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alright guys today we’re going to be
talking about the retention shooting just like we mentioned before there are
different variations of this taught in different places we’ll show you why we
do what we do here not only is it retention position but there’s a flex
extreme angle and other things like that that you wouldn’t be getting if you came to
a course but if I’m within this close personal distance it’s not a good thing
for me to just go to my gun without doing some sort of distraction to them
first for this first one I’m going to do whether it be a face mash or maybe an
elbow up to them while I’m doing that at the same time I’m clearing to my gun
from there I’m just going to pull it up into a retention position notice that I
have my thumb flag I’m pushing it into the rib cage is helping me complete the
other side of my grip making sure when you’re first starting to do this you’re
checking your muzzle target line making sure nothing is in it
arms codes whatever and remember as soon as I start to shoot this there’s going
to be a muzzle blast because we are this close it’s something that you will feel
but need to get over so we put a couple of rounds into it and then from there I
wouldn’t stay here I’d start to back up present out stand for other threats and
everything like that alright guys what I’m going to do on this one if I ended up in
this situation hopefully you saw the pre incident indicators and everything before
that didn’t end up here but if you’re asleep at the wheel of whatever you did
first thing I’m going to do is come in here come to a retention position
through my shooting boom boom then I’m going to need to drop my hand down out
of muzzle line and do it a modified like speed rock back into him to a point
shoot boom boom and then I’m continuing to egress as I’m pushing out onto him to
full extension alright guys now that we talked through it you kind of got a
concept let’s go ahead and do it full speed alright guys one of the biggest
misconceptions is everybody thinks you have to have this certain pattern of
shot groups reality is in a situation like that okay I need to get rounds on
target somewhere Create Space then I can go ahead and do what I need to whether
it be stay in the fight or break and run if you have any comments please comment

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  1. For the last exercise, it might even be safer to engage the first threat while simultaneously attempting to put it between your front and the 2 on the left and back left. In reality, those two threats could've made substantial ground on you by the time you turn to face the 3rd. putting the first between you and the 2nd and third not only puts you front facing new threats, but puts threat one in the line of fire of his buddies. Could buy you some critical time in a crisis situation.

  2. Lets put the debate aside over justifying shooting an unarmed/armed person and focus on tactics.. First, distance is your friend, not contact by leaning into someones face. If you put your hand on someones face, their instinct will be to instantly attack you with whatever they have, be it a gun, knife or fist. If someone is holding you at knife point or gun point, you will be dead as you draw from your holster. Distractions are fine but there are other ways to do it besides making physical contact. All you need is a split second in diverting the bad guys attention on you and you draw as you step back and blast. They ALWAYS look around while they are doing their crimes… Of course, no situation is perfect. Just my opinion that the techniques in this video are just one option.

  3. после первых двух выстрелов третий уже его подстрелит медлительный как черепаха

  4. if you're that close to your target and you gotta use your gun, then you need to learn how to box and use your wrestling to take him down. but you gotta get rid of that fat gut first

  5. Appendix carry requires different technique. May want to address this topic in a future video for the civilian world.

    Keep up the good work my friends.

  6. Personally, I found this drill to be very no-nonsense and intuitive. After reading some of the comments, I noticed some people were critical of the moving backward while shoot aspect. Do you think it would be possible to incorporate a deliberate trip into this drill to show, yes, it is possible to retain muzzle control and fire upward at an attacker if necessary? Would this be too dangerous to demonstrate on YouTube? I feel like going into the tactics of firing from stress positions may quiet some of the critics.

  7. hmmm,…i think the time it took for you to shoot the 2 other guys is enough for them to draw their guns and shoot at you,… woudnt it be as effective if you hide behind the 1st target and shoot at the same time?

  8. This video could definitely save someone's life. I always remember to never put myself in a situation where this can happen, but sometimes SHTF and life gets out of your control.

  9. Tactical Rifleman what would you do in a situation where someone already has their gun pointed to you?…for example a bad guy walks up to you, points their gun at you demanding your wallet and personal items? Here you are caught off guard…how would you turn the situation around? any tips and videos would be great! thanks!

