COMBAT EXHAUSTION 1945 WW2 – Posttraumatische Störungen Krieg

w right there uh… classroom numerous rabin and it was a really
good full addresses you’ll be all right horrible uh… democrats who are gratified that we
will get looked at by threatening proposals forwarded right around here uh… shell-shocked evacuated and i will be especially hospital two months
after the verdict on record grabbed her bosses which examines is not an unusual on the battlefield many others have been his case for one thing is a young teacher and his little
sure shot the artichokes attorney’s office and this time will be held exclusively for
upon the nuances and afterward part of the evacuation hospital marinas adios soldiers raising their attacks and one of our political terms confusion all
right mister mod placing yourself in the situation of this
medical officer declaring station what what do you have done for jon clemens i don’t see whales are also could have gone
there seems no point keeping a place like this on the battlefield holograms laser-guided busy at their patients are really
shut up but i’m not around dot like that measure amazon looks to me like this and jobs cut that soldiers have been messed up from the
start to break down like that medical record shows there was a it ritual
for your work experience that card as well high school graduate played on and on the
football t-shirts at a credible job at the pittsburgh steelers
direct school at the age of eighteen in braintree he displays a picture of a typical american
ball and i was sick unless we do have something for you he made a mistake for an indefinite period
of time gentleman you are requested treat these patients your corrected to do so the issue with the pure statistics from recent
campaigns the size of the problem we’ll start with you these figures are mentally single indicated
person until boundaries were not wounded they were suffering from the house incessantly the overall picture for the entire campaign was fourteen point nine percent when you add up the e-ticket days of the tunisian
campaign you will find it sixteen percent along on federal cadres were suffering from
the rosters in promoting gave us we’re going is really we find a thirty to fifty percent along and coming up here candidature are suffering from combat exhaustion joanne that means that one of three or even when i’m up to oklahomans coming under medical cannabis does not have a problem now don’t get the idea that the american gcr is the only sell to the develops norms prostitutes six of the army’s arrives in at
least show that they are faced with the same problem you are members of the medical department ngos and cut the carol sec there are no specialists are all about if you’re still interested and can handle of a surgically removed settled in your mission you’ve got to be a medical center and the partners in the palmer issued to you lou you’ll find a copy of this char depicting the various forms of neurosis hysteria anxiety reactive depression and terroristic this will act as a guide to us as leaders of the war what we can observe actual cases wally treatment imitating it good morning category if you know rooster uh… bridge of hope to cumulative but you
know will never do it for him origins friends or are injured and consistent from crying but that didn’t go to bed the blooms of interest you did pretty well before the world and you generators the pools this man has an excellent background he got rich one hundred dollars a month is
an automobile sales manager cargo where did they send you here with you movements complaint because serene right misinterpreted forces newsu news from you thought there was a systematic middleman or you’ll feel better and workers so take
my word for it that can went through most of them pretending
to be the depth of your seo plus a loss of many of his friends gospel long physical the team have produced a reactive depression well a lot of other problems have been through
the same thing maybe pick and shovel discipline would pick
some up what does usually have these cases major i must properly treated suicide may occur these gentlemen were medical officers sargent
never interested in your story would you mind telling us what some of you lasorda i’d just can’t seem to get my strength back settled in they gave me a per-child i can only make it to the line has this been going on one is the first on the boat coming when did you write in the states well i don’t think you understand what’s going
on this man has just arrived from sesame did you see much action pictures can also we took a terrible sheline randazzo a lost love the bodies of did you stand up pretty well in that campaign closer except that the jurors once astute up as well
as anybody else you know when you feel you weakness posters all over mostly in my chest pains i got bread nigga got t_b_ well over hundred warned against that this is also great went back to normal physical rather than the emotional side is
in the first case would you mind showing us your fourth it’s
all healed up azman they said i was a really cool tell us how it happened i was cleaning my guide on the bandwagon area and what are accidentally that was outside of troy you know i was in did you try to save one of your man that was after we landed that system our company had to re-try one of our man couldn’t keep up with this was wounded we lost sight of it that i found myself by ecstasy hoped we could
go back and getting we got it alright as we started back jerry spiders and lay down a barrage of mortar
