Close Combat The Bloody First – Review I

Time to review the TBF This new Close Combat was launched to the public yesterday The main screen is simple and all the colors from menus are remembering a old book Before you play, you should set your options, comparing to the old CC, there are a lot of options The music is probably the best music in a CC game, ever I use a very fast zoom and scroll, I have a wireless gaming mouse with two additional buttons, I them with a macro instead of the wheel, it is faster. The difficult settings just increase the amount of units and type, with recruit, you have better troops All the other settings are what you see, they have not any secret I go to play the first battle from Operation Cobra in Normandy, a big map with tanks Comparing to other CC games, the selection screen is poorer, you can not hear weapon sounds Everything simple but TBF was made by a small team, mostly one programmer and it is the first version from a reboot TBF must be compared with the CC1. The previous Gateway to Caen had several games after it sharing everything TBF can not be compared more far from the gameplay But there are some new features as create additional teams as bazookas, scouts, assault teams, snipers, dividing teams in two Mostly it is similar to the CC3 with a different look In the tactical mode, there are three default views controlled with the L key. In this game, I prefer the isometric view instead from the usual CC top view in fact, if you play older CC games, you will see how the top view is more
a thing a bit isometric, it is not a pure top view Game cameras, zoom and more can be edited in a file named MAPVIEW.txt I can rotate the camera but I am not a fan from it, you can lose the sense of direction
You control it with the arrow keys The game add the usual keys from defend, ambus, target enemy, N, M, V, etc….as a old CC By default, the selection is not exactly as other CC, you need activate the clasic UI,
it activates the righ click for the orders menu There are an additional line showing you the distance but I do not like this feature, it can be removed Next I put my teams where I like, I have played the map many more times, I know the best positions ๐Ÿ˜‰ Beneficts from be playing the game more of 18 months ๐Ÿ˜‰ This CC almost show the same info than before about teams, it is very similar Time to start the battle and look if the game is a real CC game The most important part is the gameplay, how difficult it is, the AI behaviour,
in the old games the AI was very bad At this map, the AI has three tanks, 1 Panther and 2 Mark IV H.
They look good but personally the default zoom is too high,
it can be edited as I said before Realism is very good, at this maps with few covert, at dayligh, you need sneak and be down most of the time
or you will lose troops I have read people saying about bad AI,
personally they lie or they have not played other CC games If the AI was bad as in previous CC, the AI would be attacking you in a kamikaze attack
, it would not sneak and ambush you as you can see here The vehicles movement is perfect, there is not a reverse option, vehicles go at reverse
depending from what their drivers think.;) As before, destroy a enemy tank is a matter of lucky and several shots, I have read
about people saying how long are these combats, it is as previous CC games,
exactly equal As in all the other original CC games, the support is bad, the mods will improve these things for sure But we can not say how it is not fun, few more and I destroy my own tank, there is friendly fire In the older CC games, the M10 had a 0.50 HMG but here it was not added
because it is a AA weapon and it must be controlled out the vehicle,
I do not like this feature If I had a 0.50, these enemies would be killed easily, just with the main gun, the M10 is very bad against infantry The game is not out bugs, there are some small things, nothing too bad Things start to be dangerous, the AI can be hard with vehicles Panther vs M10, in close distance the Panther only is better by the armor.
At this game, you can fire from one corner of a map to another You can see this in the Africa maps, they are very opened,
Normandy and Sicily maps are more closed
and you have more covert for your troops Finally my M10 destroyed the dangerous Panther Time to use the Bazooka, have fun ๐Ÿ™‚ As you can see the AI defends and capture victory positions. At this house, I had liked a 105mm gun, it was a bloody hell! Tell me now about the bad AI again…….. You can check your troops after battle but I confess how I am not a fan from this part, ever Now I go to show you how create a customized battle You choose the map You must add victory positions, exit positions, controlled terrain, date, hour,
if I have not told you, there are night battles You must add something in the briefing text The troops are divided by battlegroups, just the support is selected one by one,
but be advise, you can not add thousands of support units, there are limits ๐Ÿ™‚ And next you can play the battle saved if you want, it is very easy More videos other day

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