Clubbell Exercises For Strength (Get Lean, Strong and Powerful Fast!)

Indian clubs are a phenomenal tool for developing
strength, mobility, and full body power. This video, we’ll show you our six favorite exercise
with the Indian clubs to enhance your performance in every aspect of your life. For the best advice from medical and fitness
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Hello, my name is Michael Gibbs. I’m a nurse practitioner, strength and conditioning specialist.
I’m a yoga instructor and I absolutely love Indian clubs. I love them for their ability
to really enhance your shoulder mobility and be used as a shoulder rehabilitation tool.
But from an athletic performance perspective, the ability for this club, which is odd-shaped
and long, and provides some leverage to actually develop your mobility, your strength, your
power, and really give you a good cardiac workout, makes it an optimal tool for an athlete. This video will show you how to use the Indian
clubs and you will notice a substantial performance improvement with regards to your shoulder
mobility, your shoulder efficiency, your shoulders strength, and your full body power. Now I’m
going to have Eric Infante demonstrate six fantastic exercises with the Indian clubs.
Eric has been a yoga instructor for about 20 years and he’s been teaching as a trainer,
unconventional training methods such as Indian clubs, kettlebells, sandbags, TRX, and battle
ropes for almost 15 years. So the first exercise we’re going to do is
call the rocket series. So we’re going to do a front rocket and then we’re going to
do a side rocket. The benefits to the rocket are one, it’s perfect for a warmup. So we’re
going to get heart rate up. Core activation is going to be happening. But the primary
thing is to start to get your hip hinge to work proper. And then also to understand the
relationship from the shoulder through the end of the club bell. So we’re going to start here in our hinge
position and then we’re going to rip route every time the club bell comes forward and
back. We’re going to be dropping the seat and we’re trying to keep the club bell on
an even playing without flashing it forward or lifting it forward or backwards too much. So as you can see, I’m coming into little
baby squats every single time I’m bringing the club bell forward or back. Same thing
for the side. So I’m going to use one at a time. The benefit to the side rocket is we still
have to take the hips back and not move laterally side to side. So we’re getting a lot of good
stability going on with adductors as well as external rotators as well. So that is the
side rocket as well as the forward back rocket. And so the next exercise we’re going to do
is the club bell swing. And very much like with the kettlebell has done for us by giving
us a ballistic movement, we’re going to hip hinge back about a third, and then we’re going
to come forward explosively squeezing the glutes as we engage the core upward. So we’re
going to hit hinge here. Bringing the club bell just about eye level.
Using the exhale on the way up. A firm squeeze to the glutes and engage the core. Shoulders
are packed down, not raising up to the ears here like Olympic lifting would. Keep a long
spine. Tailbone to crown is long, so we’re not rounding. If you’ve ever worked with Indian clubs, please
enter the comment Indian clubs in the comment section below. So the next exercise we’re going to do a pendulum
swing and where we’re going to start is the order position. So meaning the club bell comes
up in front of us where the elbows tucked tightly to the ribs, and then the forearms
are about parallel to the floor. And obviously the club bell is parallel to the wall. So
the beginning is we’re all locked out in the three hinges, but when we bring it up to bring
it forward, we’re going to hinge at the ankle, the knee, as well as the hip. We’re going
to bring the club bell forward with velocity as we unlock these hinges. Swing to order, swing to order, and now in
sequence without stopping. And so the hinges create more of a spring like action and also
absorbs the shock off the joints. So in this next exercise we’re going to talk
about the club bell mill. The mill is a classic club bell movement and the benefits to this
is a lot of core activation, a lot of understanding the hip route. There’s also going to be some
torso rotation involved and anti torso rotation involved. On top of that, it’s really great
for shoulder mobility and shoulder strengthening at the same time. So there’s a lot of benefits
here. So the first thing we want to do is understand
is we get the feet set up on a slight angle as to where the club bell muscle’s going to
launch from, from an overhead position. And then we’re going to be bringing the club bell
to a side swing all the way out. And then we’re going to have this club bell have a
transitionary range down the back of one side scapula. And then we’re going to use our hip
rooting to launch it back out. So there’s a lot of moving parts into this mill. So let’s
go through it. From the swing. And that’s why we warmed up with the rocket. So now we
can understand our hip relationship, our hip root relationship to the weight of the club. So because of the way the club bell was made
and the weight distribution of this tool, there’s not a lot of weight in the handle.
All the weight is here at the muzzle. So because of just this weight distribution this becomes
a great tool for core work. So I’m going to go through an oblique system here to get obliques
to work. So the gripping is going to be important. The way we want to to grip this is where the
weight of the muzzle is away from us. And so we’re going to be dragging the weight of
the muscle on this arc. So are we going over opposite shoulder to
the outside of the opposite hip. So you get a firm grip towards the end of the handle
and then depending upon size of the club bell and the weight of the club bell and how hard
you want to work, you place your hand with a C-cup grip here on the other side where
the weight is. We’re going to come feet flat on the mat. Your hips stay on the mat, your
shoulders will be rolling a little bit. So we’re going to take a gentle elbow bend here
along the way and then this top arm reaches, the top arm reaches as far as your shoulders
allow, and then we’re going to bring the club belt handle to the outside hip. As we’re dragging
this weight. So a little bit on the other side. We offer online strength and conditioning
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  1. Seems like a cross between a light Indian club and a kettlebell. I have seen these made out of wood before but these look more manageable from a size perspective.

  2. I have never seen one of the club bells before. I can how it may provide a better workout in some cases. Less bulky.

  3. Excellent exercises and advice as usual, Michael ! i have never used a clubbell before. I need Some Shoulder Work ! love the rocket exercise !

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