Clear and Present Danger (1/9) Movie CLIP – Sniper Training (1994) HD

(bell dings) Damn. Shit! You see him? All right. Move your team
two meters to the left. That’s it. Stop. Touch that light-colored grass. Sniper at your feet. There’s nothing here,
sergeant major. Damn! He is good. (bell dings) That was close. How’s he moving so fast? I see him. Come in. Straight in. Now! Run! Keep coming. Stop. To your left, to your left. And stop. Sniper at your feet. Or what is it? He had lunch here,
sergeant major. Mcdonald’s, quarter-pounder With cheese. Damn. (bell dings) Damn!
That’s four. All right,
you won this one. Come on out. Soldier How did you get That close to me? Sniper approached the instructor
by being a sneaky bastard, Sergeant major! Do you know the fine
for littering in the state Of california,
chavez? Yes, sir!

45 thoughts on “Clear and Present Danger (1/9) Movie CLIP – Sniper Training (1994) HD

  1. That sniper is damn excellent. Managed to get this close to the target without being detected. He is probably one of the best or the best sniper.

  2. más falso que un billete de 40 abría que ser ciego y sordo por mucho que use silenciador para no ver el fogonazo ni escuchar de donde viene el sonido a esa distancia

  3. По моему этот снайпер глухой.кричит очень громко.а те кто его искали слепые.но в целом очень интересно.

  4. He is a great sniper but they got it wrong I am just to good at fast food . quarter pounders come in a box not a wraper

  5. WHAT , Mexicans are actually good at something? …… j/k. i am one also . Btw he's the guy from blood in blood out ?

  6. Wow. Never seen this movie. But the scene very much looks like actual master sniper training and demo. Imagine: sniper master goes into the bushes in the wind. For 2 hours you try to spot him, while he moves. After 2 hours he slaps your shoulder from behind and says hello.

  7. As cool as that is, anyone in a sniper program learns crack bang vocal calculations and a silencer/suppressor will not be that quite from that distance it would be an extremely loud gunshot. And he would of been found instantly.

  8. Какого черта они его искали в километре а он сидит в 5 метрах??? Они совсем тупые?

  9. Saw this movie once in the 90s. Couldn’t even remember the name of the movie, but will never forget about this scene.

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