fire that was what i call hell breaking they had to leave them behind what happened to him yeah yeah house and i thought that you have yes about a week or so but shaper you live gender couldn’t sleep much kept thinking about that day sectoral is that a common occurrence in the first major in the battle points and listen there were three thousand cases like that the commander estes chief surgeon to investigate income that they were self inflicted floods and little nazi germany lizzie commander napoleon studies peters you’re in the air archer would you mind telling us about yourself combine the best i’d just refused to fly we’re scared no i don’t think so sir generates the unabomber apartments will be just like a football team one of the keeps popping up all the time bluntly
that it wasn’t easy tell us what happened at that you refused
flora the digital revolution that morning palestinian terribly nervous and safety i hadn’t slept for about three nights natalie walking over towards the ship i thought the butterflies in the stomach worse
than ever so i just wanted to make a difference to me
with it but certainly not dynastic just shouldn’t go out you always get what it was when you go you know i think that’s totally shot of the
leadership we text out there oppotunity nonverbal skills took about three days before the plaintiffs
assad huddled together within the same sense how do you feel about going back to fly publications and a lot to me noticed there were other advantages i think it hahaha whether or not they fly again well let’s cross that bridge when we come
to it you make a comment below it if you want but take a look at this he sent twenty missions and he’s been decorated four times this is another form of exhaustion none of the article or is operational fatigue we know how to an extremely common right now so these are the state but first let’s go straight to my spirit parkinson’s
disease but in reality is suffering from exhaustion note the rhythmic tremor of his lips which hands please meet the receipt he was pinned down by enemy mortar fire concussion and observation post the better
part of four days he was flown in to us this morning from the combat area speech is difficult so we won’t burden with questions treatment will begin immediately here we have a variety of anxiety neurosis
with this release function how’s your stomach from liver cancer every soldier how long has this been going on it started when i was in action about six
weeks ago corroborate about thirty pounds of the company will select out for you here any other complaints everything seems to want to pieces the heartbeat self defense my stomach just can’t seem to get over my battery and obviously it’d be hard one for those dreams you dream about anything in particular terrible stuff uh… ranch scripting being startup possible memories of the sort of there’s mobility i want to jump out of bed every time a plane
goes overhead financial interests and sorry i can’t even
bread but here forward too much so you’ll be better soon and now we come to a case of back pain was
not working too faces just what is the pain driven into your shoulder blades sir how long has it been going on well the worth thirty couple weeks still doesn’t really are cute but i’ve had to struggle reasons i was but eight years old la boheme wagoner mob
at mara is better you know a lot of trouble none of their bed too how do you remember what to do paralleled my backed it doesn’t get any better letters to the literal use them on there is no better alright soldier that’s market place’s has been found for his complaint gentleman this is the type of constitutionally
inadequacy in which there’s a fixed somatic complaint in addition to diffuse anxiety symptoms he has brought his complaint with him into
the army his chances of rehabilitation or slight and he should be weeded out as quickly as
possible because he would be wrong first to break down and come if you look at your charge you’ll find that we have dealt with various forms of reactive depression and meetings at the state there are other types of combat exhaustion the tariff status panic tends to blur and the hysterical state of amnesia or someone that was in hospitals this far from the front however we do have an interesting patient
and learn who went through an episode of hysterical
amnesia with wandering or fuel as it is called sit-down kelly would you mind telling these medical officer
something about that lapse of memory you had golden the time when i wouldn’t have happened
in the one thing about it yes what you wanted them there well i don’t want to let them a trailer direction
i think that we don’t that’s right the past year up in the hospital uncensored
to not have your mentor what sugary and did you feel fit fellow electorate renewable strength back but that didn’t get anything lol so we just hung around and problems with stuff
like that and not tell us what happened on that problem
they were using live ammunition well we will probably want to take a hit shouldn’t uh… tuneful chill and boston ottawa that women want to do it they want but the brother of mine adept next thing i remember uncertain such technology
inc several days later i look at what’s ahead on lebanon three legged
dog afforded davidson dubbed into a bombshell attache russia the chromium pagetracker and part of the m_p_’s do whale nobody believed the story so intelligent and included well i don’t think medical two sides of the
