Combat Veteran’s Complex Microsurgical Facial Reconstructive Surgery | Scott’s Story

(light music)>>People don’t realize
it until you can’t eat, how big eating is to your social life. Everything is geared around eating. You go to church functions,
there’s food out. You go to parties, there’s food out. And when you can’t eat,
it’s a big part of your life taken away. Back in 1992, I deployed to Somalia. I was with some Marines in a convoy, and there was some type of explosion and I was thrown and
landed and hit my face. There was nothing visibly wrong with me, but I went to a couple dentists and they said, “Well,
you got some broken bones up in your mouth.” And you know, they did a
surgery to try to fix them, and then everything just
kinda, it just, you know, escalated to the point
where I had nothing.>>It was bad. I remember him always
having to rest a lot. You know, that was my dad, but
he wasn’t himself, you know?>>I remember when he slept a lot and he was in a lot of pain.>>Hello. You know, at that point, I
was desperate for anything, you know, any kind of help, really. And then, you know, I met Dr. Desai, and of course, he gave me this option.>>How we doing?>>Good, how you been?>>Good, good.>>Good.>>I first met Scott
on exam in the office. He had loss of his entire mid-face, so he had no bony structure
or cheekbones to speak of. Really, the upper part of the
jaw was completely destroyed. He had no teeth on the
upper part of his mouth and the whole mid-face, or the
central portion of his face, was essentially missing.>>He told me, “You know,
you’re a good candidate for what they call
fibula free flap surgery, and that’s where they
take your fibula bone and make you a new jaw,
and then once it’s healed, we’ll put screws in and
then we’ll mount teeth in.” He said, “You’re a runner,
you’re a healthy young man, you’re the perfect candidate.” He said, you know, “Why
don’t you think about it. Go home, discuss it with
your family and all that.” That wasn’t necessary. I was doing it.>>So, this is all the
bone that was missing. We then did something called
virtual surgical planning. This is one of the newest
techniques in rebuilding tissues of the face, where
if you look at the jaw here, in this diagram it’s missing,
but this is his eye sockets right here, and this is fibula bone, bone from the leg, that
is cut in a special angle to rebuild the middle part of the face. This was all using a computer program to tell us exactly where to make the cuts and at what angle to make the cuts. This is a picture of your leg bone. After we transplanted the bone up there, we then brought the blood
vessels from that bone and tunneled it under
the skin into the neck and hooked up the artery and the vein that supplies that fibula bone to give the bone a blood supply. This was one of the things
that Scott didn’t have in previous surgeries, and
this would significantly increase the chance of the bone taking, as opposed to a free graft that does not have a blood supply.>>As soon as I had the surgery, I started walking around the hospital because I said, “I need
to get out of this bed and get this leg moving and get this ankle and everything accustomed to
not having that fibula bone.” People told me, “You
will never run again.” But in my mind, I said, “Yeah, I will. Watch me.” (laughs) I’ll be honest with you,
it’s a rough surgery. But you know, if you set your mind to it that you’re gonna do it and you’re going to do the
things necessary afterwards, then you will be able to get through it.>>To take care of someone like Scott, who is a veteran and a hero, is probably one of the most
rewarding parts of my job.>>Hey, Ron.>>Hey, Scott.>>Scott: I got my life back. I mean, if I had to put it
down in just a couple words, I got my life back. (light music)

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