Cat Hunting Dogs Are Trained To Be Socialized (Part 2) | Animal in Crisis EP51

PD/ Where? Where?
Informant/ Here.. Oh my god.. It’s been six months.. 34 stray cats have been found.. *Not for the faint-hearted*
The truth behind the stray-cat mystery is revealed It turns out that the wild dogs were the culprit Since then, they began the search for the wild dogs But they didn’t appear.. 6 months later Local/ A cat carcass was found over there
PD/ Where? Under the newspaper.. Stray cats in the neighborhood, found one by one This one died this time, and this is his mom.. That’s how the rescue began Rescue success Local/ Poor dogs.. It’s all our fault They shouldn’t be blamed They’re also victims. The same victims Every dog except Nooreong, who’s assumed to be dead, is captured Animal behaviorist/ They must be against people as they’ve been living a wildlife Very wary of people as well Will never let people stay by them Jindo dogs usually don’t follow other people except for their owner So it’ll take some time to get close with them After all, they haven’t barked at all since they were rescued Hiding is one of the biggest tendencies of wild dogs.. Animal behaviorist/ Dogs normally collect the information around them when they are in a new place But they don’t They’re afraid of being in here since people are nearby They don’t even try to collect the information They’re just afraid of people being around Carefully touches the dog.. Animal behaviorist/ The dog needs to get used to it, and stop shivering like this PD/ Get used to what? Animal behaviorist/ Human touch as the dog isn’t familiar with it.. The dog is feeling uncomfortable with human touch, which he hasn’t experienced in a long time Animal behaviorist/ The dog is also very suspicious Spits out when he finds other stuff in his mouth while eating meat The dog’s not even trying to eat, which makes it hard to take medicine It’s really hard The dog isn’t even moving for a bit to eat the chicken breast right in front of him Animal behaviorist/ Hey, eat~ The other dog doesn’t eat as well Animal behaviorist/ They need to feel comfortable to eat something 30 minutes after the specialist leaves them alone.. Perhaps the dog’s at ease, he begins to eat the meat in the bowl But.. PD/ Did he eat some? Animal behaviorist/ No, he didn’t. It’s not good Puts the delicious meat to his mouth, but.. Animal Behaviorist/ Push it instead Animal behaviorist/ First off, it’s important to let them perceive that this place is safe Next, they have to get to know you To trust that person They need to open up their heart first Carefully approaches and attempts to communicate with them A week later Jaegu, eat! Carefully eats food!! PD/ Wait, does he have a name now? Yeah, we named him Think it’ll make us get close to them more easily The white one is Baekgu, and the other one is Jaegu Now the dogs go by their new names, Baekgu and Jaegu! Slowly gets close to people Now, it’s time to train the dogs to adapt to the environment outside the cage Everything is still awkward and uncomfortable for them Animal behaviorist/ We have to let them know that People are here to play with you Show that playing with people is a good thing I feel bad.. Who made these dogs like this..? After 20 days have passed Meets Jaegu and Baekgu again The dogs who didn’t even bark for a bit have totally changed They used to be silent and stay still.. At first, they thought they were in a closed and strange place However, as they perceive this place as their space Keeps barking when strangers come around What’s more surprising is.. PD/ This is just like running with a pet dog Actually, better than running with pet dogs Animal behaviorist/ Baekgu, stop Baekgu, stop~ Good job! Don’t fight with that dog~ Baekgu even accepts the stranger’s touch PD/ Can you sense that the dog’s fierce in any way? Local/ I can’t really feel that.. Animal behaviorist/ It’s surprising for me too! I was worried when I took him outside But he was okay with the stranger’s touch And stayed next to me where there was a lot of space On the other hand, Jaegu is still very sensitive Though they’ve spent 20 days together already, Jaegu still sits close to the wall Training to enhance intimacy w/ Jaegu! Baekgu already goes up to the back of the new trainer This is how we let them rely on people and experience physical touch Animal behaviorist/ It’s important to build trust with people While letting them naturally rely on people in the fear-inducing environment If it keeps going on and on They’ll open up their heart at last The training goes on until the sun goes down.. 4 days later Jaegu has changed a lot! PD/ Hello
Residents/ Hello! They look good! Resident/ Look at his eyes.. just like normal dogs Looks very gentle and mild.. Couldn’t imagine that they’d sit next to the dogs and laugh together happily Hope you guys live happily with nice people~