home of the solution to you although i would believe his story you made that i was a true one because it’s so typical of what has been covered
on the battlefield rather strange don’t you think he went to a half a dozen battles and then broke down on the maneuver and i would come to the case it was under
discussion in the classroom job clams we don’t have his record he represents another of those curious the conversion today since no definitive treatment has been given
him you will find that it’s going to go condition has not changed between the time you left
combat and his arrival here a few days ago and i’m noah adams we want to see you all hasn’t helped her will you help themselves i walk down that way i think you can walk by yourself by moonstruck that’s it now i’m back number and forward as far as you can is not as much as you can do diamondback is an historic event brave soldier careful diagnostic studies made on this page no-repeat burner allergic disease is present x_-rays of negative this is a converted from a known as camp to korean which is greek for ben we bring the chairs and our clemens will you tell me to do are you can remember in the way this started there’s not much i can remember sir us on the side of my only moral indictment
cherry on top of everything head so i don’t have any responsible adults only i was superior i’m sorry sir just can’t take much more and suddenly i felt people pulling out assault mister let me ask you told us about the medics pulling
you out and that’s all of a story that he remembers and optimum we come to the subject of the other patients you’ve just seen will be
treated by prolonged deep sleep or marcos’ there that we are going to treat this patient with chemical hypnosis they should restore his normal posture chemical hypnosis produces a state of semi
sleeper worked well and staying in which suggest ability is increased as it isn’t ruling it mixes by using the suggests ability and uh… inducing and reaction picture of his condition can be brought about if you’ll probably agree it was a patient
will be demonstrated measuring tape while we’re waiting for the patient let’s
review some of the drug users and our closest therapy and chemical hypnosis the drugs of choice on the road because your
case the most practical one for producing and maintain
our courses is this one sodium can tell there’s an ample supply of a in your number
two if yes on the average nine twelve range will produce adequate marcos’ four from seven
to eight hours when he wakes up the patient and beef and
taken to the ministry there was another calendar to be repeated and the marcoses discontinued as long as necessary patients with foreign develop a rise in combat
exhaust into a requirement that i will of twenty four hours of continuous marcos’ salary wire forty eight to seventy two hours a second barbiturates with an action almost
identical with that of sodium amytal is willing to tell former haha kissing spring every seven or eight hours you are not getting combat exhaustion massive
doses of these drugs are needed in therapy eight-thirty barbiturates is the familiar drug treatment worked out tablets part one half brain four-and-a-half grains we usually producer
ecuador courses but on occasion six grades may be necessary you can expect sleeps for longer periods then
with sodium amytal and then get up it’s actually the estimated at over twelve
hours after which you may proceed as was the first
to drugs another drug available to you is so important line it’s usually suggested only one others cannot
be obtained dosages extreme variable its action using constant and intends to part of the bloodstream sort
of toxic states may develop emergency inhalation anesthetics such as either they used to put these troubled an invitation
to speak with me drugs may also be used intravenously a ten percent solution of sodium amytal may
be administered with orthodox technique the reagan administration is one cubic centimeter
amend it the average preaching will go to sleep after
the administration of five to eight ccs and will remain a mystery for seven to eight hours in our case however wouldn’t her mother intravenous
drug pent-up but then it would be courteous how do i want to go to grow proposes therapy it with a tremendously quickly and effectively
but it’s actually was extremely short for our person of the chief value of medical
is introducing chemical hypnosis informal seminar courses or twilight state wounded two percent solution appendix off premeditation without being has been delayed our nation is ready now uses medicine will relax your muscles completely and help your back the reagan administration is just a cd permit a major way you can contact me we’ll take a break in the needle now if you have any effect nelson and when it’s going to bed one minute within the administration of the wreckage
is easy for a minute i think a lot of them impenetrable pitching yet you’re right were directly affected by the organization
is a feeling of well being two minutes nahi methodist eat this couple warming island methods potential little-noticed slurring of speech is beginning to have to go do it in a ciation they showed the drug is having a pet we have not objected six cc’s of the solution already god-awful blessed blinded by their that shows taking effect catch her is a great stuff for your back it straightened out we are now almost reached the level of chemical
hypnosis well let me anywhere anytime that you are there is a very simple test for the determination
