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If people often know Chelsea boots with classic, delicate and gentlemen Alphine boots, Work boots or Combat boots are get little attention Have people just only known the great Timberland or Dr marten? And today, I will talk about Combat boots , warrior’s shoes ! Let’s go ! What’s good everybody ! Hai Nam here! Welcome back to my channel! Combat boots which also called warrior’s shoes designed for soldiers when they fight So they look quite strong and sturdy And the great Dr Marten has contributed to the success of turning military shoes into an iconic classic fashion item, , it’s really ICONIC There was a time, about 5 to 6 years ago, , the boots of Dr Marten creating a trend that spread across the pavements and alleys of Viet Nam Young people who love backpacking, extreme sports, or just want to get themselves a tough, dusty and masculine appearance often associated with combat boots Going away for a few years, since the sneaker and streetwear dominating fashion in the world, people only care about which Jordan’s shoes you wear? What is the color scheme of your Yeezy shoes? and then boots like this are less of concern The common characteristics of combat boots are very heavy, thorny and pitiful It have the sole which always available for slip resistance Material can be made of hard leather, waterproof material Today, they’re retained the same design but are replaced by softer and more comfortable types And today I’ll bring a pair of … Combat boots from Kollar clothing This is my favorite brand and it from Canada About 2 weeks ago they just finished Fashion at Fall / Winter New York fashion week 2020. They have brought an extremely FIRE collection and it is a spectacular step forward of Kollar The boot is a limited production from a factory in Colombia The Combat Sneaker draws inspiration from utilitarian aesthetics and brings it to a more casual silhouette by placing the combat-inspired upper on a crepe sneaker sole . In order to be trendy and more aesthetic. But still retain the original beauty of combat boots Kollar has improved the die-cast plastic sole, it is replaced with crepe sole that’s rough, scabrous to increase adhesion Kollar strap boots usually are made of Blade Stitch structure As for these combat boots, there are many other layers inside the crepe sole which are linked by plywood structure This crepe sole is the outer layer, which is used glue to bond but it is very solid and has a high finishing I extremely appreciate this sole, it will help the shoes to be more comfortable to use. Behind the boot heel is a protruding Kollar logo In general, the sole is not too thick but it is enough to help you cheat a little height Inside the Insole is quite thick. It is red and imprinted with silver “Kollar” on it. Looks very Luxury About the form of the boots These boots have a pretty slim toe, not too “chubby” like the original boots The heel is also more compact to create a sense of elegance It has a fairly high neck With a soft curve running from the neck of the shoe to the Upper In general, the form is quite slender and slim It create a sense of neat, not too heavy as the original combat boots The Upper is made of Nubuck leather – a top grain leather. This leather is surface treated to create velvet-like smoothness The original combat boots are usually made of hard leather and waterproof material . It’s not ventilated, but keep warm very well Also boots like this are replaced with Nubuck leather will create ventilation, lightness and comfort About structure The body of the shoe is made up of 2 separate leather pieces connecting the vamp and the quarter with stitches On the back there is another piece of leather, running from the neck of the boots to the end but not touching the sole inner YKK zipper – Made in Japan The shoes laces is very long and it is pierced through a lot of eyelets. It is characteristic of combat boots The zipper and the Eyelets are made of silver-plated stainless steel contrasts with black colour of the boots The detail around the neck of the boots and the tongue part are made of 100% full grain leather The lining part is made of 100% pig leather It’s so amazing !!! Actually a pair of boot is made of many different leathers like these creates an interest for me In the tongue part printed stamping number 8 is the size of the boots A detail can only be recognized by the owners of the boots There some details although small but it is designer’s calculation, make up the subtlety for the entire parts of the boots In general, this pair of boots has a quite high level of finishing, actually must cop must cop !!! You can combine combat boots with skinny jeans, leather pant or cargo pant… all look cool and personality By the time, these combat boots are fashion a lot and are improved on materials also like form of shape Warrior’s shoes nowadays have became a very iconic fashion item and these shoes like these are still “tough”, can use at every terrain and severe weather But I advise you guys that if u guys are owning these fashionable boots like these then you should go on flat terrain like in the city and avoid rains. You should less going to the terrain which is hard to move, also because to improving this sole to make it become more fashionable so these features like go jungle or go on the desert are have been much more limited And certainly, combat boots can’t be missing for people who like dust of the street, the bloody flame of Punk rock come from Grunge style If Video is interesting and useful, please give me a like and a subscribe, also share the video, leave a comment down below. And once again, I’m Hai Nam I make video about fashion-street style and lifestyle! Peace out !!!

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