Chapter 4 — Weapons. Lessons. Drills.

[INAUDIBLE]. The weapons lessons
are interesting. They are fun because
we do learn how to actually use this. I mean, today we’ll learn about
how all the parts work. That’s a bit handy considering
we’ve had them for a week, so we know what’s going on now. [INAUDIBLE]. So on today’s lesson we’re going
to go on with the ADF system of honours and awards. “The Victoria Cross is awarded
to those individuals who, in the presence of the enemy,
perform acts of the most conspicuous gallantry, daring,
valour, or self-sacrifice.” You’ll be able to
identify current military honours and awards. Also outline ADF system
of honours and awards. Detail, take up the weapon. And [? start. ?] F88 Steyr– standard issue for the Air
Force and the military in general in Australia. Yeah, it’s got a bit
of kick to it. It’s not bad. Cool fun. There are recruits around here
today to do their live fire range firing. They do a weapons handling
test prior to coming out into the range. Then they’ll come out here and
do three or four serials to improve their weapons handling,
and for future careers later on should
they be deployed. The nervousness is not so much
firing the weapons, but passing the tests. So we’re all really eager
to get out there and shoot down the range. But it’s mainly the scores
we’re getting at it that [INAUDIBLE] make you nervous. Definitely excited about
being out here. They get on the bus. “Well, can
we do this?” And there’s a lot of competition amongst
themselves about who is the better shot. They liked the competition
between themselves. Gas, gas, gas. We’re checking to see that the
hood of the jacket is situated correctly around
the respirator. Because if it isn’t, obviously
a chemical agent and so forth can still get inside the
respirator, soak through our skin, and basically kill
us straight away. Now, while you’re here, you’re
put under pressure. And there’s a reason for that,
because we are resetting your stress levels, your ability
to cope, with being put under pressure. Anyone going to give up? No, sir. That’s good to hear. Keep going, because lots of
people have done this before. We’re sure you can do it. [INAUDIBLE]. Left, right, in. I love drill. It’s one of my favourite
things in the actual course itself. It is a specific tool. It’s a bonding thing. It’s a teamwork thing. One, two, three, hut. It’s attention to detail,
working together, teamwork. One, two, three, hut. And that aura that it creates
is brilliant, never changes.

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