somehow, perhaps with a style over substance kind of influence over others.

    Perhaps bit fixer-like, but more general and less of the most dangerous aspects of society.

    And money.

    A Bureaucrat from the game Anarchy-Online could be a limited source of inspiration for in-game abilities and role.

  7. It's weird, when people say Cyberpunk 2077 will be the totally opposite of the witcher universe, i thought well of course, but it can't be that different, man the more i know, is the more i'm worried, since the last 15 years of CD projekt red's development as been spent crafting and materializing the Witcher world and making it into the giant it is today – now Cyberpunk 2077 is something totally knew for them, at least the Witcher 3 had the Witchers 1 & 2 for development support.

  8. Hi MQ – nothing you have said is absurd but all of it is problematic in both gameplay and player adoption terms. Tech that is geared towards rocker boys or medias can be done but the writers have to be careful to not make it something that is more appropriate for a superhero game. cyberpunk is not slick- it's gritty (exception for euro solos of course) Rockerboys/medias are problematic classes for a video game because their true impact is on a social level ( so could we have a tie-in to mainstream social media platforms that have a game mechanic ? ) do we know if the game will be a strict rpg or more like Fallout 4 – which I feel is a hybrid of fps and rpg ? this is where my concern lies as far as adoption by players – what do you folks think?

  9. I’m a big music fan in real life so as soon as I heard the concept of this class I already knew that would have to be the first one I’d try!

  10. I think having cybernetic sonic blaster handgun would be wonderful and a gift from God… to cut down and smite my good for nothing and less than useless enemies on the rotten dirty stinking streets of Night City.

  11. Great video MQ. I've been wondering how non-combat type characters were going to be able to survive in single player, on the mean streets of Night City. Running would get to be a drag after a while.

  12. Seems cool, and it has the benefit of potential non-lethal applications which I'm always up for more of.

  13. We were working on adding it to our 2020 campaigns when we stopped playing because we couldn't get the expansion materials where we were.

  14. I really like your show. Thank you for your perspective! Lets hope CP2077 is all we want it to be♦️

  15. Yeah sounds like a class special weapon/ability, which would mean each class would need one, too. It would need pros and cons to it like perhaps that it can only slice off cyberware and tech (security cameras, etc) as it doesn't do anything to organic matter and/or it would need a 'cooldown' or rely on power electricity ("mana")/ booster bars (like in Deus Ex) or everything that I just listed here.

    Or another idea is to have guns that shoot out "Cyberpunkian CDs and Lit Mixtapes" and have Steven Tyler (lead singer of Aerosmith) scream out "MUSIC IS THE WEAPON!" every 3rd CD shot or something, just like in that arcade game "Revolution X", or this idea is just the result of all the drugs Aerosmith ever took on tour…which is how Revolution X was designed, probably.

    Thank fuck dreaming is free…who the fuck would pay for these ideas? Not even me, that's for sure. =D

  16. Always, I took basic Adam-Jansen stealth style in DeusEx. So in this time, I'm going loudly with big machinegun in the CyberPunk2077 (lol).

  17. support class "bard" used for a long time in D&D games. rockerboys can bring his supporters into a battle trance raising characteristics in fight (turning them into the controlled cyber-psycho regime for example), or simply pacify hostile cyber-psycho. and apart from standard firearms, he can have a musical instrument perfectly suited for close combat. because musicians are not only fragile pop hippies, but also heavy metal guys.
    similarly, there will be no problems with gameplay and for techie (cleric)

  18. If I recall from Cyberpunk 2020, Johnny Silverhand had wired reflexes and used firearms much like the other edgerunners he was associated with. Outside of that, I would see Rockerboys using their abilities as buffs, or perhaps luring in NPCs off the street to fight alongside them, sort of like recruiting a temporary gang ala Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

  19. Well… I am a Real Life Rockerboy… in my case… I would be a HARDROCKER Boy…. since I am guitarrist and backing vocalist 🙂 I play in a 90s Grunge, Hardrock and Stoner Rock Tribute Band! 🙂 So yes… Rockerboy here 🙂

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