Conditioning Exercises for Combat Sports : Neck Exercises for Combat Sports

On behalf of Expert Village, I’m Gilson Oliveira.
I’m at Energy Fitness right now in New York City, I will bring to you the best for conditioning
for combat sports. By now everybody knows how important it is to have neck muscles but
before you start doing bridges and tons of reps be sure to start doing this. The regular
bridge is holding the head but first you have to be strong enough to sustain the position
for at least 30 seconds. Go into the bridge, bring your hands, your arms across your chest,
on your toes and then you sustain. Once you?re able to do this for 30 seconds
then you start using repetitions.

100 thoughts on “Conditioning Exercises for Combat Sports : Neck Exercises for Combat Sports

  1. @machacoification
    LOL – legendary comment.
    People say youtube community has gone to hell – I say it always has been hell, but now days I keep reading more and more comments like this. It makes youtube worth watching. 🙂

  2. @JEANBRUCE1991 actually it is a super safe move, boxers, kickboxers, MMA fighters etc all do it. you just need to warm up properly.

  3. @JEANBRUCE1991
    It is safe if you know what you are doing and you are careful. Any exercise can b unsafe id done not done properly.

  4. @JEANBRUCE1991 this is one of the most common conditioning excercises in submission grappling if ppl worried about doing this then there wouldnt be a whole lot of grapplers would there?

  5. I practice Greco-Roman Wrestlings or Olympic Wrestlings … I started doing Neck Bridges since 8 years age … at the beginning I remember that I was doing this exercises … relatively medium hard … but Not Only I do this exercise … I think that You Need A Little Time To Get Used With It

    I Don't Say that it is a Very Easy Exercise … maybe My Neck is Stronger Than Others because is Bigger … but Not Every Time "Big = Strong"

  6. yeah not sure i want to try that. all it takes is one snap crackle. maybe its better to NOT start with this until you neck muscles are built up..

  7. @king1Malik If you want to make sure, you can (and should) start doing it with your hands besides your head. Like that, you have more control if something goes unexpected. Also, you can use your hands to strengthen your neck (by pushing on your head in various directions and resisting with your neck, look it up) at first, for extra precaution or if your neck it weak. But bridging is definitely a good exercise, practiced for hundreds, or maybe even thousands of years by fighters.

  8. Hey Mister! Your heels should be ON the floor when you do bridging…! Otherwise you not involve enough back muscles in work…! Ask some real wrestlers…

  9. i tried this. i am now paralyzed from the neck down and am typing this with a keyboard im holding in between my teeth. you ruined my lifevcc4fcddfwx!!!

  10. @silver19944 I dunno about super safe.. it still poses a big risk.
    I have seen mike tyson do it though.

  11. Do it right and you will be safe. That's why he mentioned only going into full reps once you can sustain your self with your neck. I thought the same thing but I did three years of wrestling and one of the main things we must work is our necks. I suggest putting some padding down and doing like a half bridge to start and if you feel any pain stop. If you are wanting to strengthen your neck you should look up more exercises like neck flips and full bridges. Good luck I hope I help you.

  12. Oh hi! Did you ever tried the Explosive Muscle Method (just google it)? My mate says it gets people stronger…

  13. Hey, have you wondered this method called the Max Muscle Method? (check google). My father says it gets people bulging with muscle.

  14. Yeah, I've heard that this exercise causes hairloss on the top of the head (the place that's on the ground), because of the friction.

  15. Hi people, I need advice !! I am tall 194 cm and as consequence of that i have a bit curved neck toward chest. What should i do to correct that?

  16. This is so incredibly unhealthy for the spine. Later, this guy will need physical therapy for tingling and numbness in the arms and hands due to osteophytes in the cervical spine and perhaps a cervical fusion.

  17. Maybe it's too soft, i have thin carpet floor and it used to hurt a bit before (from the pressure). Eventually i got ok with it when i used my laptop case as a pad for my head lol.

  18. we used to do these, bridge for 30 seconds to sprint in wrestling. all you hippies saying "oh my god its bad for your neck" you havent experienced the benefits. keep judging before you do something and let me know how that works out for you hippies

  19. this is for fighters not bodybuilders and its yogas oldest pose…movements dont snap shit up people snap shit up by not doing movements correctly

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  24. Have some respect for your body. Your fragile neck wasn't made to bear the load of your entire body on it, especially when it's moving. Your hips and legs were made to carry the weight of your body. That is why your neck is at the top of your body, and your hips and legs, at the bottom.

  25. My boyfriend just came from the hospital because of this exercise. He now has peripheral vertigo and the otolaryngologist prohibited him from doing this exercise ever again, which he's been doing for years

  26. He's an impressive physical specimen, but wow! Teaching people to do this as a conditioning exercise is so bad, that destroys your neck long term!

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