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  1. I am so old I remember watching Combat, with my Dad and brother, when it first run back in the early 60's.

  2. Me too, I was Ten years old when this episode aired…My dad was a WWII Army Air Corp Vet…if he were alive today, he'd be glued to these episode like I am!…we used to watch these together…

  3. spacepatrolman – Well, if you think you could handle it, (which I doubt) I'd be willing to review your "portfolio" before making a decisions on this, after all wouldn't want to disappoint all of "Us" Combat fans.

    Oh, and your one man play, I don't think you ever stopped playing as your continue to try and impress yourself.

  4. spacepatrolman – Why yes, yes they did sing such a song.

    The fact your listening to it explains an awful lot about you and the "space" between your ears, little Spaceboy!!

    Your nemesis, Els

  5. spacepatrolman= PutZ…Just let us watch the episodes..without your childlike bull Shit…God these Imbeciles are everywhere, LoL

  6. Once again . . . . poor Sgt Saunders 🙁 . . . .

    Always stuck with the worst situation . . . he STILL did a great job, time after time!

    Thanks so much for these great uploads! They really take me back! 🙂

  7. Yes, thank you! I've heard talk of a movie and who would play who, and frankly I'd rather the character be retired than have someone else play him. Vic Morrow BUILT Saunders, with his own personal idiosynchrasies and mannerisms; from the look to the voice to that insolent walk.

  8. I heard the movie talk too. Bruce Willis was supposedly interested in Saunders role. One that comes to mind to me is Senn Penn (see Thin Red Line).

  9. The M1918A2 version which Kirby appears to be carrying is a little over 19 1/4 pounds w/o ammo.  LOTS better than an M14 on full auto because of the extra weight but still not all that accurate..  A few were still in our inventory as late as 1976.  Don't know which of our 'allies' got them after that.

  10. Without the sergeant, officers, battalions,companies,platoons, even sqauds don't move without this one man.

  11. while its amusing to see nazis firing into the camera thru eucalyptus leaves,they were as realistic as possible otherwise without some huge budget shooting in france. it would behoove any high school history class to watch this.
    btw when you see eucalyptus its either east griffith park above burbank, or northwest malibu, kanan/decker/trancas/county line area. much of this episode was filmed at malibu creek/tapia/mulholland/20th c. fox land which is dotted with oak and no eucalyptus,
    i could swear that at 40:24 the nazis are hiking up the west slope of kagel canyon near the 210/18/14/i-5 interchange, with sunland tujunga in the background.

  12. these guys had to have the funnest job in hollywood…give me a fatback power wagon and some weaponry and send me up above malibu creek or lake and i'm gone for a week at least!


  14. Why didn't they use a spotter plane, other than the fact that it would have been too easy and they never did things the easy way on this show?

    They also could have sent a P47 or P51 to take out that train.

  15. Soldiers of equal rank are allowed to address each other by their first names.  It avoids confusion.

    Patton, Abrams, and Eisenhower's sons all had distinguished careers and retired as generals. John Eisenhower left active duty in 1963 but retired from the reserves as a brigadier general. I could name countless others.

  16. Should have gotten old WWI soldier, Eddie Albert back, as he was so successful finding the last big German gun.

  17. Vic Morrow had plenty of acting experience before Combat and even The Blackboard Jungle.  Lots of stage work, including Shakespeare.  A greatly underappreciated and underutilized actor.  Too many typecast him, which seems to happen too often.  He's on a bigger stage, now.

  18. In case anyone cares, Vic Morrow appears in the pilot for "Police Story" which was just posted on Youtube(as far as I can tell the whole series was posted!!!!).  Excellent acting.  There was a platoon sergeant in 1 of my units just like him in the way he worked when on the job(Army MP's).

  19. When I was in Vietnam, we used to watch Combat on Armed Forces TV. When we finished flying for the day we would race back to DiAn to get a good seat. We loved Combat.

  20. Combat! S03E29 "Billy the Kid" (1965) 6 Stars [****] Sgt. Saunders and the Squad our called to a special Mission. To knock out a 30inch German Railroad Gun. This was the Best Episode for Military Operations during World War II. This German Gun is Firing on U.S.Troops and Knocking out Bridges.However, Lt. Benson is in command and his Father is a 3 Star General. Benson is smart on the Orders but has no Field Experience. The American infantry pulls back and the Squad is left alone on the Hill looking for the Gun. Smart thinking from Sgt. Saunders when he plants a Hand grenade under a Radio Pack. Sgt. Stoner assigned to the group becomes the Underdog when he saves Saunders life later in the Episode. Excellent Writing, Good Acting and Directing makes this a real Mission. Real Artillery Footage and real Artillery sound Effects. 6 Stars and Beyond [****]

  21. Those German Soldiers hiding behind bushes like it was a wall or something @13:00 . Hey its TV and the best  World 2  TV  show made .

  22. why are some of the folks dissecting this show like it was the real deal?it's fiction,who cares how long between shots the gun makes?

