57 thoughts on “COOLEST BODYWEIGHT WORKOUT!! (It’s Hell)

  1. Can't wait to try these! Gave me so many new ideas because I always just do stair sprints then 1000 jump ropes. Thanks for the new ideas

  2. The editing was a bit cheesy, but I think it's absolutely awesome that you're taking time out of your vacation to help us guys out. Thank you!
    Also, those rows using the staircase? Genius. I never would've thought of that.

  3. Not for nothing but you're one of my biggest inspirations for wanting to scone a personal trainer. It's amazing how you create workouts with next to nothing. I'll be doing the same shortly & hopefully I'll be as recognized and successful as you

  4. Doing dips with your hands that far apart is asking for shoulder problems,but thumbs up for the rest of the stuff.

  5. i personally hate doing HIIT on a treadmill. you could always do HIIT circuits with the same format. Like maybe kettlebell swings, burpees, plyo pushups, sprints, high knees, box jumps, tuck jumps, etc… if treadmill is your only choice, it doesn't really matter if you slow down the speed or keep on donig what your doing. As long as if you're going your hardest, you will improve. Its not bad for your heart by stopping. Also, it depends on your goals if you do hiit daily. I only do it twice week

  6. Hi jeff, Thanks for the exercises. Great idea. I am an occupational therapist and i really enjoy your videos. I'm planning on a trip to Norway and this stair exercises will definitely come in handy. Thanks again. Keep the videos coming. Cheers!!

  7. I love your vids man you are a true exercise science genius. You really have the mind for this and always have excellent footage. Can't wait to try this

  8. That looked fun! Try doin that in destin n see how long you gotta wait! You'll lose your sweat! I hate losing my sweat!

  9. Jeff love the vids. I use alot of the exercises in the gym. Thinking of getting on board with team athlean, but is there a body work out on there that I can use in a hotel room? As I am working away a lot and can't get to the gym as much as I would like.

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