  10. may not be a bad idea running this drill with bad guys having body armor and trying to get a round or 2 into brain box

  11. The body doesn't give a shit about precision shot placement at that range… wherever the round hits is hit and at that range, depending on the round, it's devastating.

  12. When I was trained we were taught not to put our hands out for two reasons. One was that we might shoot ourselves in the hand, but the other was that our hand was a handle the enemy could grab onto and start a wrestling fight. We were taught to use our elbows. Hand goes behind the head to protect the face and back of the neck.

  13. I love this channel you do a great Job (I´m from Germany and we don‘t have the right for weapons like you do but I am very Interested in all this kind of stuff) maybe you could do a video about breach into a house tacticle and tell me where I can bye your cool caps.

  14. Just a question, should I push the attackers head away then draw and shoot? What if his bigger then me and I am not fast enough? He could get my gun.

  15. Could you create same video about an open carry without round loaded in the chamber? There is a lot of countries (especially in Europe), where police officers are not allowed to carry their weapons with round in the chamber. Cheers!

  16. I like the distraction technique with the non-pistol holding hand. I'd be very aware of keeping that hand away from the muzzle. It's likely that the two other attackers are either going to be running away or if they are also armed, starting to attack. None of this work BTW if your attacker is already pointing a gun at you.

  17. Ok first very good technique. second I used this work as a Leo. although in my elbow to the nose works the best. for civilians I personally recommend getting the hell out of the situation.

  18. I don’t know where the fascination with this close quarters technique originated but to me it’s the must idiotic thing out there in the training venues. If you need to shoot someone that close the last thing you want to do is push his head or any of these combinations, if you are justified to shoot that person that close, is because that person is either holding a knife or a gun, and you should be concerned with that weapon first before you make any of those fancy moves. Drawing your gun it’s not always the best idea.

  19. Perfect timing for this video I just attended a training session on Rex applegate’s point system and this close quarters shooting was exactly what we covered and yes I found out you gotta get over the muzzle blast . Great video as always love you guys keep em coming

  20. If you're surrounded by 3 people and you do that before you kill the first one the 2 remaining guys will strike you so hard from behind and knock you out. What I would do is back off have them all in my sight and shoot them all one after the other.

  21. Always amazing how many different ways people teach things. This would be the last way I'd go about multiple attackers from the classes and training I've taken. Very interesting to see differences

  22. I like that you said you might need to run away!!!…Excellent advice as oppsed to the Terminator stay and be at risk

  23. I noticed that Chad had kept the stock rear sight on his Glock. His front sight has been switched to a green fiber optic. What front sight type/brand name is Chad using?

  24. I once heard that pushing certain types of pistols e.g glock against someones chest will make the gun not fire, is that true?

  25. When the heat's on, so much of what you know (or what you THINK you know) goes out the window.
    — And me and my gun vs 3 guys and their guns? I'm not Clint Eastwood or John Wick. Best I can probably hope for is to take at least one of them with me.
    — There's no guarantees once the lead starts flying.

  26. I feel realistically the man behind you in the 3 man drill would have tried to retain you first given your back is turned to him. would you feel that shoving the first man out of your space the turning and taking out the man behind and proceeding left to right would work ?

  27. When you drew your weapon, and said you flagged your thumb against your rib cage to help support your grip it looked to me like a real good way to tear your thumb from the slide. I’m in the practice of never, ever lifting my thumb above the action of the slide anywhere on the firearm. That was a lesson learned the hard way for me.

  28. as a firearms instructor, and martial artist, and a marine, I wonder if you were to raise your arm into someone's face what is the likelihood of getting your arm pushed down into your own fire. Something to ponder, my close shooting drills involve taking my non shooting hand and leaving it in front of my chest (super old school) or protecting my face.  Thanks for posting.


  30. A pastor who's also an NRA Instructor once told me that when shooting multiple assailants, the rule of Baptist Church luncheons applies… everyone gets firsts before anyone gets seconds. Do you disagree?

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