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  1. Dogs were breed for hunt not to be friends we can't change the past, thats why this is not the dogs faults only dog experts should breed a dog ,

  2. At first sight, the cats who died is the dogs fault. But if we think twice, why are these dogs like these? Who abandoned them? Like usual its us human thats ruining the mother earth

  3. Я бы этих собак не лечила бы а на мясо за такое порезала

  4. I feel sorry for those cats 😢 but please do not hate these dogs hate the person that made them like that in the first place. Kritter klub was just trying to help these dogs so they would not hunt cats anymore :((

  5. I still wouldn't trust those dog near with the cats once a killer always a killer right now they doin better because there isn't a cat involve but soon they see one they goin to try to kill it I'm glad u guys helping this dogs but still don't let cats to be near them I'm in fear for the safety of the cats

  6. If i was that cat, i would of pull out aminigun and shoot them in the fucking brain and shitting on their eyes, motherfuckers , poor soul , i couldn't watch that part, it made me so ANGRY and RAGE

  7. Llore por los gatos y lloré por los perros.
    Incluso ellos estaban asustados. Los dejaron solos, tuvieron que hacer esas atrocidades para sobrevivir y uno de ellos no sobrevivió. No hay que odiarlos, con solo mirarles el cuerpo lastimado son otra víctima de nosotros.
    Tan mal estamos que queremos culpar a los pobres perros de haber matado a todos esos gatos callejeros(también culpa nuestra) por instinto, por querer sobrevivir?

  8. Thank you for your patience with these poor dogs!
    They even didn’t know how it is to get food… 👍🏻👍🏻❤️
    I hope that they will find real good homes!

  9. If the dogs were taken good core of in the first place,so many cats wouldn't have to die…strange what humans would do to animals just because they know they are superior,the ones who made the dogs that way the first place are the real monsters.

  10. Now I’m confused..dogs can be friends with cats sometimes but now, dem Korean,Chinese, or Japanese are like killing the cats

  11. Guys i’m a little angry rn,
    People are watching a video about dogs getting saved and socialized!
    It’s like 99% of the people are only caring about the cats and saying OH NO POOR CATS OH NOOO
    but the dogs are poor to and now saved?
    Just be happy about the dogs and STOP about the cats.

  12. في البداية كنت منزعج من الكلب بعدها تفهمت وضعها و اتمنى ان تكون بخير ☺

  13. These dogs made a remarkable change. It's sad that the cats they hunted all perished in horrible ways, and even sadder that they lost a packmate (the brown dog). However, seeing that they could be rehabilitated and shown love as well as forgiveness is a welcomed sight.

  14. Let My Pit Bull Kill This Dog My Pit But Is So Aggrasive But He Not Kill Cat But Hes Attack Robber N Protect The Cat N Owner,Im Sure You Give Me 20 Second Im Sure This Dog Died😅I Train To Much My Pit Bull N 1 Mont Latter He Kill Root Waller N Died🐊

  15. Once a vicious killer always a killer. Hate to say this, but they need to be put down. They will not think twice if given the opportunity, they will kill again! They can walk around humans as much as they want, the only reason they are submissive with them is because the humans are more powerful, show them the slight sign of weekness and they would be going for the jugular. They could have easily found food by ravishing through trash, viscously attacking cats only to leave their semi consumed carcases in display shows a clear will to kill just like human serial killers. I am sorry, I love dogs as they will protect their cat sibling, but as much as these dogs show puppy eyes, they are clearly wolves with a hidden agenda. I would not trust my children or anyone for that matter anywhere close to them. And no, I am not scared of the dogs to desire their demise, I just know that anyone killing solely for the pleasure of killing cannot be trusted. The desire will re-emerge eventually. Can you even imagine if these beasts are homed with a family that has a baby? Feed them to hungry lions, they will get a taste of the powerless feeling the cats had, with the difference that the lions surly will not leave any unconsumed part behind, guaranteed. Now that is killing to satisfy hunger.