of the optimum level of chemical hypnosis one of the patient contact word from a hundred and becomes confused will not only is it the
right state and tomorrow you’ll remember had encountered
at all at this level he will be extremely suggestible we’ve been talking to me kiddos probably categories backwards from a hundred one hundred machine solidly move-in date that’s pretty much a bit we won it back gift endangered by the but wheat down reports olexson back habib imprint aka club work milk decrepit pat right there between three and a lot of them that i’ve talked apt chachiji catholic dot com clinics all all okay thank you there are a little relaxed now black-white good-byes all straight this gentleman with a lot of bad reaction sometimes it is necessary to coax the patient
to revisit the emotional stress is that the events which produced uses period but it is more common for up to happen spontaneously
isn’t it here knowing that it off his chest and this is the time for suggestive therapy remember the pentagon increases the suggest
ability your body spray and strong your back is frustrated let’s set up but i can’t say ought apart again okay well im paris after all that money ought to use it for a
long time but memorable way out catalog at that of course however well you know as well as you know would you like to see all of them all well holster although what about you your battle right now wassup soldier what’s happening which brings me back please so you walking straight traumatic shoulders uh… but she won’t listen treatment is not complete in this case i’ll go through a general reconditioning program
which will be a great confidence will complete what we started here this morning but that they can really get major that question can best be answered by giving
you a summary of the operational plan of this hospital it is divided into three sections admission treatment and rehabilitation shortly after his arrival each patient is given a complete physical
examination in order to ascertain the cause of this error this includes dental service and a necessary laboratory studies these are followed by intelligence tests and complete mental examination if necessary special rights psychiatric studies such as the rock shop technique or other personality test are met after careful summary of these findings treatment is based upon the physical and psychological
background of the patient and the symptoms it presents marcos’ therapy or continuously treatment have proved of great value in a large series
of many patients showing marked anxiety tension inability to sleep frankfort or emotional instability respond in the street by giving them sodium amytal or other barbiturates the patients are kept asleep eighteen to twenty
hours per day for several days in other words not cosas unmodified insulin
therapies are combined insulin is given in the morning marcos’ carried out in the afternoon and evening as webmetro found in the american civil war soldiers with combat exhaustion almost invariably
suffered great loss of weight the insulin treatment consists of the administration from forty two hundred units each morning
before breakfast with this chemical stimulation sheets on average problem i have tons of food per day which is more than twice the amount normally
consume by means of this combination of fat fees symptoms of acute tensioner relieved and the restoration of weight can be expected at the rate i’ll have to one pound per day careful attention to diet is an important part of the therapeutic balanced meals are planned for higher caloric
value and proper vitamin com patients who shall mark’s symptoms of reactivity may be given the electrical shock in addition to the combination insulin and
marcos’ therapy as previously demonstrated knuckle analysis and hypnosis are used to
eliminate and music scene suggestion by the director in the form of that are not the suggestion is implied inversion during the february patients go through a program of exercise designed to maintain physical individual or group re-education is undertaken so that patience may understand because of
their homes after patients have completed their treatment they are placed in a training cup here they live in the back sooner given our
usual of military training prasad popped detailed work sensible occupational therapy projects leading to constructed and and what type consistent with the job of the
field so but so are included for physical hardening coordination of muscle and the fostering of team spirit during the training company period a series of discussions is undertaken to review of the soldier of the reasons why
we’ve will serve to rehabilitate soldier observe him under military conditions compare him once more for army wife and ultimately return him to active duty are there any questions what percentage of cases are you trying to
active duty in this hospital major we see yugoslavs arbitrary gandhi it area with gospel
and i think i work with i was coming to our gentleman early treatment in the combat zone does not
require elaborate facilities and would eliminate most of our set up here we in the communications on despite all the
celebrities can return away a very small percentage of
patients to actual combat duty radio out of the florida area can by getting out the rally seven seventy to eighty percent back to me in the front line you have been shot on this hospital in order to acquaint you with the principles
underlying the treatment of combat exhaustion treatment in the heart area is based on the
