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  1. FINALLY, someone said it. insert thank you gif Great video, Chris, I totally agree. It's a personal choice and no one should ever bash anybody for choosing one or another. You get benefits from both styles so why should anybody care what a person chooses? Hating on something like this doesn't help anyone and it is misleading to the ones who just started training.

  2. I think that if you do calisthenics you get a lot more strong compared to ur body weight than as a bodybuilder but as a body builder you get "bigger" but if you compare how many push ups with claps a guy that body builds or another that does calisthenics the guy doing calisthenics will beat the other guy easy

  3. Why does everyone forget Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting and strongman. Bodybuilding is boring and depressing. Now lifting a log above your head is fun or doing the yolk walk.
    Eddie Hall deadlifting 500kg!

  4. When you're broke but wanted too be like zyzz. End up doing calisthenics because it's free… Now f-word the gym 😂
    I'll stick my strength gains outside. 😎

  5. calisthenics will never get you as strong as powerlifting.

    powerlifting will never help you do calisthenics.

  6. yep. i am still a fan of weight training. i love calisthenics though. at 118kg. i may not but loosing weight but i am getting mad gains. if you dont believe calisthenics can give you gains. make your self weight 110-120kg and perform exercises. mad vid bro.

  7. massa, vou aprender pois até hoje tenho dúvidas se devo abandonar o peso e treinar full body dia sim dia não que vi nesse canal. Palpites?

  8. Picking is dumb, I just do whatever the hell is available w/o paying money, which basically means a mix of both.
    What I mean is, weighted dips and pullups are the greatest shit ever period, but why the hell would you do pushups? Why the hell would you train shoulders w/o weight? Not possible, unless you are really fat.

  9. Been doing calisthenics for 4 months now been getting stronger but looking the same kinda skinny but not that much with a bit more of muscle on my chest and arms but it only shows when i flex when i dont they look small lol but its ok for me what has been frustrating me though is that i dont really know how to make a good routine like i got one right now but idk if its working because recently i havent been getting stronger idk if its because my body got used to the xercises i do and i dont know how to change it like ive looked some other vids but some exercises are way too hard so i dont really have like a guidance on what to do next so i keep on doing the same stuff anyone got like a good routine im also getting bored of doing the same exercise i know its probably not much but as of now i can do 22 push ups, 5 pull ups also i get fatigued pretty fast most times when doing exercises does it affect my performance? Should i start doing cardio? Im kinda of a skinny guy so trying to avoid cardio so i dont do any is this ok? Thanks if you reply

  10. For anyone who gives a shit, this is my experience. As a martial artist, my first exposure to strength training was all calisthenics. I got pretty decent at most of the basic movements but then I ended up spraining my collarbone joint with a rifle I seated incorrectly in my shoulder. The injury took forever to heal (And is still not 100%) but I had to shy away from many things like push-ups and pull-ups until recently. My chiropractor gave me some resistance band exercises to do for it and I really got into it because I needed SOMETHING to do… Eventually, the resistance bands became too easy for me and I decided to progress some of those movements with weights. I have now fallen in love with weights and have been on a weight lifting phase for a couple months and am seeing good results. However, as this chapter of being an injured person comes to a close and I can revisit my pull-ups every now and then, I will return to my TRUE love, which is calisthenics. But that's not to say I didn't learn a lot of great movements and weighted exercises that will forever be a part of my life! Try it ALL, guys!

  11. Great video. I know you said it was your opinion but it was almost not an opinion because you aren't on a side, which is great. People need to open up their minds to more than one option. Try both. Try something new. See what you like better and what works better for yourself. No one is exactly the same. Again, great video.

  12. can everyone at least agree calisthenics chest workouts aren't nearly as good as bodybuilding? And chris's pecs r weird

  13. #ButChriiis <I dont want to sound gay or sumthin> – jk – But you know I spend a lot of time on youtube (too many hours) and I really like your style of videos I mean your on my top list because your fun and entertaining for sure you are very good at it and should never doubt of yourself !!! YOU REALLY ARE FUNY SO CONTINUE T BE YOURSELF PLEASE

  14. You forgot to mention that calisthenicsguys will miss alot of muscle groups: hamstrings, calves, glutes, traps. Quads isnt the only part of your leg!

  15. Id love to do weighted calisthenics but i cant really afford much of it (being 16,family isnt wealthy nor poor,school and all)
    I saw some stuff about using books,other things and school bags when i looked it up.But then again you can only wear so many backpacks and put so many books in it… ;(

  16. its all personal preference, ive done weight lifting for 2 years in the past and started calisthenics 5 months ago and for me i find myself more suited for calisthenics and i enjoy keep getting more control of my body i feel more free, while iam getting stronger.

    i myself put in some isolation exersices with weights if i feel like it. Respect from a fellow Scandinavian! keep it up

  17. #butchriiis What is your oppinion on extreme Calisthenics moves such as Planche and Frontlever? Are those moves usefull to build muscle and strenght or are they only for the sick of locking cool? And why dont you train for them?

    Awesome videos keep going!

