Chinese army used trench to resist enemy cannons, but enemy used gas bombs!Heroic soldier 48

Hurry in Do n’t be afraid, the enemy ’s shells ca n’t blow us up But my hands are out of my control The first time I was on the battlefield, I was more nervous than you, and later I was fine When will the enemy’s bombing end Regardless of how long they fry We are not afraid anyway It looks like the enemy is going to attack Everyone came out, we hit the enemy hard charge Are you OK I’m fine, hurry up these wounded people back to the village I want to fight with you This is the command, execute the command No, i won’t go This is an order, obedient Faster The enemy retreated Brothers, take the booty back Hurry up and get a gun Take the booty The enemy attacked again Many enemies found in the southeast and northwest of the village Enemy support is too fast It looks like the enemy values ​​us Enemies from nearby strongholds are here No matter how many enemies come, we can kill them Those who are not afraid of death come to us It hit the south, and there were a lot of people listening to gunfire. I don’t think it will last long You two Take someone to support him If you ca n’t resist it, do n’t force it Gather here at that time Ok brothers, go report whats the matter Reinforcements have arrived And they brought new weapons Let them quickly test the effects of the new weapon Let’s take a look Ok Why are you here Afraid you ca n’t beat the enemy, come here to help you underestimate me? Just a few enemies, without your support How is the loss The trenches were dug deep and the losses were small. give me a cigarette You ask him to take it, I only have one Why are you so stingy I really only have one I have here Fragrant Bros The enemy fired again, hiding The enemy dropped a gas bomb, and quickly retreated back to the village. The southern stronghold has been captured by us The gas bomb really works well Use more gas bombs They carried very few gas bombs Then we will attack Order troops to launch an attack immediately Must destroy them before dark You have to show the courage of the empire do not worry Company commander Why are you back speak The Nanzhuang position was captured by the enemy Why is this The enemy used a gas bomb Many soldiers have been poisoned It’s my fault, you punish me Can you come back by punishing you? Do n’t blame you, we did n’t think of this enemy strategy Why don’t I take someone back and fight back? There is not the focus of our defense The enemy has a gas bomb. We will capture it and the enemy will return. Then we lose even more We just need to hold the village The enemy is here again No, Nanzhuang was captured by the enemy Japanese reinforcements exceed our expectations If we fight like this, we will suffer Time to retreat charge Withdraw the village as planned, resist the enemy until dawn retreat what happened to you At this time, the company commander has not yet returned. I am going to help him The company commander let us stay here, this is the order I told him to listen to him I’m anxious, no matter who he is Now the enemies are at the door, they are going to kill us, how can I ignore You stay here i go You can’t go out Duck eggs Take my brother with me. Where to go To attack the Japanese The company commander said that Nancun was out of control. Let us be on guard here and join the war Do n’t be on the alert, now follow me to fight the Japanese Military order Isn’t the military order for the Japanese army? You shouted revenge every day, why did the enemy come, but you persuaded Listen to you Brothers, go

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