  23. "I hope it's worth it, Lieutenant." That's what I'd ask the last surviving German in that scene. He got off with just a leg wound. He could've scurried off to warn others, or something, but instead he sits up and gives away his position, effectively committing suicide, to snipe one guy…?

  24. One thing this series never scrimped on was… Character Building.
    -Former Sgt. 82nd Abn. 1/504 Inf. 71-74 82616

  25. Has anyone kept track of how many Germans this squad has killed so far? I think they could have won the war by themselves.

  26. This episode made me nostalgic for my field artillery days. During my first two years, I served in a firing battery FDC. We used old fashioned charts, darts, and slide rules. Computers came along and took all of the fun out of it. I cross trained as an observer but only called one live mission and that was from an OH-58.

  27. Wonder what happened to Lt. Bentons's eyes… Did the stone splinters cut the retina or the lens? How much sight did he have left, if any?

  28. Wayne bhase. even paul Newman hated guns. but when it came to money I guess the hate of guns is not important as the love of money.

  29. I've watched several of these shows, and I'm a big fan of 1950's movies, because they don't have foul language or nudity.  I'm not saying it didn't exist, as there were a few "Silver Screen" films with content just as bad as what you see today, only in black and white, but those are rare, and not something I look for.  I've been a gamer for life, and I was commenting on some kids language, and he surprised me by telling me its a war game, where people are dying, so of course foul language is supposed to fit in, …but I haven't heard any foul language in these 1950's war movies, so it must be a new thing.

  30. I don't get why they did not pick up the Schmeissers and clips, if only used for diversionary purposes. And toss the bolts from the Mausers several hundred yards away from the rifles. Deadly weapons left behind can come back to haunt any patrol.

  31. Before ww2 the snifer cannot shoot more than 700 yards and that is why they fight very close unlike now more than 1000 yards they hit the target just like the lone survivor story.

  32. Andrew Prine would go on to play an important role in "The Devil's Brigade" with William Holden and Cliff Robertson. The Germans tended to invest in a lot of weapons like the big railway guns that seemed impressive but were of little value. For example, the Bismarck, the Tirpitz, and other German surface vessels were impressive but the Germans would have been better off producing many more and better submarines.

  33. A GOOD lieutenant listens to his Sergeant – especially a COMBAT VETERAN like Sgt. Saunders.
    In the end, both the Lt. and Stoner proved they were SOLDIERS.

  34. Another "Special Mission" for the platoon – to "knock out" a single German gun. As if one German gun, no matter how big, could hold up any advance of major Army units.

  35. That big gun was called the Gustav Gun. It fired a shell the size of a small volkswagen car. The engineers in those Nazi factories who was America's very own also worked on building Henry Ford's Model T car, built the big Gustav Gun. And, the Engineers from the American General Motors built Hitler's big heavy Duty military trucks and the formidable Tiger Tank, and Panzer Tanks for the enemy. IT&T and Standard Oil helped the Nazi's with our new communication technology, and gasoline fuel. Diesel fuel, gasoline, asphalt, plastics, and synthetic rubber that was stolen from George Washington Carver by Henry Ford who partnered with Carver empowered the Nazi Third Reich. George Bush Sr's father Prescott Bush laundered Nazi funds through American banks. And, the gold taken from the teeth and personal wealth of the death camp prisoners was shared in by the Bush family who got filthy rich from death camp thievery. Also, the newspaper tycoon Randolph Hearst (father of Patty Hearst) was paid $400,000 by Hitler to fire and silence writers and editors who was against the Nazi Racial Cleansing Master Race Programs.

  36. soldiers have often described those railway gun shells as sounding like "freight trains"…and that is exactly what they sound like in this episode.

  37. This episode has a very high rating with viewers on IMDB and for good reason. What I really liked about this episode is the learning lesson that going by the book is sometimes very smart because the book has been created and assembled by learned men. So in this episode the very young Lt. Benton is going by the book …with good results. This also happened in "Saving Private Ryan" when Tom Hanks character uses the training manual to create a "sticky bomb" to disable a German tank at the end of the movie. No one else in his platoon knows anything about sticky bombs but the school teacher turned Officer Tom Hanks knows enough about sticky bombs to disable this German tank.

  38. I've seen FOs set up acoustic directional scopes in several locations, cross multiple intersecting azmuiths on a map, and fire at targets miles away with out ever seeing the target. They adjusted fire using the same method listening to the rounds impact.
    I think this was a Hollywood abreviated version of that method of fire control.
    They dont have to see the gun they're firing at or the rounds of our guns impacting. Just hearing them is enough. I've witnessed it!

  39. Had a good friend who was a .155 towed artillery crew chief during Vietnam. Told the story of an FO whispering on the radio calling in fire coordinates on his position " I'm in a tree they're all around me" an NVA Detachment was moving through his position….The basically called an artillery down on himself!!!

  40. Who ever wrote all these scripts I guess never inserted a common item from a smart squad leader: "Police up the schmeisers, ammo clips and grenades."

  41. Are always love the show when I was a kid but even then I always wondered where Sergeant Saunders managed to have all the magazines he shot up one or two in a jacket wouldn't do

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