CGRundertow ACE COMBAT: ASSAULT HORIZON for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

Holy crap, this game requires a total physical
effort, and Iím not talking about motion control. My knuckles were in pain when I was
done playing this game. Thatís how tight I was gripping the controller. My back hurt
for two hours. Thatís because it remained at a 90 degree angle for the duration. Talk
about flight stress on the old trapezius. This game is like an adrenaline shot right
into the heart, only the results are a lot better than having a needle in your chest. No offense to you, Uma, or your otherwise
delightful chest. Ace Combat: Assault Horizon is the latest
game in Namco Bandaiís long-running air combat series, a franchise that has been conspicuously
absent on consoles for quite some time. Itís also a game that completely embodies that
adrenalized, high-octane spirit so many other flight games only flirt with. From cockpit to tail, Assault Horizon is a
full-powered death machine with only two recognized speedsóexhilaration and desecration. And
full-speed domination. Longtime Ace Combat fans will notice the terrain
looks familiar, which actually is unfamiliar for this particular series. Unlike past Ace
Combat console games, Assault Horizon uses real-world locations. So youíre soaring over
cities like Paris and Miami, with realistic cityscapes acting as the carpet for the ornate
hallways of exhilaration Assault Horizon creates. I was just in Miami a few weeks ago, and it
looks a lot like this. Didnít notice the explosions, though. Of course, in those hallways of exhilarationóman,
how poeticóscenery is only a portion of what makes Assault Horizon so…exhilarating. Itís
the combination of the stunning landscapes and the stunning flying that makes this game
so much fun. And really, that flying is comprised of simple
gameplay. The controls are very basic, creating no boundaries for less-experienced players
to overcome. You can jump into Assault Horizon very quickly, and the game keeps things simple.
You have machine guns and lock-on missiles, you can speed up and brake…itís far from
a simulation game, opting instead for fast-paced, arcade-like gameplay. Of course, this is not technically a proper
Ace Combat game. Itís actually a spin-off to the main series, and with that come a few
interesting differences. Perhaps most notably, the game has a dog fight system that allows
for really intense flight sequences. You can lock onto nearby targets to initiate a dog
fight, at which point the camera pulls in and a fatal game of cat-and-mouse begins. The neat part is when the enemy tries to lose
you by flying close to the ground. Your movement becomes on-rails for a moment, and the game
leads you through awesome action sequences. Youíre dodging falling towers, youíre twisting
into explosions…those stunts are automatic, but you do have to manage the combat, so you
do still feel like youíre in charge. Theyíre just a perfect fit for what this game is trying
to do. Assault Horizon also mixes things up by throwing
in helicopter missions, which work pretty well. If there any problems with the missions,
itís not a lack of diversityóitís that they tend to drag on a bit too long. But thereís
also funóif standardómultiplayer for online fiends, as well. Ace Combat: Assault Horizon isnít going to
win any awards. To speak in film terms, this isnít some Oscar nominee or anything, but
rather, itís a fun summertime blockbuster. Itís the kind of game you play with friends,
a bucket of popcorn and a smile on your face.

55 thoughts on “CGRundertow ACE COMBAT: ASSAULT HORIZON for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

  1. @shadowtsunami because games are suppose to be 3-5 hours and have no skill, plus what game made or published by Nintendo has regenerative health

  2. @EPICsliceOFcake I guess, don't know much about Ace Combat. I still find this way more tolerable than any Micheal Bay movie though.

  3. (Im useing the ps3 web browser) this game isAWESOME jus 1 problem …..tooooo much C O D….other den that fuken awesome

  4. hm… i can see how this is an well crafted game, but the "YEAH! WAR!! BADASS"-attitude is kinda unappealing in the realistic-graphics-suit! (unlike on the ps1)
    but thats just me.

  5. This is a shit game..

    I played it. it is boring.
    granted.. the visuals are out of this world, but the gameplay is a bunch of polished handholding shit..

  6. @Rushninja93 The old Ace Combat games made you feel like you were actually flying. It had very realistic physics and you didn't have to enter a quick-time event for combat. Also, you had a wide range of planes and weapons to choose from. And on certain missions, you could choose between different sections of an attack. Like you could choose to fight in air to ground combat or air to air or a combination.

  7. @EPICsliceOFcake I hate this game soooo much. There isn't even a free flight mode. I can barely see the HUD most of the time. And you can't command your wingman like ALL the other ones.

  8. Ace combat used to be a flight sim… But this is a bunch "EXPLOSIONS! ACTION! EXCITMENT! YEAH! BBBBLLLAAAGGHH!" that Ace Combat fans DIDN'T want.

  9. @BlueSnech I have 45 games + 10NES and 5PS1 (emulators on PC) and every one of them have some form of violence in them.Even the driving games and simulators.Sometimes i'm getting sick of it but nothing can be done =D

  10. honestly i have not played any of the ace combat games but this game looks pretty fun and after checking a few other reviews i want to get this game now

  11. I lot of people seem to bad mad about this release, I can understand why, it isn't like the rest of the games, though now that I have researched it a bit more it looks pretty fun. Namco was just trying to gear a game to a different audience.

    I think we are looking at this all wrong. For those die hard Ace Combat fans like me who wanted more of that awesome game play found in the other ACs, the real question should be why Ace Combat 6 isn't coming to PS3! 1-5 where PS exclusives, why the change?

  12. i so agree, i have ac6 on xbox 360, but after having 7 xbox 3FixMes red ring on me, i had enough, an even now my 360 slim i never play,i prefer to game on my ps3, an pc an wii,regardless, i hate the fact that ac6 is not on ps3!! i loved that game so much, an ac5 as-well, its a shame, i have all ac games on ps2, an assault horizon on ps3, my preferred platform, but ac6 on 360, which o hate to play, i just cant get into any game on 360, just in case my slim 360 red dots on me, LOL

  13. not really, ive played the other ones and i still reckon this is a top game, and i dont consider myself a casual gamer.sometimes its okay mate to just play a game that isnt too taxing from time to time,but if this is the only game u have then yes, i could see a problem

  14. in honesty, i liked ace combat x: skies of deception, i got stuck on a mission i cant remember on ace combat 5: unsung war. never played 2, 3, 4, zero, assault horizon, or advanced. besides, i loved how they used fake places, they should keep it like that.

  15. Namco Bandai should have made this game an original IP, it's not an ace combat game. Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy on the 3ds however fully deserves the AC name. ACAHL plays like a traditional AC with a bonus dodge and maneuver mechanic that, unlike dfm, is easy enough to incorporate into your established combat skill, but is never actually required or gets in the way. It's set in a fantasy/future universe and has the traditional type of story with a protagonist known only by his call sign.

  16. I am gonna get some crap for this I'm sure but I actually enjoyed this game. It's quite fun! and reminds me of Afterburner on the Sega Genesis or Arcade version. Except that Afterburner didn't really have a plot. At least not one that I am aware of.

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