100 thoughts on “Combat Veterans Respond To John Kelly’s Defense Of President Donald Trump | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  1. What does Trump need to do to get impeached? Crap on the oval office desk? No….that would probably be forgiven. It's Trump.

  2. What remains stunning to me is the amount of slack these white men are willing to cut the orange buffoon; would they have done the same for Obama?………..I doubt it.

  3. BAD BAD BAD to put down Congress Member Wilson. Disgusting what Kelly did to defend Trumpistan which is destroying the USA. I hope Kelly puts some restraints on Trump, but Kelly angered many today with his treatment of Congress Member WILSON! I wish he had NOT come to disgusting, egomanical Trump's defense. Kelly was sooooo disappointing. I thought he was BETTER!

  4. General Barry is absolutely correct, let our military handle gold start families, all presidents and politicians want to use them for PR that is just disrespectful to try and get political votes from our fallen men and women.

  5. MSNBC is unbelievable. Wow, you people have no conscious or shame. You should all wear little cowboy hats when you're on air making fools of yourselves. God Bless the Johnson's and God Bless America. Go Team Trump. Make America Great Again!

  6. What the folks said here correctly is, 1) We are in a global war not of our making. If you don't recognize it you haven't been paying attention for the past 20 odd years. 2) Too few Americans have been carrying the load for everyone else for far to long. Bring back the draft with zero deferments. Everyone has a role they can play, even if they have a heel spur, or bad vision, or asthma, or lots of money. It is not good for the country to have a military class and then a bunch of puke civilians.

  7. This guy may be a four star & might have killed so many. So what? He lacks intelligence and spreads fake news to please his boss.


  9. General MaC. is right, the dumpster should not be writing letters to the fallen, the Military should be doing that. He was also right when said the dumpster didn't, or don't know how to do such things.

  10. If General Kelly does not apologise for his lies about Congresswoman Wilson, he should resign as he loses all credibility by not behaving with integrity!

  11. John Kelly is a disgrace. He lied to all of us to support Trump just like every other Trump slave does. Screw J Kelly.

  12. Anyone go to work with Trump suffers the BERORE and AFTER disaster. I can guarantee the next few days will be about Kelly. And when he leaves the White house he has no credibility left. What a tragic career.

  13. You know ur wrong if you take every war since war 2 you can find almost every household that has been touched. One person alone who is killed is a son a father a brother an uncle a grandson etc so many lives are touched a friend a classmate a lover a husband a fellow soilder a student and on it goes one death

  14. I used to watch Fox for yrs and A friends introduced me to this channel a year ago and I got hooked on it. I love everyone! Very honest and balanced!

  15. I served in Vietnam 101st Airborne (2/502), while in the hospital, 95th EVAC. The Red Cross woman in my ward wrote a letter to my wife for me as my burns restricted my abilities. I sat next to a badly wounded Marine LT who was dictating a letter home for one of his fallen warriors. The emotion I saw from this guy will always be there. I later helped wheel him to a "MARS" phone to call and "Lie" to his wife about his condition. Everything about combat, about war and about a dead 19 year old solder is so very wrong. I'll never understand the disrespect the American and Australian public had for their returning Vietnam Veterans.

  16. Don't let trump call the widows. He may be Commander in Chief, but do you really want him calling humans. Correct answer is: If I, as Commander in Chief and President of these United States of America have brought an ounce of pain to the widow of a fallen soldier, I apologise with the full impact of the here United States of America …you orange and blonde fraud of a human being!

  17. A Universal Draft. In the mean-time, president donald j. trump's three oldest children, get waivers and along with their younger female sibling, join a uniformed service – you know, to make America great again.

  18. It's not a difficult concept. For a call like this to go "well"(as well as can reasonably be expected given the situation), the CiC needs to actually WANT to make the call. They have to have a heavy heart and feel compelled to reach out. Anyone who does it because they feel forced into it will always make a mockery of the situation. So don't force presidents to do it, but don't bar them either. This shouldn't be a revolutionary idea.

  19. why are you us guys always only count your dead soldiers… why not the hundred of thousand dead civilians … you killed… just asking?

  20. lets not forget the military used to take anyone now they are much more selective. when i was in high school it was the guys getting into stuff that ended up going in the military instead of jail

  21. I am a 100% disabled Veteran. I say shame on you John Kelly for selling out. I respect your service but I no longer respect you. Allowing the Dotard in Chief to use your sons honorable sacrifice as a shield is shameful. What Drumpf said to Sgt La David Johnson’s family was despicable. There is no defending what he said and deep down you know it Sir.