  16. Cuando veo el vídeo de los gatos me dan ganas de agarar un cuchillo y encajarselos en el corazón y que se mueren jeje 😀

  17. Ögentwie mag ich sie aber auch hasse die und will die schlagen wegen den Katzen ernsthaft aber ich weiß nicht warum ich das machen will ich will die schlagen aber gut das die sich gebessert haben

  18. there is a disgusting group of people in Indonesia. they slaughter cats and dogs for food and they sell dog and cat meat on the market. many parties are strictly forbidding but because of tradition, these people still slaughter cats and dogs viciously…

  19. Imagine being one of these dogs

    Lets say five years later you socialised and found an owner, everytime you go to sleep you can hear the cries of the cats, night after night after night.

  20. O köpekleride parçalayın tatsınlar nasıl oluyomuş kedi öldürmek sırf bu kedileri öldürdükleri için bir ğün umarım it katili olmam tüm kediler candır

  21. He gave me a lot of grief and sadness, I don't have emojis to express the grief and sadness that I have for the cats in the video, that GOD takes care of the ANIMALS AND PEOPLE OF THIS BEAUTIFUL AND BEAUTIFUL WORLD for life

  22. now i hate dogs, cats cant kill them because they are small but dogs are selfish and they kill them for hapiness..the stupid dogs kill a pour cat that was just walking this is just cruel..I.HATE.DOGS.

  23. feel so bad whenever puppies you rescue get so scared of you guys at first even though you're just there to help. You guys do a great job comforting scared animals to help reassure them that you can be trusted. 04:53 🏀✪🎂

  24. godbless u people u are gods angels thank u for sauing this poor little pup he looks amazing now bless him and u all 02:47 😚😊😍

  25. 아무리 착해진다고 해도 저 개들은 절대 정이 안간다. 사람이 범죄를 저지르면 처벌을 받는데 왜 저 개들은 용서해주고 오히려 더 좋은 대접을 받아야 하는지 모르겠네. 죄 없고 불쌍한 강아지와 고양이는 보호소에서 입양을 기다리다 입양이 안되면 안락사 하는 경우도 있다던데… 방송용이고 제작진들 착한척 하는것도 정도가 있지.. 이건 아니다 싶다.

  26. Sorry, but after they killed over 30 cats, I don't have much sympathy for them. I wont say what I would have done to them If I caught them.

  27. They should be put to sleep. No if ands or buts,
    Their murders and you will never get that out of them. What's next your small child cause its hungry?
    Put them down!

  28. กูเกียจสุนัขฆ่าแมว34ตัวถ้าเป็นกูกูจะฆ่าหมาให้ตาย

  29. я бля бы их отпиздел бы суки твари убили кота я бы их разз****шил ,вот
    твари сначала бы (бил,)потом (зарезал) за что так котика

  30. ДА ТАКИХ СОБАК НОЮАДО УБИВАТЬ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  31. I saw a couple of comments underneath that infuriated me, the number of people who claim to love animals in the comments is actually ridiculously hypocritical and ignorant. You claim to love animals and yet have no sympathy for the dogs, this is specifically dedicated to the ignorant people who say the dogs should be put down. Shame on you. They were abandoned by their owners, in order to survive they followed their natural instincts, formed a pack and proceeded to hunt. It takes time to rehabilitate them. You're essentially saying you would rather take away more lives despite the fact that rehabilitation is always an option. If they can be rehabilitated to form a positive association with humans and other dogs in under a month, I don't understand why its not possible to associate the dogs with positive stimuli upon seeings cats/kittens. Telling them to go die is essentially the same as saying "I know you can change but I want you to die (be put down) anyways because you as a previously domestic dog were trying to survive in the wild by following natural instincts after humans abandoned you and left you for dead". I love both cats and dogs equally but I find it utterly disgusting how blind people can be just because they love one species more than the other.

  32. I know it is sad that they kill so many cats… But human abandoned them they have the instinct to hunt they don't have food…..

  33. some people feel bad for the dogs but im thinking that there is a difference between a cute and nice dog or a killer dog that should be put down

    edit:before anyone starts sayings mean thing i just want to say that i feel bad for the dogs too and i love dogs but i clearly stated the difference between good and bad dogs

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