ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Review + Bonus Offer

(upbeat music) – Hey guys, this is
Spencer from Buildapreneur, and I want to do a quick
review because I’ve had a lot of requests for something
that I didn’t even think people were looking for, but
it’s the Affiliate Bootcamp of ClickFunnels, and so if you’re familiar with Buildapreneur, I do a lot
of stuff with ClickFunnels, and especially their affiliate program. That’s how I make a lot of my
money, and a lot of it started with that Affiliate
Bootcamp, and so I’m happy to do a review of the Affiliate Bootcamp. I’m happy to kind of show
you the backend and show you what’s going on there and
what you’re gonna get. It’s important to note
that the Affiliate Bootcamp is completely free, and
so if you’re looking for a review before you sign
up, I would just go below and sign up right now. There’s no reason not to, right? It is free, there’s tons
of important information, and so I’m gonna kind of
go over what it is there and we’ll go from there. So right here, you can see when you log into your Affiliate Bootcamp
this is what you’re gonna see, this dashboard right here. It’s gonna give you
all the different days, and so it’s actually a 100
day challenge that you do 100 days worth of tons
and tons of information on how to succeed not only
as a ClickFunnels affiliate, but as an affiliate, period. So there’s kind of some welcome stuff, and then they just dive into videos. They give you formulas, they
help you develop yourself as a, you know, as a person
kind of like I am right now. Someone that can actually spread
affiliate links and do well and have people like them along the way. Hopefully people don’t hate me. It teaches you kind of like
how much you can spend, how to make a lot more money per customer, a lot of things like that,
and what most of these are in these first five to 10
days is it’s Russell Brunson, if you’re familiar with him
he’s the founder of ClickFunnels and does very, very well
with online funnels. It’s him giving presentations,
and these are presentations that a lot of people
paid a lot of money for and he’s giving presentations
on strategy on how to do well online, and so
packed with good information. Honestly, the Affiliate
Bootcamp should just be called the online marketing bootcamp
because it has sections about affiliate marketing,
but it’s just packed with how to be a
successful online marketer, how to create sales funnels,
how to make a ton of money off each person that comes
through your funnels, and things like that. I’m kind of clicking on
these so you can kind of see what’s going on. He talks a lot about creating
offers, about email sequences, and so he’s very, very good
at making a lot of money down the road off people that
he captures an email address from, and the way that I
know that is, as an affiliate of his if I bring someone in,
then I get a small percentage of everything that that person
spends down the road, right? So if he sends out an
email for a new product and someone buys it and
they had originally come in through my link, then I
get a percentage of that, and Russell Brunson, I average
probably between 20 and $50 for every person that I can
get into one of his funnels because he continually sells them. He has tons and tons of products. They’re all quality products. People love them, they
help people make money, and so all I need to do is
get someone into that funnel and he’ll do the rest ’cause
he’s very good at upselling and he really does give
you all those secrets, all those email upselling secrets
and sequences that he uses and kind of the mindset and the psychology behind what he’s doing. He does a lot of that in
these days, 11 through 15. They do have some funnel trainings. They teach you a little bit
about how to use ClickFunnels. I’m gonna be honest, it’s not a lot. You’re not gonna come away
feeling like you know how to build anything in
ClickFunnels at the end of this whole Affiliate
Bootcamp, and so as part of that if you stay til the end
and actually sign up through ClickFunnels through
my link, I offer a 14-day trial, but also a 14-day set
of videos that’ll teach you all the technical aspects of
ClickFunnels, how to get your videos set up, all that,
and that’s how I do well with my affiliate marketing is
I make this offer for people, and I actually learned that
from this Affiliate Bootcamp, and so there you go. Full of good stuff, right? But as you can see, he
teaches you a little bit about Facebook advertising. He teaches you a lot
about how to get traffic, and there’s actually a lot of
movies where Russell Brunson or Kevin Chia or other members
of his ClickFunnels team will show you the backend
of their Facebook account and they’ll show you ads they’ve created, and kind of the strategies that they use when they’re running
ads, and then he talks about other traffic sources. So as you can see here, he
talks about different ways that you can get traffic in
this section and there’s five or six videos in that. He talks about FunnelScripts,
so one of the biggest keys to success as an affiliate
or as anything online as an online marketer, oh, sorry, is you’ve got to be able to sell, right? You’d be blown away by the
fact that changing a few words in copy can take your
conversion from 2% to 4%, and the difference between
2% and 4% is probably the difference between you
losing money each month and you making money each
month, and so it’s very, very important the psychology
of sales and being able to write copy that really
compels people to go with your offer, and he has
a lot of training on that, and he actually has tools
and offers on that as well. He teaches you a lot about split testing in the next section. He teaches you how to
make these split tests and really figure out what’s
working and what’s not because that’s really the only
way you’re ever gonna find out how to succeed and what
people really want to hear and what they want to buy, and
honestly, the rest of this, in my opinion, not killer important. I kind of feel like at the end
they were kind of scrabbling for stuff, but the first
50 days is mind-boggling. Especially the first 10 days. If you can just get
through the first 10 days, you will know so much more
about online marketing than you ever thought
you could know for free. So it’s totally worth
signing up, sign up below. I have two links and I want you to kind of know what they do. The first one you can just sign
up for an Affiliate Bootcamp account, and that’s gonna help
you and you’re gonna be able to learn all this stuff, but
if you really want to succeed as a ClickFunnels affiliate,
I’m gonna be honest, you need to sign up for ClickFunnels. You can’t, you can’t promote
and actively, you know, get people to use something
that you don’t use yourself because people eventually figure it out and they’re not happy with it. They, you know, they
ask you about something or they talk to you and they
slowly figure out this guy doesn’t even use the
product he’s promoting, and so if you’re going
to promote ClickFunnels, you need to use ClickFunnels. It’s $100 a month. I know that can seem like a steep price, but if you can just get your
first two people signed up, you’re paying for your
ClickFunnels account, and you can go from there,
and I promise you will do much better if you have
a ClickFunnels account, and so the second link is
a sign up for ClickFunnels, and the reason you should use
that link is as an affiliate of ClickFunnels, I
motivate people to sign up for ClickFunnels with
different bonuses, and my bonus is a very large course where I explain how to use ClickFunnels, I walk
you through my ClickFunnels account, I teach you the specifics that ClickFunnels doesn’t teach you. You know, the really technical things. How to set up email
integrations and how to do all the tracking that you need
in ClickFunnels, analytics, things like that, how to
create a membership area. I give very detailed stuff,
and ClickFunnels kind of has stuff out there on
it, but most of this is like written down, it’s kind of hard, and honestly it’s not their forte. They’re more about strategy,
and so if you sign up through the link down below,
you just gotta let me know and I’ll be able to verify,
and I can go get you that 14-day ClickFunnels course, and you’ll be able to go from there. There is a ton, a ton of money
as a ClickFunnels affiliate. They pay 40%, and so I kind of want to show you real quick
my ClickFunnels account. This is, I’ve been going
for about, as an affiliate I’ve been going for about
two or three months. As a ClickFunnels user, I’ve
been going for about six or seven months, but as you
can see here, last 30 days I’ve made $10,800 as a
ClickFunnel affiliate, and so it’s a very lucrative
program, it’s got a lot of potential, but you need
to spend a month or so first taking the Affiliate Bootcamp,
signing up for ClickFunnels, making sure you understand
it, and then you’ll be able to really succeed as a
ClickFunnels affiliate, and so that’s my bonus, and
that’s kind of the review of ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp. It’s good stuff, and good luck
guys and thank you very much.

