CSX 911, Armed Forces 1776 & Law Enforcement Engines in Minecraft! Immersive Railroading mod pack!

– No way, is that what I think it is?! It’s the CSX special edition trains! (horn honks)
Oh yeah! (warping) Hello internet! We are at the CSX locomotive shop in Huntington, West Virginia, and we’re gonna be showing
some brand new locomotives that they just rolled out. The special ones! Hey, who can be our driver today? – Me, me, me me me me! – Okay Let’s go, come on out! (regal music) Oh yeah, look at that baby! It’s the first responders, CSX-T911! This is the premier of this
locomotive In Minecraft. This is the first time, folks, that you’re gonna be seeing it, and look how beautiful that train is! – This is, by the way. – So great. – By the way we asked
someone to put this on. – This is Dark Raider, so
Dark Raider is the magician behind this whole thing. This is one of his mod-packs. This is the ES-44 AC engine. And look at this paint scheme! Is this just gorgeous? – Cool or not? – Or what? Look at that, look at
the detail on that thing! All of the paint schemes, all the logos. Everything in there, the
honoring all the fire departments and police and emergency services. – And by the way. – What? – We asked Dark Raider to
add all the train, that. – Oh yeah! – Come on and look in here guys! Look, look, look! Look did you see the
fun looking air things? – No way we’re in the console? (laughing) – Yeah you’re in the console, it’s definitely cool in here.
– That’s awesome. I love it, and we’re down in the toilet. We can go down to the toilet and think about the fun engineers. (laughing) – Ah that’s so great! Hey honk the horn! – Oh there it is, somebody got it. Look at that! Oh yeah, it’s a gorgeous train, oh yeah! You’ve gotta love that train! – And let’s pull out the, let’s
pull out the next new train! – Okay let’s go see! Comment below if you think you
know what the second one is. And thumbs up if you love these trains! Okay here comes the second one. Which one is it? Oh it’s the 1776! Whoa, look at this, it’s the veteran! 1776, Beard of The Armed Forces! It’s to honor the five
services and their partners. And look at that. It’s so cool! What a great job Dark Raider did. And there’s the POW MIA’s in the back. Look at all the executive, the branches, the five branches there. Whoa, look at that. – Let’s see it move, let’s see this thing, oh can someone honk the horn? – Okay, let’s go. Let’s see Cody! (horn honks) – Nice, ‘kay just pull it up
there next to the other one. There it is, look at that. Nice, okay just stop it right up there. Whoo hoo, there’s the two. There’s a third special CSX train. Which one do you think that one is? Comment down below if you think you know! Let’s go see what it is. Let’s go back to the heavy
shop, the paint shop. And let’s pull her out, look at that. – Choo choo! – Whoa, it’s honoring
our law enforcement one. Look at that, fantastic! That is just gorgeous, isn’t it? It’s the 3194, and it honors the law
enforcement, the police. Look at that baby, it’s just gorgeous. – Let’s see this thing actually move! Cody don’t drive the train! – And this is my train isn’t it? – Yeah, we gave you this. – Okay Cody can you pull it up
there next to the other ones? – Actually I’ll pull it up. – Okay, ‘kay pull it up
next to the other ones. Whoa those are just so cool. Nice! Oh my goodness, this is
just the coolest ever! Man look at that! – Look at those! – Those are the best trains ever. – I’m gonna move your
train back a little bit. – Okay engineers, it’s super
easy to get these trains. Let me show you how to do ’em. So all you have to do is go to curse forge and download Dark Raider’s freight pack. And this is the one that you want, so let me show you how you find this one. So you just go to the inventory, click on the main immersive
rail running locomotives, and you’ll find It down at the bottom and I’ve got a bunch of trains in here, but it’ll be these two right here. The AC and the DC. And you can pick whichever one you want. We like the AC one, it’s got a little bit more traction to it. So that’s the one, just put
that in your hot box there and then you’re ready to roll! So basically you just get on
to the track just like that, and click on the track and there it is. Go over and get a paintbrush, and the paintbrush is located under the immersive
railroading, the wrench, and if you’ll look down here there’s a paintbrush right there, just click that right into your hot bar and come over here. And all you gotta do is just right click on your paint, boop! And there it is! There’s the BNSF, there’s the CSX Stock One,
here’s the North and Southern, and here’s Dark Raider’s. There’s a Canadian Pacific, and there it is boys
and girls, super cool. Now if you wanna go to the next one, all you have to do is
click on it one more time, and there it is. There’s the veterans, the
1776, and the armed forces. And click it one more time,
and you get the third one! It’s the law Enforcement one. How cool is that kids? We wanna thank Dark Raider
for such a great job here. And also our favorite, the CSX guys down at the Huntington shop, which is just like about two
hours from where we live. We are West Virginia,
true mountaineers here. If you love stuff like this make sure you subscribe to our channel. And hit the bell for the notification so you don’t miss any of
the next cool new stuff! We’ll see you in the next video!

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