  18. I do both. I am weak in pulling myself up so I do weight lifting to increase my strength. And I can exercise with my bodyweight.

  19. Christian you could make videos with the subtitles in Portuguese, because there are many Brazilians who watch your videos and follow their tips …

  20. Excellent content! One reminder though: not all weighlifters are bodybuilders! Some are olympic weightlifters, some are powerlifters, some are strongman atheletes, yet others are just old-timers. None of the above actually care for muscle mass, maybe only in so far as it improves their performance. Heck, som olympic lifters in the lighter weight classes look like top-notch calithenics athletes. Thank you.

  21. i started bodybuilding about 1 month and half and i start seeing result , so every human have the right to choose what he prefer..
    u will see results bro 😉💪whatever u are a bodybuilder or….. just Work Hard !

  22. Do whatever suits you, i agree. Also @ 10:30 in english usually "funniest" refers to something amusing rather than something more fun 😉

  23. Ok dude, I love calisthenics. But that whole functional stuff you say is bs. For example, Wrestling, if you do heavy as fuck deadlifts how much easier will a single leg be? Much easier, is the correct answer. Functional is a sport specific thing, so what if you can do tiger bend hand stand push ups when your sport is, as another example, tackling people trying to throw a ball? Honestly, being stronger is being stronger. “Functional” doesn’t mean anything.

  24. Calisthenics makes you more of an athlete.. Don't think anyone should weight lift if you want to more athletic.. If you want to become more athletic with weights lift like an Olympic lifter

  25. This is my opinion I went with calisthenics and it help me a lot I I’m of the best shape of my life don’t take my word for it do it yourself and you see the benefits of the calisthenics but you need to be really discipline on your work out and what you eat it’s personally my opinion

  26. Is simple, if you want to be good in calisthenics, do calisthenics, if you want a good looking body (whatever this means for people) lift, if you want both, do both, I mean, do what you need for acomplish your goals in the most efficent way

  27. The problem is media, what media says is "serius muscle" basically in a natural way is hard enough have that serius mass that people call it, whatever the training you do, years of training not like some videos photoshoped or light Game for looking shedred transformations in 3 months

  28. I’m gonna say the obvious… weight lifting and calisthenics are better when mixed… however, weight training is optimal to built a nice looking physique (fixing imbalances and more focuses on smaller muscle groups such as traps only if your traps are small but your back is wide). That being said, mixing both is still better than one at a time.

  29. A lot of people apply the tribal mentality of monotheistic religions on fitness. They are basically saying, Calisthenics or Bodybuilding, you can only serve one of the two gods.

  30. I saw someone selling weights cheap. I though I might need a spotter. Calisthenics , easier to do on your own and it may lead to plyometrics.

  31. You look completely different with and without shirts..with shirts you look like a 20 year old kid, but without u look really good..

  32. I'm sorry but there's no competition when it comes to gaining muscle and size. Weight lifting is by far the superior way to build muscle. There are no competitive bodybuilders in either the aesthetic or regular physique competitions that only do calisthenics for training. There's just not enough you can do with calisthenics to target specific muscles. That said there are great bodyweight exercises that weight lifters also use like weighted pull ups and dips and you can get a great body with either training style.

  33. My idea is to be maximaly fit…

    Do running
    Do calisthenics
    Do bodybuilding
    Do powerlifting
    And last but not least is crossfit

  34. I do weight lifting and add some calisthenicts for core strenght like planks, bridges, etc. I have zero desire and interest in handstands, flags and all that. I do weighted pushups and squats and do not consider them calisthenics.
    PS. and people who say that doing gym on a side is cheating pretty much acknowledge that lifting weights is better at achieving their goals, otherwise they would call it a handicup.

  35. Have you ever done any compound free weights movement?
    All of them engage whole body
    Stop that bs
    Even bench press when done correctly uses leg drive

    In my opinion if you're an amateur best is to combine both and do whatever makes you happy

    Another thing is spectrum of specificty

  36. Depending what you mean "functional"
    Obviously using external resistance will make better at handling external resistance
    Using internal ,body resistance will help you with moving your body through space
    So free weights are better for eg moving objects such as furniture ,fridge ,waching machine etc.

  37. I kind of disagree that calisthenics is just as injury prone as weights. With weights, the lower back is much more likely to get injured, especially with back squats and deadlifts. Calisthenics just doesn't stress the lower back as much.

  38. Calisthenics only people has a mental similarity with vegans. They claim that their ''way'' is the best, weightlifters do both.

  39. Ill do both. Or better. Ill start to do both. In the next Spring i will start with harcore calesthenic workouts and currently im just in the studio + some bodyweight exercises. Musle ups etc. But calisthenics will make you able to controll your body way better and thats what i want

  40. You are to young so haven't been around long ENOUGH or experienced enough to give a very authoritative response. However your remarks are intelligent

  41. Look at gymnastics. They have fantastic builds while current bodybuilders look like bloated Greeks. They good only for posing.

  42. Hey Chris. Really like your work.
    Just a usage note. Funny means something that causes laughter in standard English. Perhaps you meant to say More fun which would be more entertaining or less boring. But, your English is great like your vids.

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