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  1. nothing holds us to the ground we can jump and fly. We have more density than air do. if there is force why it doesn't hold a flying bird or a flying plane. same in water buoyancy rule. open your mind a little bit. i might be wrong but its a theory just like all theories for example (big bang theory, Darwin's evolution theory, black hole theory, relativity theory. etc) they messed with our minds and want us to believe that those theories are a true fact so badly!!!! screw them and screw there theories. Tesla knew Einstein was full of sh*t

  2. I rather believe that there is a God then some invisible forces who make us down to the earth and making planets floating? So how come a ball flotsa up when you bring it down under water? All that water above? And all the invisible Newton force? Still ball raises? Hmm? Maybe just the law of God? That heavyweight sink? Smoke and air? Wake up world. They feed you with a bunch of numbers? And tell you that you not unique, you die soon so hurry up and consume. And work! At the same time, TV, internet, phones and newspapers scars you 24/7. You can't get away from all that negative, dark lies they repeat 24/7 and makes you feel sick, scared, and makes you hate other. Make some researchs and see how you been decived. I was a person who did not accept anything els then "science". Big Bang, evolution, gravity and so on. But all is wrong. Look our ancestors? The where way ahead and we been told they where cave mans? How come they can't rebuild buildings like the 1000 different pyramids you find latterly all over the world. From Egypt, Kina, Joguslavia, Bosnia, Iran, Mexico, USA, all over south America. Like mountains. With all ther high tec and money the couldn't even carv on of those 2.500.000 ton of rock. And then they tell us that slaves build them with soft copper tools? You buy that? And I can go on. So much that's so sick! Why the news don't talk about the 2x sun been seen all over world? It 2 different sun. Many say that's the planet Nibru. Or Planet X. You don't think it's should be on the news. That we might crash with a planet who have in past hade devastating consequences?

  3. Contradictions if a bigger mass has a greater Pulling force why doesn't all the satellites eventually fall to earth,
    OK so your Math makes sense, Now what Practical Example has anyone done to prove it and that others have verified it, for us to believe the Math is correct.

  4. If you were to make a spherical hole at the centre of the Earth and put yourself dead centre, with the distance between two masses being zero does that mean the gravitational force is infinite? Very helpful vid, thanks!

  5. There’s a reason why the formula is divided by r squared and not r to the 1.9 power or any other power. R squared comes from 4πr squared, the surface area of a sphere. The formula has 4πr squared in the denominator, and 4π in the numerator. M*m is the equal force between two masses. So the equation can be read, the force between two masses per surface area of a sphere with radius r. The force gets equally distributed into each surface area of a sphere with each distance at radius r.

  6. so did the calculation for the moon, but with my own weight. Then i used newtons second law to determine the acceleration due to gravity which came to 1.62 m/s squared. then i did the same with earth, but i got 11.15 m/s squared. Which was of course wrong because its 9.807 m/s so i was wondering if i may have done something wrong.

  7. And how did you find the Gravitational constant (G)
    Not Cavendish for christ sake?
    Two lead balls hung up in a shed?
    Give me a break.

  8. I keep getting 12630.17241 as the answer… I cant seem to understand how it is 126N. This is for the moon question.

  9. Wow! Douglas Adams was correct! The key to flying is "throwing yourself at the ground and missing". LOL!

  10. 2:34 did you mean Time or Distance. I think you mean Distance because in relation to earth a human simply doesn't have the mass to stay in orbit unless moving at a unfathomable speed.. at least in my opinion of course

  11. After reading the comments, I have lost all faith in humanity, our species will not survive much longer with so many retarded/ignorant people. GG's human race…GG's.

  12. As I've been trying to learn about gravity, it seems to me that the gravitational constant calculation is flawed. It does not factor in the force used to lift the weight of the ground and that's the same problem I find with the 9.8 meters per second figure. It doesn't factor in the forced used to lift the objects either. You can't have a Mic drop if nobody actually picks it up and let's it go.

  13. Very well explained. It shows that you really know what you're talking about. Thumbs up for you teacher.

  14. What is this nonsense? "Just as stong up there? Not that is stronger near the iron core like at the poles? Not that is is weaker further as on the peared oblateness or mountains?

