39 thoughts on “Close Grip Barbell Bench Press | Arm Workout

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  8. I just happened to come across your bic and tri workout. I want to thank you for making each one easy to follow. My question out of all the bic and tri how many bic and tri exercises should  pick. I know I can not do all in a single workout. Thanks again!

  9. Use a 3-4 inch false grip in the center of the bar with the bend there facing downward. Lower all the  way down and press up. Use 12-15 reps for sets. I am 62 and have been training since 1968 with a 19 inch arm and NO steroids ever unlike this puffy guy.  I can stills simultaneously seated press on a 80-degree incline 100 pound dumbbells for 8-9 reps per set.

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