8 thoughts on “ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Review + Bonus Offer

  1. Hello, I signed up to click funnels with your link provided as I'm doing the Affiliate Boot Camp 100 day challenge. Are you able to send me your free training. Thanks a bunch!

  2. Since there is so much stuff in the Bootcamp, at what time would you recommend getting into your course? Obviously there is a huge learning curve, just wondering if I should double time it through the bootcamp and then start watching some of your stuff on your course? thanks

  3. Hey i really enjoy your videos it really helped me make the decision to move forward with clickfunnels. I'm starting to see during the trial how this can help my business and also how becoming a affiliate can add another stream of income.I signed up under your affiliate link. I look forward to learning ever more from you.

  4. This may be a stupid question but how and when do actually start the 100 days or is it just when you hit a 100 referrals that you are eligible to get the car payment bonus how exactly do they know you've completed. I'm asking because I got the boot camp but set it aside and focus more on working on my ebay account and now I'm wondering if i should get my first steps clear in my head then resign up for the course and hit it hard and keep on top of it.

  5. Hey man I've recently stumbled upon click funnels and am pretty interested in it but this video is almost a year old now and was wondering what your personal status is with clickfunnels? Are you still making money with it, obviously with this program one has to put the work in to get results.

  6. Hey I know this video is old but I am trying to access your series of videos that you have, giving a detailed training on how to earn money with clickfunnels is there a new link I can access because when went to the link given above it sends me straight to my Clickfunnels back office with no training from your videos that you expressed in the video.

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