Child Gymnast Bootcamp: Training China’s Next Champions

Deprivation and exercise pushed to the limits of reason. 22, 23, 24. Are these children taking excessive risks? What are the Long-Term effects on their health? In France also, in certain specialist establishments, students do
gymnastics from the age of five or six. However, the time they spend on training is much shorter. Five hours a week in the first or second
grades, for example, compared with 18 hours in China. We showed this footage to a sports doctor, Dr. Jean Pierre De Modenar, who has practiced near Paris for 30 years. It is not natural for a child to do 20 hours of sport a week at the age of 6. Your body is building itself at that age. Growth is being established and that requires different mechanisms. And if you do highly intensive training, you disturb those mechanisms, whether
at the hormonal level or at the level of bone building. So they have to be some risks. Yeah. Yeah. Su Yuan & Su Li train more than four hours
per day, one hour more than in other gymnastic schools. When you extend your leg, dont turn it in words. Stretch your calf. That’s good. That’s it. Stop. All right. Clench your toes. And you don’t ease off the moment my back has turned. In order to perform the routine set in competition,
their bodies must remain as slim as possible. Their weight is checked every day. The twins weigh 21 kilos and are one meter 10 centimetres tall. A perfect ratio for a little gymnast. Those who grow too fast must watch out. Asian morphology as well suited to gymnastics. But they also gain weight too fast. And if one of them grows too fast, what do you do? Well, she’ll have to do more sport to lose weight? And to avoid weight gain, the twins diet is monitored noon and night. The meals and the canteen are based on rice,
fish and meat, high protein menus to develop muscles. Sweets and desserts are out of the question here. Some yarns truly have come up with a rational explanation. -No we’re not allowed to eat cakes. -Why is it forbidden? -Because the ups are afraid we’ll get fat. -Why are they afraid? -Because if we get too heavy, we won’t be able to trade.

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