  22. Wow! what kind of father publicly makes his other son a political target for assassination?
    John Fransissy Kelly https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_F._Kelly
    You should step more carefully and not rob him of a possible future! Don't put your foot down and get your other child killed!… nothing like making your kid a target eh!!!
    Now the world knows you have another kid in the army, no doubt you just made him a major target 🙁

  23. I was drafted in 1968. I have a condition in my lower spine specifically L5 S1 and the condition I have is called spondylolisthesis. I was seeing an orthopedic doctor at the time and he wrote a letter to the Selective Service Board explaining my condition. None the less I was inducted June 10th 1968 just a few months after the Tet Offensive. In my mind the military needed more young men to bring back home in body bags. In short when I was called to serve my country I answered the call. With trump as the commander-in-chief today, I would not serve that POS. When I was discharged from military service I worked with a few guys who were also drafted but got funneled into the Marine Corps because the Marines were needing a few more good men. And this POS trump gets four deferments? I am outraged.

  24. Please understand that’s Trump’s brand takes presidency over everything. If you haven’t figured it out, you’ll find out the hard way.

  25. Gen. McCaffey is full of it! Trump is The Commander and Chief of the Arm Services. It is his DUTY as President to send condolences to every widow by mail and also by phone if possible. Of course the military contacts the widow/widower once death is determined, but to just excuse Trump from his duty is BS! He is shameful.


  27. sad to see a soldier defending a politician – a witless one at that – against another one, who incidentally was speaking for another soldier. Truly sad state of affairs taking place in D.C

  28. Maybe its just the demographic of where I live in Cleveland Ohio, or maybe the job I do; but most people I know personally know people that are serving. My son touched down at Bagram last week. So I certainly do. However I don't understand the relavence of the argument in the 1st place.

  29. I think POTUS wanted to do something, and this was something he felt he could do to let these families know he cares….he just isn't good at it….but I feel his heart was in the right place

  30. It's about him making it about himself- https://www.thedailybeast.com/gold-star-dad-and-retired-colonel-andrew-bacevich-sounds-off-on-trumps-real-military-scandal

  31. Did you forget Congress sneaky got rid if the draft? This was done after the Vietnam war so the rich little boys wouldn't t have to serve. As far as am concern John Kelly is a bigot just like his boss. I happen to come from a family who lost a love one during Vietnam.

  32. If the president is directly the cause of the death of a soldier like trump has been many times now he should not just have to call but explain himself as well. Trump is the worst type of filth. General John Kelly is following orders like a soldier, most people in the military do things they don't agree with.


  34. So the general says Trump just isnt good at this sort of thing ( empathy, comdolences, caring about others than himself) I have just one question 2 failed marriages a 3rd failing , bankrupt 5 or 6 times, attacks our gold star widows and parents, alienating foreign allies etc invites russians into oval office and reveals fleet locations, so my question except for defending Putin the KKK and Nazis, what is he good at?

  35. And all of this is the price of just one lie in the rose garden. Wonder what the final butcher's bill for lies will be when it leaves for mara largo permanently.

  36. what these 2 dummys said is not good , well tell Odumma the same thing , come ask me and I could tell u 2 idiots about serving the military you need to get the military OUT of politics

  37. You sold your soul and integrity, Kelly…your son would be sooooooooooooo proud…lying for a draft dodger…HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT????

  38. John Kelly is tired of dead soldiers being used of as political cudgels, huh? How many times has he spoken out about the GoP shamelessly politicized Benghazi? None, before OR after he retired in Jan. his 'outrage' is totally hollow.

  39. Fellow Republicans, this incident with General John F Kelly should remind you all that someone is not intelligent by virtue of him/her being a general in the US armed services. Did this man even get to college?
    What a stupid and uninformed statement from supposedly intelligent General John F Kelly.

  40. If the united States is attacked, I'll fight, and you won't even have to ask.

    That being said, no i will not participate in your corporate wars.

  41. Hmmm some General, guess he forgot honor, courage, and commitment. Also pretty sad you brought up your son’s death to defend Trump.