  15. "Calculating the Gravitational Force" So, all the heaviest and the smallest and medium sized…..objects fall at the same rate of speed to the earth yet, do you say different levels of masses have different gravity force? then, you make calculation for g, of different masses? No no no, Don't do that because your maths and the real world are contradicting.
    That is why we know gravity does not exist.

  16. Bozeman Science
    How can you use the gravitational constant big G which was derived from the mass of the earth in the equation of the gravitational force between you and the moon? What do you and the moon have in common with the earth? How does the equation know the moon and your mass? How can they be earth based? Newtons equation must be wrong.

  17. From my 12 year old : gravitational force is the force that attracts me to Earth and is also the force that attracts the Earth to me. So if we have a population explosion will the Earth expand?

  18. It is helpful .i love it. But always ask that what force if radius is zero or what will happen to core of the earth b/c radius is zero. What do you think ?


  20. Hi Bozeman and all . I am looking for some help from somebody who can help me with a calculation involving gravitation, centripetal force, density and also possible viscosity to enhance diamond recover using a rotary pan as a heavy media separator to recover diamonds with SG 3.52 using rotating teeth/blades in a slurry of a density of about 1.2 to 1.6 such that diamonds will sink in the slurry and any rock material with density lower than 2,9SG will float while the teeth are rotating in the slurry in the rotary pan at a speed of 250ft/min at the outside of the pan. If anyone wishes to try and solve the problem to obtain ideal slurry density and rotation speed/RPM to obtain this using newtons second law and any other formulas, please contact me by email at [email protected] . Thank you in anticipation. Further details of what is require will be provided if you make contact. It will help me tremendously if some bofin can assist. : )

  21. The experiments to determine the gravitational constant from the mean density of the earth were flawed. There is another theory that explains attraction and repulsion, perhaps you have not researched the subject as I am sure you would have mentioned it otherwise.

  22. It would be awesome if that last problem can be worked out with out a calculator! Studying for the MCAT and didnt get 126N lol

  23. there is missing something in the explanation about the weightless in orbit. " As you fall towards the earth you keep missing it". – https://www.britannica.com/science/gravity-physics/Newtons-law-of-gravity … interesting : https://www.britannica.com/science/gravity-physics/Newtons-law-of-gravity/media/242523/161888

  24. Respected Sir i am make Zip line how calculate the gravity force and how much load make the foundation for tie the rope pick point and drop point please send me detail thank you

  25. also can you explain how human sitting on earth calculate exact gravitaional force, mass, volume of any celestial objects

  26. I have a question? Based on the examples from the books about statics, why gravitational force is not included between two objects there? Only the weight or the gravitational forces between object and Earth are only included and not G.F. between two objects. By that case, where could Gravitational forces between two objects be applied?

  27. You have to be a complete utter moron to call gravity a force.
    Gravity is not a force but a result of electromagnetic effect.

  28. The Moon is traveling with a speed of 3,683 kilometers per hour. But the ISS has to have a speed of 28,000 km/h to not fall to Earth. The Moon should either go into space or fall to Earth at its speed. According to this, the ISS still falls to Earth due to drag. You can read here about peoples perseption of the ISS, one is NASA employee and one is not. https://www.quora.com/How-does-the-International-Space-Station-maintain-its-orbit-and-what-propellant-does-it-use

  29. Can I say sir that my weight would be 0.9693% at 100Km height and 0.91208% at 300km height whether I would feel zero due to less pressure? Any how the diagram was helpful even for me; I never have been in studies in a collage for these kind of educations.

  30. 2:45 Much like their theory of gravity, Big Science cannot even define Big G. That's because it's just a fudge number to balance Newton's gravity magic equation. The entire foundation of theoretical physics is based on smoke and mirrors. Funny how Big G starts with 6.6 isn't it? They do love their number 6!

  31. The earth and all planets in our system are nodes by design. No other Node other than the earth has a gravatational pull like the earth does also including mars. Yet then again their is things that the earth has complete unlike mars. The earth is unique in design and designed by thought. This is the evidence of a creator

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