Clear and Present Danger (8/9) Movie CLIP – Two Million Dollar Helicopter (1994) HD

Good morning. Good morning,
I’m here to rent the huey. Sorry. We don’t
rent it anymore, But it is for sale. Uh, how much is it? $2 million. Um, my pilot and I Would have to take it
for a test flight. Yes, of course. You just have
to leave a deposit. How much is that? $2 million. Um… Would you take
a company check? Yes. Here we go. She’s a big son of
a bitch, ain’t she? You have any time
in this type? 9:00.

59 thoughts on “Clear and Present Danger (8/9) Movie CLIP – Two Million Dollar Helicopter (1994) HD

  1. There's also this thing called "embezzlement" you might want to google.

    Part of what makes the scene 'so Jack Ryan' is that he's effectively going way out on a limb to 'test fly' the Huey for an *unauthorized* 2 million dollar deposit of CIA funds.

  2. i love when he says will you take a company check and the guy chuckles because not long ago people referred to the CIA as the company.

  3. If it was anyone else wanting to pay for something worth that much with a company check the seller would've said take, "take a hike".  Because it was the CIA and Ford's character seems intent and professional throughout, he gladly accepted!

  4. give him a chopper he'll fly it this is always one of my favorite scenes.

  5. Salesman – "You just have to leave a deposit."

    Jack Ryan – "How much is that?"

    Salesman – "2 million dollars."

    Jack Ryan – "Um, would you take a company check?"

    I highly suggest watching the whole segment, but what is said at (2:48) in the video I attached, sums up this scene perfectly!!

  6. Jiminy Cricket! You Movieclips people cut this scene too short. The best part is a second later when he says, "Chewie, we're home."

  7. "Hello, I'm calling to inquire about the job opening posted in today's paper."
    "We require applicants to have a minimum two years relevant experience. How much do you have?"
    "Nine o'clock."

  8. Awe Man, you left out the Part when Willem Dafoe tells Ford "Get outta my Chopper!"
    Then Ford shows him the Receipt "Wrong, My Chopper!" lol 😄😂

  9. 0:47 – I like how they have him put his thumb over the phone numbers so they could avoid having to show some fake 555-xxxx numbers there. Although they did get the area code (703) and the first digit of the exchange (4) correct. Any number at the main CIA HQ would start with (703) 482-

  10. That is so true in Latin America they won't budge on the price but it's not they're fault the economy sucks so they have to survive

  11. Pity this clip scene was cut short before Dafoe (Clark) and Ford's (Ryan) dialogue on who should be on the chopper… Should have been added in 😀 … Clark : Get out of my chopper! Ryan : No No … My chopper (present the cheque to Clark) The priceless look on Clark's face.

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