  42. The elephant in the room….. The Donald started the whole thing by bragging about how he is the only one who calls these families. It was a cut and dried lie that left everyone in the Whitehouse scrambling to make true. There was no preparation for this type of correspondence, being as Trump is soulless and cannot speak from the heart because he doesn't have one. The response was then hurried and ultimately botched. Kelly exacerbated the situation by attacking the Congresswomen. The widow of serviceman Johnson chose to include her as a family friend in the phone call via speaker phone. That was her choice. Kelly should have respected the widows choice instead of his underhanded reprimand of these women. If Kelly and Trump were going to be so soft about it maybe they should have prepared something, I don't know, maybe put a little effort into it? Like your mother probably told you, if you can't say something nice, best to say nothing at all.
    Lots of people know servicemen, some just don't know it. A lot of veterans I know don't talk about any of it. So I think the assertion that the majority of people don't know anyone may be a stretch. As we start to openly recognise veterans you find out people you have been working next to actually are veterans. Too bad Kelly didn't take the high road.

  43. These fine men and women are fighting evil offshore.

    Love to Yes, bring them home, but be prepared to fight this evil in American cities and towns where the casualty list will be much greater and involve innocents.
    You can bring them home if you expel those under suspicion and close the borders to allowing in any more.
    Oh but wait, what do we do about future nuclear, EMP, air transport threats etc.

    Hmmmm, not so easy so best our brave men and women continue nipping it in the bud overseas.
    Now, back to my Latte ane The New York Times.

  44. Stand up for your soldiers…but stay out of it…? The military has become bloated at the top.Too much caviar and champagne and a need to be worshipped for all they sacrifice…while the foot soldier gets ground into sausage.

  45. My Brother gave all of his life as a Marine in defense of this country. For these men to say that the average American does not understand the importance of our veterans, is wrong. I am still angry myself that my brother came home, but lost his life because of his health care after coming from years of combat and sub- par treatment from the VA. I just want everyone to know as the tears run from my eyes we all each and every military family in America feel the pain and sacrifice these men and women made to protect our rights and freedom. NEVER SHOULD THEIR VALOROUS EFFORTS BE MADE POLITICAL.

  46. who in the World is Kelly u can tell he is heavy smoker and drunk look rough like all the rest of them old dudes hanging around Trump.

  47. I would like to refer everyone to the letter of condolence written by Abraham Lincoln to Mrs. Bixby expressing his sympathy relating to the loss of her five sons. It is a beautifully sad letter which conveys the tragedy of war and regret for the loss of life in service to the country. It would be far better to think long and hard before putting young people into harm's way unless absolutely necessary. This entire episode was unnecessary and had distinct overtones of racism which was unsettling, to say the least.

  48. I agree with the General. Let the Military tend to our heroes, and their Loved ones..A funeral is NO place for Politics….

  49. Wouldn't it make more sense to show both sides of the story as a news network? And you expect anyone to still believe you. You embarrassed yourselves horribly last electionand yet yyou've learned NOTHING.

  50. Gen. Kelly went out of his way to inflect RACISM, SEXISM, UNAMERICAN HATE in his attacks on a Gold Star family. Kelly should be investigated for court-martial charges.

  51. The most important comment here was the fact that you would have to go to 250 homes before you found a family that had a member serving. Military members die all of the time. As do federal agents. Obama denigrated the Border Patrol and Trump is attacked for a call to a family member who died. Liberals will never get it. Your grandpa serving in world war 2 doesn't pay up for lack of service 70 years and counting.

  52. Kelly pawned his Gold Star for Trump, the greatest betrayal a father can do, marines should turn their back on Kelly wherever he goes.

  53. 5 time draft dodger insults this generals dead son, whenever trump lies,… he defends the Liar in chief,…PITY the fool !

  54. I think JOHN KELLY is more than likely one of great ones, he and that officer with the nuk code books have probably got a watchful eye on trumps small fingers. Least I hope so

  55. 6:51 sad memories got triggered here for the General. General is absolutely right, but the politicizing the military is horse long bolted…the last election both sides made the gold star families and their grief a more central focus of their campaign than ever before. You really have to be the lowest human being, to disingenuously exploit the grief of 'gold star family' through fake empathy purely for politics. You do not need cameras, to empathize

  56. Trump the draft dodging coward that has no respect for the military has no right to contact families of fallen warriors.

  57. Ivanka probably didn't give daddy a 'gangbangdaddyfuck!'

    Always a game changer for donnie since his worm is always cocked and diaper loaded!

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