chemical principles modified to meet the tactical demand when patients arrived at the parents station primary importance to separate the exhaustion
cases positioning injured a by i’d upgrade during a robbery perpetrate
prasad academic kick caveat if required well-connected it eight we’re going to go pregnant and demographic information apricots product why caitlin can’t regards haiti date asap down kate hazard do you k k it based on your catholics side that means you’re not planting athlete for a tax cut backtracked eighty years we’ll let you know i will take care dear well holding you’ll be quiet now but according to the back home in case he’s
excited you mix taking and believe me it is based on that sitting down on that later bringing some sort of campbell whatsoever and that means that we
have a book on the senate saddam is just a moment philadelphia pa flexi trouble soldiers well drilling pennies legal uh… you wanted to anyone mostly it’s just it nevertheless goldberg not only one cannot be good can understand you’re from that outfit that had held shot
out of a while back last year trouble did you do or not what you need is some rest and simple wrinkling her mental gamble that’s right it will that’s fine it was a little now leaves incidents in blankets standard for excellence putting two thursdays dictates included it’s absolutely video right now he can take care of just like that all of this you can’t from what was up but i want you to realize is that you’re exhausted s changes will any doubt this train causes muscle tension business muscle tension and make sure shaped
like that don’t worry about that i’m going to inject some medicine that will work through your entire body relax your muscles when the muscles are relaxed six will be gone both mood now into little state you can breathe easier now take a deep breath maxine it’s not shaking anymore that’s because the muscles are relaxed i’ll give you the rest of the medicine you’ll go south on this week when you wake six will be gone you will feel left unique mistakes will be gone you you well you you practically well seriously now didn’t cover him up just a minute crap are you feeling company my chest seems concert i feel it is a little that pain is gone the dismissal are often
are too bogus checks with c_n_n_’s but how much let’s go outside not crap i’d like to find something for you to do until
we get transportation back here after broker of the right time twenty point out perfect answer they do not going to yasser they demand report back to me when you have any now find
something up for you to do ldl program revenue program morning correct part of that have eleven or from what might happen memorable again but i’m wondering labrador
babbling womanhood well you know when we’re going to happen boulevard of drug there had been buried in
the dark you couldn’t move it you may have been mistaken but i will indeed i believe your article reptiles contemplation governor not at all when you’re scared we all get scared on the battlefield you imagine a lot of fighting renfrew when your mind is tired you’re liable
to make a mistake that’s what happened to you had treatment
in your hand in a while be ready to return to duty now purebred arrival they’re not they’re going up and take a few
minutes minority road outdated they give you a megaphone reliving the moment
uh… register promega that the second lieutenant you’re going forward
have got a passenger for you we’ll have to have a real man off reportedly admitted his position k buckle your paper the punitive back for that
report for tonight evening caution tape to me that’s why i want you to pay special attention
to it stating its and even break who often ride
offices confuse cowardice with the keep a diary seem to be good for your retirement preferential treatment serial number over two hundred necessarily lead name atty uh… less important job appears perjury right
now are you know the answer to our audience yesterday’s premise pretty farrell with you the fact that those troops out there have
been driving a hard for a long time now under beginning to show
evidence of combat exhaustion i want you to catch them before this develops the program or stages of trying to treat these
men watch lee early suck the most prominent of these are poor physical
coordination slowing of mental processes excessive reaction to new orleans inability
to relax arrest even when there is opportunity and outbursts the temper over trivial matter powerball jackpot above level ground and eventually bilingual probably bernard
you have the conservatives sedation and reassurance you know jim she got to walk a hot me a good night’s rest such treatment relapse casualties from combat
exhaustion prevention long evacuation and reserves hide w

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  1. Reel 1, combat exhaustion cases are brought to an aid station, Army doctors are lectured on combat fatigue, and "hysteria" cases are examined. Reel 2 describes physical disorders resulting from battle fatigue. Reel 3, a victim of hysterical amnesia is treated with various drugs. Reel 4, a patient relives his combat experiences while under chemical hypnosis.

  2. Reel 5, patients receive personality tests and sleep therapy. Electric shock and insulin is used on "loss of weight" cases. Rehabilitated patients pitch tents and drill. Reel 6, sodium amytyl is given fatigue cases at the front. Psychiatric officers at the front attempt to detect signs of exhaustion prior to collapse.

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